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+ - What does NEST stand for? NeXT step in Sensor Technology...->

Submitted by Ginsu2000
Ginsu2000 writes: Well, what do you think NEST stands for? I hear 3d cameras are coming to mobile phone and lemoptix just got VC funding for their mini-projectors for huds and mobile devices. Then theres pebblesinterfaces.com and their 35 million venture round. But what about guys doing more with less, that understand the market, do cutting edge research, and now propose a co-operative structure? From little old New Zealand comes RealWorld — "Reality Virtualised for the Real You" and if you support their vision, the NEST step may be the last step you need to make... This from a country where the largest company, Fonterra, is a co-operative, which produces something close to 30% of the world's dairy products and 70% of the world's dairy exports under various brands... Besides who doesn't want to be a Jedi or help create beautiful products that arn't evil or superfluous. What do you think?
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+ - Space currency to facilitate efficient innovation->

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Ginsu2000 writes: "In keeping with the existing space exploration agreements suggesting no one country can nationalise space (although corporations may prospect) perhaps it is time to adopt a space currency which mitigates flaws in the existing price system. Much work has been done on energy accounting from pre war Technocracy, and I believe the kilowatt hour as a currency unit should be accepted between all space faring nations to satisfy space faring objectives. After all, efficient use of energy is key in scientific systems, and energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but simply change state. When all the worlds currencies are replaced with an energy equivalent we will no longer mark up innovation, or machine labour, or build things to throw away if one takes into account the energy required to create and recycle them.
Advertising and usury will take a hit, but in return the most efficient machines and processes will be adopted, and human endeavor will be marked up, as the human being although versatile is an inefficient machine.
Increased efficiency and energy consciousness could lead to a cleaner, greener Earth, as humanity works together to mine and explore the space frontier.
One model being tested is that at http://www.kilowattcards.com/"

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Comment: Re:Semi serious comment (Score 1) 160

by Ginsu2000 (#35570690) Attached to: NASA Wants Revolutionary Radiation Shielding Tech
We spend nine months in the womb, so why not fill the spacecraft with water. It sounds crazy at first, but water offers radiation protection including thermal protection, we can drink it, it makes good use of the empty space AND if the spacecraft is rotated slowly the centripetal acceleration of the water on the human body should mimic gravity. A 10m water column on earth is approximately two atmospheres, and long durations breathing at this pressure may require decompression however an appropriate sized water column slowly rotating in space should be exactly one atmosphere - no problem! It should mean that calcium won't leach from our bones, our bones won't pit or become brittle as is the normal case with pressurisation and microgravity, and we have viscous water, and artificial gravity to exercise against meaning our muscles won't waste away. Sure we need to make the spacecraft instrumentation waterproof, not that difficult, and we need to be able to breathe, but we could make an external gill or something like cave dwelling axelotyl, or make do with a rebreather. On Mars, same system just take refuge at the appropriate depth in the bottom of a watercolumn, and you won't need to spin it but will receive the same benefits! Let's try it- email pilotfever@gmail.com. On EVA consider a water presurised drysuit as the basis of a spacesuit. Put funky display units inside the helmets. Not all the spacecraft needs to be filled with water, have a submarine inspired airlock. Finish the job and include a Polywell derived IEC fusion and plasma propulsion system (that will get us to Mars in six weeks or less with a ionocraft inspired external hull for Earth based atmospheric propulsion).

Comment: Re:Wrong market - Wrong target audience (Score 1) 202

by Ginsu2000 (#34855922) Attached to: Wireless GeForce Graphics Card Announced
I came up with this concept in 2002, anyone else? I suppose the reason for the 8 year lag is the competition between acceptable display rates and wireless standards. It was a component of a more user friendly functional network orientated operating system, the "TriAmp" concept I came up with in 1998, consisting of processor, input and output hardware. You simply redirect the video as easily as you would standard out to the appropriate device(s). Likewise for input(s).

Comment: Re:Solving a different problem (Score 1) 394

by Ginsu2000 (#34021096) Attached to: Bees Beat Machines At 'Traveling Salesman' Problem
Good point, this constraint is not kept in the case of the bee. Further, I have read that bees can communicate flying distances and directions very effectively between each other, and as such may infact be solving the problem collectively (or in a distributed fashion) in which case it's not just one bee crunching this problem.

Originality Vs. Established IP In Games 71

Posted by Soulskill
from the where's-my-known-space-mmo dept.
Ten Ton Hammer has an article about the differences between developing a game based upon existing intellectual property and the creation of an entirely new story and setting. They make the point that while doing the former may result in an easier time building a fan base, those same fans will often be the hardest to please. "By creating a game based on a popular IP, the company in question has a huge responsibility to 'do it right.' Unfortunately, not everyone realizes the reality of one little secret — every single fan out there has a different idea of what 'right' is. ... Lord of the Rings is a perfect example. For a person that may be familiar with the movies and little else, it's a great game with an impressive amount of depth and attention to detail. For the mass of fanatical fans that have spent more time poring over every book Tolkien ever wrote than even Tolkien himself, any deviation from the lore of his world is paramount to sacrilege on the most horrific scale."

Comment: Kensington optical hybrid (cord rolls up) (Score 1) 519

by Ginsu2000 (#27776119) Attached to: Bluetooth Versus Wireless Mice
47 MHz transmitter plugs into usb port for wireless use - otherwise it stores itself in the bottom of the mouse and you can unroll the cord so you will never not be able to use it due to battery life. Its slim line, has a scroll wheel, and what more I got it for CAD14.95ish on special at future shop. Lots of battery life - wakes itself up with a click... unbeatable!!! Since new I have used it wirelessly on the same batter for the past three months and no sign of the battery giving out any time soon...

Comment: Re:Not all decibels are the same! (Score 1) 323

by Ginsu2000 (#27506679) Attached to: Powerful Sonar Causes Deafness In Dolphins
Regarding dolphin and whale strandings - Theories I have heard range from magnetic disturbances (when navigating the earth's fields) to shallow sandy bottom transitions not being as well detected under stress (as when being chased by Orcas) to very/extremely low frequency sonar which impairs not only Sonar but neuron function. For a poor analogy imagine sitting next to a large humming vibrating transformer for hours on end. Research suggests the very/extremely low frequencies in the Schumann cavity (wikipedia) effect all terrestrial life on earth via neuron resonance (http://www.sciencedirect.com/science?_ob=ArticleURL&_udi=B6TJJ-4MG1MP5-J&_user=10&_rdoc=1&_fmt=&_orig=search&_sort=d&view=c&_acct=C000050221&_version=1&_urlVersion=0&_userid=10&md5=e71c8fcb3aac09b4a452f7c815ba6bc5)

+ - Will your cellphone become the mark of the beast?->

Submitted by
Ginsu2000 writes: "Futurist Christian eschatology typically holds that the Mark of the Beast is one way in which the Antichrist will exercise power over the Earth during the period of Tribulation, because of the prophetic statement in Revelation 13:16-17 that "the Beast" will require all people to receive the "branded mark or character" in their right hands or foreheads in order to buy or sell, making survival for those on the run much more difficult. A possible translation of the meaning of the number 666 may be that the number 666 will be the number that all currency will be based upon.

I say the mark is a GPS enabled cellphone (bluetooth headset worn on the head or handset in the hand) which is used to secure payment (or trade) as a location/time (GPS) and identity security metric. Furthermore, people continue to covet (or worship) their cellphones. This is inherently evil, according to the prophecy.

Disclaimer: Ginsu2000 has worked as a Software Engineer in the wireless R&D industry for several years, and is long GRMN"

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+ - Bussards death gives rise to conspiracy theory->

Submitted by
Ginsu2000 writes: "I was interested in following up on IEC fusion, so many stories seem to have disappeared since Bussards death but I found this peice he wrote posted on a blog — I quote

"As for us; our company still exists, but we will not likely run any demo program — that will be up to others to carry it on, if we all get the chance. Meanwhile, my objective is very simple. I detest the energy stranglehold of our companies on our people, and am going to try to give our idea away at the soonest possible moment. To anyone, anywhere, who might want to undertake its development. And we'll be happy to help in any way we can, if a serious interest develops anywhere in the world."

The full entry is posted below. In it he again discredits the Tokamak program, big oil, and ITER.
Who is really continuing this research? And more importantly — why aren't they selling any shares?


Dear SirPhilip!:

I have read the threads on the Randi forum, and they are all intent and I am sure well-menaing. However, I have not been able to "log in" on this forum so am writing to you instead. Perhaps you can post this note as a reply and commentary to some of the issues raised by your forum correspondents.

First, what we have achieved in our rather unexpectedly good tests of last November 9 and 10th was an output of DD fusion at about 10 kV, at B fields of 1300 G, in a 30 cm diam device (WB-6) run in a pulsed mode from big capacitors, with a fusion rate of about 1E9 /sec. This works out to be about 100,000 x higher than the data of Hirsch/Farnsworth at similar well depth and drive conditions. The test duration was only about 0.4 masec, but since the electron lifetime is ca 0.1 microsec this is steady-state to the plasma particles. We had neither the money, nor the cooling, nor the power supplies, nor the controls to run this small device steady-state, which is what we need to do, and what requires us to build the full-scale device.

This was a direct result of discovering something during late Spring/ early summer tests of WB-5, which was a closed boc machine, like the early HEPS of 1989. What we discovered was — in hindsight — elementary; it was that indeed God is in the details, and the detail of particular importance is that no metal surface penetrated by B fields must occupy more than about 1E-4 to 1E-5 of the total surface available to the recirculating electrons. If this dead fraction is larger, there is NO hope of net power from any such machine. AND, it is essential that the device be recirculating, i.e. that the electrons can circulate out and back through the cusps all over the machine. Of course, this is obvious; but in 15 years no one saw it, not Hirsch, not our consultants not our opponents, not our staff, and not me.

It is consistent with the need for electrons to recirculate about 100,000 times before being lost to collisions with structure, to yield net power.

Please remember that our device has the property that the electron flow and losses are decoupled from the ion flow and fusion generation. Power balance depends on suppresssion of the electron losses, which are derived from the energetic electron injection that forms the gridless negative potential well that traps the ions.

When we figured this thing out, in summer 2005, we quickly designed and quickly built WB-6, using only conformal (with the B fields produced) coil cans, so that no B field uniquely penetrated the cans, and then placed the coils in a special array so that no corners touched (this latter is a long topic having to do with local B fields, and loss of WiffleBall trapping due to line cusp effects at the corners, etc, etc, and is the baisis of our final patents on this thing). It IS the details that make or break the device. And this particular set of details absolutely dominates the performance.

Anyway, we ran the device in October, for beta=one tests, to confirm transport scaling laws, and then in early November to test for fusion output. And, happiness, indeed, three tests on 9 November and one on 10 Novem,ber gave the results mentioned above. The next day, 11 November, we tried it again, but magnet coil motions induced by repeated testing had moved the coils enough that an insulation spot had worn away inside the cans, and the device shorted and blew up one leg, with the full cap discharge. Having no further funding, we had to start shutting doen the lab the following Monday!!! Irony?

As to our funding — our USN contract still exists, and still has about $ 2M authorized in it. However, year-by-year funding was NOT provide for FY 2006, so that we knew we had to close down early in 2006.. What saved us was Adm Cohen (CNR) who put another 900 K into the program to try to get us down the road to where we DID go, and then we had to quit. It was not a cutoff of OUR funding, but the entire Navy Energy Program was cut to zero in FY 2006, and we were a part of this cut. The funds were clearly needed for the more important War in Iraq.

So, as we cut down, we managed to save the lab equipment, by transfer to SpaceDev, which hired our three best lab people as well, and we are still trying to get the missing $ 2M restored and put into our existing but unfunded contract. IF this happens — which is improhable, given the politics of this election year, and the non-visionary people in Congress — we will redo WB-6 with an improved and better version (WB-7) which should give 5x more output, and run about 50 tests to quiet dissent. AND we will convene a review panel of very high-level and internationally distinguished people to spend about 6 weeks going over this to recommend for or against proceeding sith a full scale demo.

This may or may not happen. If it does, I have little doubt as to the panel recommendation, as the data and insight from WB-5/6 is just too clear. We really have solved the last engineering physics problem that has plagued our work for 12 year s or so. Yes, there is much left to do, iespecially in controls and diagnostics, but these are predictable things not dependent on beating the Paschen curve.

And we still have to develop some reliable e-guns and i-sources, again predictable enginering that costs both time and money, but not new physics.

Why a full-scale demo? Because the system scales oddly: Fusion output goes as the 7th power of the size and Gain goes as the 5th power. Thus there is very little to be gained by building a half-size model; it is too weak to give anything definitive about power production or gain. And our tests were always at about 1/8 to 1/10 scale of the full scale demo. We told the DoD from the beginning that the real program would cost about 150-200 M, since 1987, and they all knew this. However, since the DoD has no charter to do such work, and the political realities were that a big DoD program would attract the ire and power of the DoE to kill it, it was never funded beyond about 1/8 the level required.

So we did what we could and finally DID prove the physics and associated engineering physics constraints, scaling laws, etc, albeit at 1/8-1/10 scale. So what? Doubling the size will not tell us anything we don't already know. The next intelligent and logical step is to build a machine big enough to make net power. And THAT is the same 200 M we have quoted to the DoD since the beginning.

As for energy companies "stampeding" to support us — It is clear that a view like this is ignorant of the reality of energy companies. There is only one thing the oil cvompanies want, and that is to sell oil, and more oil. So long as the fields pump, the oil companies will squeeze. They have NO, absolutely NO interest in anything new, ins spite of all their foolish ads in magazines for wind mills and solar-PV roofs. It is all just show and tell. I know these guys, and there is no way they would support anything that might get in the way of oil. The only way to stop oil, from their view, is when it does run out. And then they''ll go for deeper drilling, new fields, Gulf geopressure gas, LNG, etc, etc, and keep raising the price, until finally foolish solar and windmills become competitive.

And we are paying the equivalent of $ 500/bbl oil costs. But Exxon and Halliburton are getting richer all the time.

Yes, we would like to build the demo plant, and yes, it will cost about 150 (DD) to 200 M (pB11), and who knows if any investor singly or a group can or will come up with the money. One of the biggest obstacle is the world-wide tokamak lobby, which perpetuates the fraud that Hirsch, Trivelpiece and I foisted on the country in the 1970's when we started the big tokamak ball rolling.

Magnetic confinement fusion is a misnomer, as magnetic fields can NOT confine a plasma, only constrain its motion towards walls. The entire history of the MagConf program has been to reduce transport to neo-classical (not turbulent or instability-driven) losses. And THEN the machines are all inherently and inevitably huge and cost too much and make too much power to ever be economically useful — as the utilities have been telling the AEC/DoE for 30 years. No matter, the global tokamak program provides jobs for hudreds of thousands of people in many countries, and is a safe place to put political pork funding, simply because it IS NO THREAT TO OIL — it won't ever work, but it sounds good to the untutored public..

As for us; our company still exists, but we will not likely run any demo program — that will be up to others to carry it on, if we all get the chance. Meanwhile, my objective is very simple. I detest the energy stranglehold of our companies on our people, and am going to try to give our idea away at the soonest possible moment. To anyone, anywhere, who might want to undertake its development. And we'll be happy to help in any way we can, if a serious interest develops anywhere in the world.

I think the US, UK, France, et al are lost causes, because of theri commitment to the failed tokamak effort, as is probably Germany, and maybe others, too. China may be a possibility, as it is quite independent even though part of the ITER mess, Russia may be considererd, and countries like Spain, Brazil, Italy, Argentina, and others may logically have an interest.

I believe that the survival of our high-tech civilizations depends on getting off of fossile fuels ASAP, and — if we do not — we will descend into a growing series of "oil wars" and energy confrontations that can lead only to a huge cataclysim. Which CAN be circumvented if only we build the clean fuison machines in time. Our patents are in final form, and I am giving a paper in the Fall, and trying to get a large technical description together for a major paper by summer. We shall see.

One final word: Actually our device is really not a variant of Farnwworth/Hirsch, but of Elmore/Tuck/Watson who propeosed the inversion of Farnsworth/Hirsch long ago (ca. 1967). Their problem was the interception of circulating electrons by grids — we removed the grids and replaced them by B field insulated coils — thus our "grids" are the coils themselves.. And we do know how these work, at last.

Good luck to all of us.

Cheers, RW Bussard"

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+ - AMD launches gaming site->

Submitted by Ginsu2000
Ginsu2000 writes: AMD has launched an online gaming community site, here at http://game.amd.com/us-en/default.aspx. Get the full storey at http://www.techspot.com/news/26926-amd-launches-ga ming-site.html. I've already signed up for my free AMD gaming system and asked them when they are putting the ATI linux driver up! See http://linux.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/09/06/ 1335230
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