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Comment: The range is significantly greater that 30 miles.. (Score 1) 491

by Ginger_Chris (#47869359) Attached to: To Really Cut Emissions, We Need Electric Buses, Not Just Electric Cars


We've had electric buses for a while in Milton Keynes. That 30 mile range can be dramatically increased with small top up charges at the end of the routes. Drive 5 miles, top up 4 miles, Drive 5 miles, top up 4 miles etc... Then have a big charge overnight.

Comment: I'm not hopeful... (Score 1) 90

by Ginger_Chris (#42228119) Attached to: Sequel To <em>Planescape: Torment</em> Planned

This is a quote from a different interview he did:

"I'd put it some place other than Planescape. I'd use a system other than D&D, because I'd want to align the player's story axes along different lines than Good/Evil or Law/Chaos to something more subjective"

So, it's just going to be another RPG then? Hopefully a good one with deep characters and excellent writing - but I'm sure sure how this will be the sequel to Planescape: Torment.

Comment: Never really been about horsepower (Score 5, Interesting) 173

by Ginger_Chris (#42144901) Attached to: Hackers Discover Wii U's Processor Design and Clock Speed

Nintendo will get my money purely because of their software; mario (inc paper mario series), zelda, metroid, pikmin, pokemon and a dozen other's that were purely first or second party exclusives. The vast majority of x-box and ps3 games I can play with much better graphics on my pc. The x-box and ps3 don't really offer anything beyond what a pc is capable of, where as Nintendo consoles do.

Comment: That's so cute... (Score 1) 627

...that you actually thought democracy was about getting the best people with policies that would actually improve the country into the right roles. I'm only 27 and I realised that this whole democracy thing is a massive joke (especially in the UK where both parties are effectively exactly the same and the differences are superficial).

Until the system is changed to promote policies based on long term improvement (which may be unpopular) rather than policies which produce short term boosts to popularity, there's very little point in having you're voice heard. (BTW I do vote, but usually for ideals such as the green party who'd I'd probably not want fully in power but would like to see some of their ideas incorporated into current policy more often)

Comment: rise of "proper subjects" (Score 1) 91

by Ginger_Chris (#41059177) Attached to: Science and Math Enrollments Reach New High In UK

As a physics teacher in a standard comprehensive school in the UK, I've seen a massive rise in students choosing physics in maths recently. A few years ago very few were choosing it as it was so much harder that 'travel and tourism' or sociology and got effectively the same qualification. The schools also promoted easier courses as it massively bumped up their pass figures. Whereas now, with the changing job climate, lots of them are realising that not all A-levels were created equally and their job prospects rise dramatically doing sciences and maths (they still aren't great but they are much, much, much better).

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