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Submission + - Vulnerability in Font Processing Library Affects Linux, OpenOffice, Firefox (

An anonymous reader writes: If an application can embed fonts with special characters, then it's probably using the Graphite font processing library. This library has several security issues which an attacker can leverage to take control of your OS via remote code execution scenarios. The simple attack would be to deliver a malicious font via a Web page's CSS. The malformed font loads in Firefox, triggers the RCE exploit, and voila, your PC has a hole inside through which malware can creep in.

Comment Re:Actual result? (Score 1) 131

Shielding employees and stockholders is the entire POINT of a corporation.

This WHY a corporation should never be considered a person. It exists primarily to avoid the moral awareness and responsibility that an actual meat bag has.

NO. Shielding the stockholders is the point of a corporation. Employees are still liable for any crimes they commit. Also in the US, most countries just have a "tradition" for not suing the rich or the wealthy such as CEO, but that is not because they are immune or protected by anything other than their money and power.

Comment Re:They don't even care about appearances anymore (Score 3, Insightful) 291

I thought the whole point of H1-Bs was to fill jobs that they couldn't find qualified applicants for?

That's just what they told everybody to get it in the door.

It's really about enriching companies by allowing them to undermine the labor market.

This is all about maximizing shareholder value, and fuck the people who actually live in your country ... unless they're willing to compete for wages with people from India that is.

Welcome to the race to the bottom. The only winners are the corporations.

Comment Re: Obligatory XKCD (Score 1) 157

good luck proving this isn't true.

It reminds me of something I've argued with creationists.

Surely God could have created a world with an infinite past? Theres no reason to suppose that the universe had a moment of beginning when God created it.

Usually their heads explode. Because they want to believe God is that powerful but they also want to believe that the world is 5000 years old.

Comment Sure, why not? (Score 1) 271

I know people who carry old fashioned pagers, and have done so for years. Yes, they also have smart phones, but cell service in many places is shit, and pagers have been part of the support infrastructure forever.

And, believe it or not, people still use land lines too. I know it's shocking to the kiddies, but it's true.

Do you people all think this technology became obsolete because you can get a freakin' app?

Where I live your chance of cellular coverage is iffy, and I'm in the burbs, just in a spot with bad coverage.

My wife's stupid fucking pager? Still keeps working.

What you have to ask yourself, is do you want to get paged in the middle of the night, and just how much do you plan on charging for that privilege? Everyone I know who carries one is getting a premium just to have it, and an hourly rate in the event it goes off.

Otherwise, carrying one is the stupidest idea you can imagine, and people just assume you work 24x7. If you do that, well, you're a sucker.

Comment Re:what? (Score 2) 263

All the browsers fail every single year.

Yes but out of Firefox, Edge, Chrome, and Safari, Firefox fails more often every single year. Actually it's typically up with IE, and we all know that IE is a model browser for internet security. /sarcasm

Safari is the browser the fails the fastest and most regularly. Google Chrome is second.

It is assumed because it is pwn2own, and people attack Safari first to win a MacBook.

Comment Re:Perplexity (Score 1) 32

Football, well soccer.

Stamford Bridge is the home ground of Chelsea. Drogba used to play for them. Dunno who Malouda was but Zhirkov was a Russian player who I don't think ever played for either Chelsea or Barcelona.

Oh, I though that was describing the technical breakthrough. ;-)

Made no sense at all.

Comment LOL ... (Score 3, Funny) 138

Wow, I once spent over $600 for 16MB of RAM for a PC. And that was considered a good deal.

You kids today have no idea how jarring it is to see a 16GB memory stick as a prize in a Cracker Jack box or in the express checkout at a convenience store.

Imagine my surprise to now see 2TB drives for under $100.

No go on with your fancy cheap memory ... back in my day we had steam powered memory made out of iron rings ... luxury, we used to dream of 30 cent gigabytes (no, really, we did).

If my lawn had grown proportional to storage over the last few decades, I'd have a lawn the size of Jupiter or something stupid, and wouldn't know to tell you to get off it in the first place.

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