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Comment: Re:Voicemail evolution (Score 1) 233

by swillden (#48674093) Attached to: The Slow Death of Voice Mail

You obviously don't work with customers.

I do, actually. Well, they're more partners than customers, since we give them our code and they sell it. But, yes, I have a lot of meetings with outside parties. We convince about half of them to join our Hangouts from their laptops, the others we add to the meeting via phone. Outside of meetings, we communicate entirely via e-mail. Voicemail is still irrelevant.

At IBM, my role was entirely customer-facing. Voicemail was still fairly rare, though teleconferences were the norm. Most communication was, again, via e-mail or face to face.

Comment: Why Kozmo sort of succeeded (Score 1) 33

Ok, the company as a whole tanked rapidly, as one might expect, but according to friends who lived in its territory at the time, one reason the service was so popular was that one of the things it delivered was weed. The company itself didn't sell it, but the drivers did that themselves, so they were happy and the customers were happy, and there were an awful lot of deliveries that had only one random item on the books (plus weed.)

Comment: Skype Call Setup and Media Path Protocols (Score 1) 71

by billstewart (#48673601) Attached to: Ars Reviews Skype Translator

Skype used a server-based system to set up calls, going through supernodes if possible (so it was semi-P2P), which handled subscriber lookup functions and also NAT transparency (which was the big thing that Skype did better than standard VOIP protocols such as H.323 and SIP.)

For the actual media path, if it could go directly, it would, but otherwise it would carry the call through supernodes (again, the NAT traversal problem.)

These days it seems to be mostly central servers, partly as a result of Microsoft buying them and partly because there was a lot of corporate pushback against supernodes using your corporation's bandwidth to complete somebody else's call.

Comment: Re:Allow me to point out... (Score 1) 343

by Jeremiah Cornelius (#48672595) Attached to: Ars: Final Hobbit Movie Is 'Soulless End' To 'Flawed' Trilogy

Bizarre argumentation. One hardly knows where to begin with your assumptions and red-herring analogies.

To address your first point - with it's ill-considered implications of parity between democracy, capitalism and actual worth or value: Commercial success at this scale simply indicate how thoroughly that vulgarity and thoughtlessness have been cultivated and encouraged by this media-driven culture over the past 90-100 years or so.

When people make "free choices" in such a society, they do so in appalling ignorance, with a maximum of empty stimulation. This is the post-Edward Bernays world.

Comment: Re:Misdirection (Score 1) 341

by myowntrueself (#48671019) Attached to: UK Man Arrested Over "Offensive" Tweet

It's not like the police have anything else to investigate, like, perhaps anything from institutionalized paedophilia to common burglaries, is it?

This is all about taking people's attention away from the documented failings of the police.

It occurs to me that modern policing in the west is more focused on the 'criminals' who advertise and document their own presence and activities. This makes it enormously easier for the police to make it look as if they are actually doing something (as opposed to just making work up and inventing entire crimes just for the purpose of theatre).

Any crime thats remotely hard to detect is virtually ignored in favour of the 'big ticket' items like 'hate speech'.

Comment: Re:WTF UK? (Score 1) 341

by myowntrueself (#48670937) Attached to: UK Man Arrested Over "Offensive" Tweet

Also you seem to be deliberately mixing up actions by private bodies (the FA) with judicial court actions. Private bodies can do whatever they damn well please, within reason - there is a zero tolerance approach to racism in English football, hence the action against Suarez and Balotelli.

Its funny how western society likes to set itself up as a prime example of a tolerant, caring society and yet they keep trotting out the 'zero tolerance' line for practically everything that someone might find offensive.

Its ridiculous. Either its a tolerant society or it isn't. You can't have 'zero tolerance' for whatever its the latest fad to dislike and still be a tolerant society, it doesn't make sense.

You may as well say 'Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance' as to say 'The West is a caring, tolerant society', they equally confusing uses of the words...

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