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Comment: No new builds? (Score 1) 96

by GigaplexNZ (#48526927) Attached to: Windows 10 Adds Battery Saver Feature

Considering that this build was not supposed to make its way out of Redmond and that the company is not releasing any new builds this year, this may be the best look we get until the Consumer Preview arrives.

If they're not releasing new builds, why did they recently introduce the fast/slow opt-in mode for how quickly you get access to the new builds?

Comment: Re:Hindsight is 20:20 (Score 1) 523

by GigaplexNZ (#48423647) Attached to: What Would Have Happened If Philae Were Nuclear Powered?
You don't need it to be a chain reaction for it to be a nuclear catastrophe. Have you heard of "dirty bombs"?

But it would be a scattering of radioactive particles, which were extracted from the ground in the first place. So they go back to where they came from.

Pu-238 is manufactured, not mined.

Comment: Re: DMCA (Defamation) (Score 5, Insightful) 245

by GigaplexNZ (#48365587) Attached to: ISPs Removing Their Customers' Email Encryption

Worst case they aren't decrypting it, they are just causing the option to encrypt not to be presented.

That's still circumvention in my books.

to “circumvent a technological measure” means to descramble a scrambled work, to decrypt an encrypted work, or otherwise to avoid, bypass, remove, deactivate, or impair a technological measure, without the authority of the copyright owner;

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