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Comment Re:Re-what? (Score 1) 139

You're right. It is worse. With a magstripe, the cost of fraud often gets eaten by the credit card company. With crypto chips, the cost always gets eaten by the vendor because of the presumption that the system is secure.

That's a policy issue, not a technical issue. It's also short lived, very soon all fraud on the magstripe will be eaten by the vendor as incentive to migrate to the chip. If the vendor has a cracked crypto chip reader, well, it's their responsibility to prevent that.

Comment Re:Re-what? (Score 1) 139

Horrified because my bank is supposed to refuse the transaction if the PIN isn't sent along with the transaction data. I wasn't aware they granted exceptions to the USA system.

Chip-and-pin is no more secure than magswipes, it contains the same data and can often broadcast the data a 100m around you through RFID activation.

RFID isn't a requirement for chip-based cards. In fact, one of my chipped cards doesn't support RFID. And you're kidding yourself if you think that the cryptographic chip is equivalent to the mag strip.

I'd rather keep my mag swipe, in case it gets compromised or even a problem with the vendor (if they won't do a warranty return), my bank will happily take the charges off the card. Once I've entered a PIN or used any of their stupid 'security measures' (eg. Verified by Visa which is a horribly broken design), they assume I'm to blame for any problem with my card.

You do that. Meanwhile, we don't use the mag strip in Australia, so I'll happily prevent my card from being compatible with the less secure USA methodology.

Comment Re:Re-what? (Score 1) 139

I visited USA last year, and was horrified when my transaction went through when the merchant swiped the mag strip on my Australian chip-and-PIN card, without requiring my PIN or signature. I wasn't aware my card issuer would even allow such a transaction. I've since destroyed the mag strip portion of my replacement card.

Comment Re:Or... let there be light! (Score 3, Insightful) 279

So you're suggesting that since the MPAA isn't funding the IR LED banks, the theatres need expensive night vision goggles instead?

I've seen people in the theater recording films with their smartphone, and the theater staff do nothing. The way you do this is by making sure that theater tickets assign seats, and have a "snich" app that reports the film, showing and seat of the pirate. eg "2 rows ahead and 4 seats to the right (of me|row)" and thus allow the theater manager to call law enforcement if needed.

And how can you be sure they're actually filming it rather than just obnoxiously holding up their phone (using IM or something) without using the camera?

Comment Re:These results don't make much sense (Score 1) 96

If you're that severely bottle-necked by a 4+ GHz quad core then this is not a typical DX11 game.

We already know this isn't a typical DX11 game. They're using way more draw calls than a typical DX11 game simply because DX12 allows them to make more. That's even stated in the article.

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