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Comment: Re:Cinematographers rejoice (Score 1) 134

by Gibgezr (#49486275) Attached to: Chinese Ninebot Buys US Rival Segway

They are seeing even more use on large budget Hollywood movies because of 3D; a regular Steadicam is very very difficult to work with if you strap the large 3D cameras to it, so the pros who specialize in Steadicam shots have been using Segway/Steadicam combos, where the weight of the Steadicam is supported by the Segway. It is, in fact, extremely common.

Since you want examples from crappy crass mass-media: Eurovision!
That demonstrates the "step-off" maneuver, where the Segway is used for the intro rolling shot, then the operator steps off the Segway and continues the smooth shot on foot. Good for chase scenes into forest etc as well, where they use off-road tires and ride the Segway down a path until it's time to step off into the woods.

Here is pro Steadicam operator Larry McConkey, talking about his first use of a Segway, for Martin Scorcese's "Hugo":
"The crane on the electric camera car with the stabilized head at the front was a scary-looking machine. It took a lot of time to safely get a shot up to speed. I was looking for a way to move my much smaller rig quickly through the set, without running—that just wasn’t going to happen with this beast. I called Chris Fawcett, a Steadicam Operator in Holland. Chris brought his Handsfree Transporter 2, a Segway modified for Steadicam use, and taught me how to ride it. We then made some modifications: a seat to allow a very low operating position, fenders to protect the 3D rig (courtesy of the extremely skillful special effects department), and mounting for video transmitter, batteries and my gyro kit. Chris now offers his own modified version of a Segway, the Steadiseg, based partly on those mods.

When it came time to do a POV of the dog racing through the station, I told Bob I could do it. Could I? This was a big movie, and the rig was very heavy and I was inexperienced with the Segway should I really be trying this? I took a deep breath and went for it. Marty was at the other end of the stage. After several rehearsals, building up speed with each one, I did the first take, and I immediately heard yelling. “What’s that?” I asked Bob, as he met me returning from the run.

“I guess it’s not working out”, he said, “Marty’s not happy”.

I was crestfallen. Then a moment later: “Just kidding—he loved it!” Marty was excited to shoot so quickly and easily. Up to then camera car shots through crowds with the 3D rigs had been an exercise in extreme patience."

Comment: No standard? (Score 1) 98

by Gibgezr (#48852363) Attached to: Shanghai Company 3D Prints 6-Story Apartment Building and Villa

But as there is no specific national standard for 3D printing architecture, we need to revise and improve such a standard for the future.

Um, why would the standards be any different than those already in place for any building? Just becuase it was "3D printed" doesn't mean we should change our standards, does it?

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