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Comment Re:No mistakes, right? (Score 1) 319

They've done an excellent job on other occasions when they published names. Case in point, outing the KKK.

No, I'm pretty sure they got that one totally wrong in the first take, and then partially wrong and just full of outdated info and bad geusses in the second attempt.
Recent article, one of many that explain this:

Comment Re:What did they do for science (Score 1) 291

No. They specifically cited the only fields of science where women have significant representation, while ignoring all the other fields where they're an extreme minority.

There are only two fields of science where women are an "extreme minority": engineering and computer science. There is math, where they are in a minority, but not really "extreme minority". There are many more fields where women are a significant majority, as it, by far most fields of study. And there are many large fields of study where men are the "extreme minority", and more extremely in the minority than the women are facing in engineering and science.


Comment Re:German Polizei makes sense (Score 1) 143

German Police made very simple very basic risk assessment.

Yes, and they BLEW IT. Part of doing a risk assessment is weighing the risk against the benefits. They erroneously decided that the incredibly unlikely occurrence of a predator deciding to attack your child because they saw a photo on Facebook outweighed the benefit of sharing photos with people easily via Facebook.

I'll make a prediction: no matter how hard you look, you won't be able to find many fact-based news stories online where an actual predator attacked an actual child because of a Facebook photo. In fact, you probably won't find a single one. When I did that same search, I couldn't find any incidents that actually occurred, anywhere in the world. Now, that doesn't necessarily mean there weren't any, but I think it would be likely that if such a thing did happen it would get insane amounts of international news coverage; certainly if it happened in any statistically significant amount we'd hear about it, right? Instead,all we hear is fear-mongering "what if it happened", rather than "this happened 4000 times last year and here is where we found that info".

Submission + - Don't Let Final Fantasy V Happen to You - Do HD Remakes the Right Way (

lars_doucet writes: Final Fantasy V just came out on Steam — a beloved classic game — only to showcase an art-style that fans and developers alike are criticizing for being rushed and sloppy.

It's not just a matter of questionable taste — the new game engine is a veritable laundry list of glaring technical flaws such as an awkward base resolution, tiling artifacts, and grossly mismatched art styles.

In response, game developer Lars Doucet lays out a lengthy and detailed list of best (and worst!) practices for "HD remakes":

Doing an HD Remake the Right Way

Submission + - Aussie eSports team banned from League of Legends (

dotarray writes: Team Immunity, one of Australia's longest-running eSports teams, has been banned from League of Legends tournaments for two years, after failing to pay the players. Riot reportedly handed down multiple warnings, but the team did not make minimum match payments to its League gamers, failing to meet the requirements of the Oceanic Pro League requirements.

Comment Re:Who the fuck can remember all those stupid name (Score 1) 262

Microsoft Windows successfully toppled OS/2 because the 'OS/2' name was too fucking awkward

Uh, say what? "O-ESS-TOO" was not that awkward to say, and that had absolutely nothing to do with OS/2's low adoption rate. OS/2 died because no one bought it for home use, and that was because no major games were being released for it. The reason no one could make games for it was because you had to reboot the OS to change the 256 indexed colour palette.

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