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Comment: Not normally done, but no big deal (Score 2) 242

by Gibgezr (#47439385) Attached to: Texas Town Turns To Treated Sewage For Drinking Water

My wife has multiple certifications in water and wastewater treatment, and she claims that it is only impractical from a P.R. standpoint; in most places, people would raise bloody hell if you told them that they were drinking water straight from the wastewater treatment facility, but it really is no different than drinking water from a municipal watershed. As she puts it, we are all drinking dinosaur pee anyway :)

Comment: Re:CACM is older (Score 1) 105

by Gibgezr (#47283339) Attached to: After 47 Years, Computerworld Ceases Print Publication

A break only terminates the innermost loop. Gotos are a perfectly fine way to exit a deeply nested set of loops, or jump to error-handling code. The test for using a goto mostly boils down to this: did it make the code clearer and more readable by using a goto? If not, don't use one.

A goto is just a jmp. There is no reason to be scared of it, just treat it with the proper respect and don't over-use it. Same can be said of inheritance, after all.

Comment: Re:I'd like to give swift a try (Score 1) 466

by Gibgezr (#47255849) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Rapid Development Language To Learn Today?

There's been more money to be made with Objective-C than most other languages these last few years.

Really? I thought most developers weren't making any money on any of the mobile platforms. Here's an article that states that 60% of iOS developers don't break even:

Comment: Re:Shield, JXD, MOGA (Score 1) 75

NVIDIA didn't seem to think so when it launched the Shield.

And look where that landed them; a product no one buys.
I *do* think a Steam handheld device could work, but I am very very leery of the touchpads. I understand that the touchpads are there so that we can play games that need a mouse, but I suspect that the touchpads will be inferior when compared to either a mouse or a twinstick controller. Thumbsticks are damn near perfect for many things.

Comment: Re:It's Valve we're speaking about (Score 2) 173

by Gibgezr (#47213351) Attached to: Alienware Swaps SteamOS For Windows

I have to disagree; I play a large number of my PC Steam games with a controller, and that includes most of the FPS games. I was in a party of 3 playing co-op Borderlands 2 the other day, and asked if anyone was using mouse+kb...nope, we were all using controllers. Mouse+kb is usually more "accurate", but controllers are almost always more "fun", in my experience. In the last couple of years the number of PC titles with excellent controller support has grown by huge leaps and bounds; with new games I don't have to use xpadder or some such, just plug-n-play.

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