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Comment Re:I'll take that bait (Score 1) 613

The problem with most daylight saving schemes is that they are based on location, not latitude. People living in the tropics don't need daylight saving since the variation is small enough to be ignored. If societies in latitudes outside the tropics want the change, go for it but base the delimitation on latitude, not arbitrary geopolitical or business boundaries.

Comment Re:Time for new terminology (Score 1) 635

Methinks it's as simple as "Don't shit in your own nest". Especially when it's a closed environment - the shit can't escape. It shouldn't just be about CO2. We should be rid of the alarmists, greed, corruption and politics and maybe, just maybe, something constructive may be done.

Comment Re:What about if they inject signal? (Score 1) 109

Hmmm...Inject a different signal into every grid in every country on every planet. That would only localise the location to a grid, getting a location of a house, or even a suburb, would require a mind boggling stretch of the imagination. As has been said, battery operated camera, data compression and frequency limited microphones are just a few of the problems. It doesn't matter what ENF/FFT analysis is employed, you can't extract information from nothing. Once a signal is too far down in the noise level it cannot be reconstructed with any degree of fidelity. However, on positive note, I do see a Hollywood movie coming out of this.

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