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Comment: Re:What about if they inject signal? (Score 1) 109

by Ghaoth (#47381165) Attached to: Can the NSA Really Track You Through Power Lines?
Hmmm...Inject a different signal into every grid in every country on every planet. That would only localise the location to a grid, getting a location of a house, or even a suburb, would require a mind boggling stretch of the imagination. As has been said, battery operated camera, data compression and frequency limited microphones are just a few of the problems. It doesn't matter what ENF/FFT analysis is employed, you can't extract information from nothing. Once a signal is too far down in the noise level it cannot be reconstructed with any degree of fidelity. However, on positive note, I do see a Hollywood movie coming out of this.

Comment: Re:I have a project (Score 1) 165

by Ghaoth (#46865791) Attached to: Setback For Small Nuclear Reactors: B&W Cuts mPower Funding
Your level of knowledge about nuclear power seems based on technology born of nuclear weapons. The world is trying to move on from that, although most people are blithely unaware of that fact. Modern nuclear power generation systems will assist in removing "bad" waste from old reactors. This should be a good thing but apparently you are so far in denial or suffer from lack of knowledge that you fail to understand this. I suggest that you never get on a boat in case you fall over the edge of the world.

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by Ghaoth (#46753949) Attached to: Microsoft Confirms It Is Dropping Windows 8.1 Support
There is a BIG difference between update and upgrade.
Updates are usually simple or transparent regardless of OS. Although Scumsoft always requires a reboot.
Upgrades are usually best done to a new machine or disk so that legacy configurations do not conflict with the new versions or leave orphans hanging around. Migration of data from the old version to the new upgraded version ensures that you have a backup in case shit happens.

Comment: Re:It's the end of the world as we know it (Score 1) 703

by Ghaoth (#46561821) Attached to: IPCC's "Darkest Yet" Climate Report Warns of Food, Water Shortages
Regardless of any facts, whether you believe in warming, cooling or another day at the beach. Any hope about the average person having any care about what may or may not happen has been crushed by alarmists, bad politics, whores making money out of it and sundry other things. If people are constantly bombarded with doom, gloom and despondency, they become indifferent. It's a version of the "Cry wolf" syndrome. Indifference leads in complacency. Take people out of the equation and science may have a chance. This is not a major issue, it is only our planet at stake. Astronomers have now found over a thousand other planets, maybe on one of them it's not too late. Forgive me if I appear cynical, I am inclined to find less and less that is particularly special about humans.

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