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Journal: Choke points for spam

Journal by ILikeRed
A large problem with spam is the collection of zombie systems (mostly Microsoft home computers) on residential broadband lines that act as relays for spam. Most of these users have simple firewalls supplied by their broadband providers that they never really configure that provide DNS proxy services, among other services. Is it not about time to start pressuri

+ - MPAA Steals Code, Violates Linkware License

Submitted by
GRW writes "TorrentFreak reports that the MPAA is using blogging software, called Forest Blog by web developer Patrick Robin, in violation of the "linkware" license. They have removed all links and references to the Forest Blog website, and have not purchased a commercial license. Is this a case of "Do as I say and not as I do"?"

+ - Is Delphi the next Database dev platform.. again?

Submitted by santakrooz
santakrooz (517854) writes "Delphi's always been known as a solid database application development platform, it just had it's 12th birthday on Valentines day, and now the Delphi guys are coming up with a completely new database architecture. The interesting thing is that it's backward compatible, insanely extensible, single sourced between .NET and Wintel native code, and... and written completely in Delphi. Ok I know Delphi's written in Delphi and there are "wow" apps out there written in Delphi like Skype that Delphi guys always like to mention, there was a loosely supported Linux version, so my question is, what can't you do in Delphi? Or a better question is... what have Slashdot readers written in Delphi?"

+ - New accelerator technique doubles particle energy

Submitted by ZonkerWilliam
ZonkerWilliam (953437) writes "Plasma wake particle accelerators are making suprisingly quick advances. It was a just a little while ago we had Gev acceleration in 3cm; 4/0057225. Here they are capable of doubling the speed of electrons, in one meter. See the article for more information;"
The Courts

YouTube Hands Over User Info To Fox 396

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the their-tube dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Tech Crunch has an article about YouTube identifying and handing over a user's information after a request from Fox. 'Three weeks after receiving a subpoena from the U.S. District Court in Northern California, YouTube has reportedly identified a user accused by 20th Century Fox Television of uploading episodes of the show 24 a week prior to their running on television. That user, named ECOTtotal, is also alleged to have uploaded 12 episodes of The Simpsons, some quite old. Apparently Google and YouTube were willing and able to identify the owner of the username ECOTtotal, according to a report on'"

+ - Machinima maker acquired by virtual world marketer

Submitted by
CousinLarry writes "In what may be a first for Machinima authors (machinimators? machinimists? machinographers?) everywhere, perennial producers The Ill Clan (creators of Trash Talk) apparently have been acquired by virtual world marketing outfit Electric Sheep Company. Their first project together was actually a short super bowl advertisement. It begs the question: are virtual actors and machinima coming to your favorite TV station anytime soon?"

+ - Is Hamster at Home a Viable Idea?

Submitted by
SoyChemist writes "The culture of the computing community almost always seems to evolve faster than other scientific disciplines. How long will it be before we see distributed volunteer efforts in drug discovery, materials science, and other fields of inquiry that require real wet lab work? Bioethics aside, it would be mighty nice if people could enlist their pet hamsters in animal testing experiments when they become ill. They could be sent a kit with a little hamster size syringe and instructions for supplying their fuzzy little friend with an experimental medication."

"One Architecture, One OS" also translates as "One Egg, One Basket".