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+ - Exploitation of free software in enterprises

Submitted by
Ghaan writes "My friend, who study economics, is writing a thesis about "exploitation of free software in practice in enterprises". There is not much literature available (at least here) and she's interested in answers of questions below. I gave her a few ideas but more heads... Thanks in advance for all ideas out of this little brainstorming and/or links to literature about this topic.

1. According to what criteria would you recommend enterprises to use free software? What companies should rather use commercial software?
2. What should enterprises take into consideration before switching to free software?
3. What mistakes do the enterprises suffer in relation to used free software?
4. What advantages/disadvantages does the free software bring to enterprises?
5. Can companies manage the installation of free software by themselves or whom/when would you recommend the help of external outsourcing company?"

Comment: wait, they are in nato (Score 1) 316

by Ghaan (#24552745) Attached to: Evidence of Russian Cyberwarfare Against Georgia

But Czech Rep, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania are already NATO members!

Someone fights for independence, someone just brings democracy - all the conflicts are always the same and always bad when the big guys decide it's time to do something about it - unfortunately, the civil population is always in the middle.


+ - Apache mailing list "hacked" 1

Submitted by
Ghaan writes "This morning (8.30am GMT), as usual, I checked Apache Software Foundation RSS feed and starred at it for a while with blank look in my face. Some smart bot or someone managed to hack ASF mailing list (in case they fix it soon, as I hope, here's a screenshot) and post there tones of useless spam. So, now thousands of regular readers know where to buy Viagra and cheap software... great! I'm sick of such spam because something similar happened to several blogs lately (including my own) and I ask myself where's the end of this. Anyway, let's secure our own mailing lists and blogs, add JavaScript "patches" and pray because you may be next..."

Nobody's gonna believe that computers are intelligent until they start coming in late and lying about it.