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Comment Is CCTV the right term? (Score 1) 64

From the article, it seems like the exploited cameras are IP-addressable/reachable. That does not sound like Closed Circuit TV as I think of it, with non-ethernet coax-and-like connected cameras connected to a monitoring station in a true closed circuit. I am no expert, but should we be talking about an exploit of "IP-enabled security cameras" or something like that instead?

Comment Re:No question. The shipping container. (Score 1) 330

+1. I didn't see your post and posted below in part to point people to the excellent book _The Box_ by Marc Levinson. I have no connection to the book or author, but was impressed with how interesting his history and analysis were when covering an subject that *might* seem mundane. Hardly.

Comment Apples and Oranges on price (Score 1) 385

One very mundane thing that is often overlooked in price comparisons is warranty coverage. A given Apple may appear cheaper but comes with a meager 1-year warrant. Adding Applecare for 3-years warranty adds another $200+. On the Dell side many business laptops and mobile workstations come with a base 3-year warranty that can be extended out to 5 years if desired at a fairly low cost.

With the near-total shift to a consumer market focus, Apple has forgotten about TCO in any meaningful way as they are now totally wrapped up in the "new" and in irreparable planned obsolescence.

Hey, can you unglue my battery? :)

Comment Re:Obligatory Exploration? (Score 1) 671

Quoting parent got messed up so just responding as-is.

Your Brown/Simpson allusion is apt. Yes, this has become a country where war criminals freely walk the streets, get paid for speaking engagements, are feted for their oil paintings and occupy our highest office while launching Hellfire missles on a whim. Innocent teenagers? Why not? The MGR (mere gook rule) has become the MAR (mere arab rule) or MMR (mere muslim rule?) In this thread, though, I was stuck on a young hero of mine who is stuck in Russia.

I feel pretty comfortable with the assumption that Putin ordered a lot of the killings you find listed on spots like https://larussophobe.wordpress... I think I would have to be a real optimist otherwise. But I'll admit. He doesn't hold a candle to Stalin :)

No argument to your correction of 50+ cleared for release. I was thinking that they did not have a commitment (that was broken) but that doesn't mean much.

Comment Re:Obligatory Exploration? (Score 1) 671

I mean Vlad could just order him killed by unknown assailants and then blame the U.S. for the purposes of some minor PR points. He's that kind of guy.

I have yet to see bitching about Putin that wasn't either a case of projection, or 'beams and 'motes. He's an authoritarian doosh, but he's not keeping people in gulag's that have been cleared for release for a decade, nor is he busy murdering people on the other side of the planet with robot planes for their political speech. Nor has he supported a coup in Mexico and then all but invited his newly created puppet government into the Warsaw Pact.

Putin, at his worst day, is a a molehill next to the mountain of American Exceptionalism on it's best day.

You make some good points, but Snowden is stuck in Russia, and I intentionally did not want to get in to "Who is Worse?".

I don't think that "authoritarian doosh" is sufficent. Murders of Politkovskaya, Litvinenko, and now Nemtsov are just the tip of the iceberg.

If you are referring to Mohamedou Ould Slahi, his Habeas Corpus petition was only granted (then countermanded) in 2013. Not that it matters much.

I think Slahi's diary and Scahill's Dirty Wars speak to the exceptional view you point out and should both be required reading for all high school juniors.

Comment Obligatory Exploration? (Score 5, Insightful) 671

On some level, I feel like Snowden has to explore the option to return, if only to make clear his long-stated desire to do so, look for avenues to negotiate, and keep his supporters engaged.

I am very doubtful, however, that he will be treated fairly given that he committed the unpardonable crime of embarrassing the U.S. government. Obama is clearly petty and pig-headed enough to resist any cries for justice. His mind is made up about a lot of things, this just being one.

If I were him, though, I'd have to be very nervous anxious about being the guest of such a calculating thug during a time of such geopolitical aggression and uncertainty. I mean Vlad could just order him killed by unknown assailants and then blame the U.S. for the purposes of some minor PR points. He's that kind of guy.

Dear Edward Snowden. There has been one person telling the truth and that has been you. You have lost pretty much everything and gained nothing. I hope the day comes when you can walk the streets of our misguided country as a free man. Thank you.

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