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Comment: Re:Apple proves once again... (Score 1) 711

by Geste (#47155741) Attached to: Apple Says Many Users 'Bought an Android Phone By Mistake'

....Only apple could repackage a stale turd, sell it as a "better life experience," ....

I wouldn't argue your point, but he didn't merely promise "a better life experience", rather:

"They had bought an Android phone by mistake, and then had sought a better experience and a better life."

Small difference, but Tim looks to be promising a flat-out better life. Amazing. All from a little phone. Oh, thank-you Tim! Your are THE BEST!"

Comment: Re:Osteopath cred? (Score 1) 200

by Geste (#47101641) Attached to: Wikipedia Medical Articles Found To Have High Error Rate

I conflate nothing you twit. Try this:

"As with all forms of complementary and alternative medicine, the practice of osteopathy does not always adhere to evidence-based medicine (EBM). There are few high-quality research studies demonstrating that osteopathy is effective in treating any medical condition other than lower back pain."

Of course, that quote is from...Wikipedia

Comment: Bunny makes a Novena (Score 1) 88

by Geste (#46649639) Attached to: Bunnie Huang's Novena Open Source Laptop Launches Via Crowd Supply

Bunny: "Bless me father, for it has been 3 years since my last confession. I confess that I have not been attending Mass regularly and have had impure thoughts about proprietary technologies!"

Father O'Reilly: "Why that is fairly serious. I suggest you say a Hail Mary twice a day for two months."

Bunny: "OK, Father."

Father O'Reilly: "Oh, and can you make a Novena?"

Bunny: "Why sure, Father! Give me the schematic and I can make anything!"

Comment: Re:I'll make it easy (Score 1) 145

by Geste (#46506489) Attached to: US Navy Strategists Have a Long History of Finding the Lost

The main problem with this is that with going out in grand style, you don't just disappear over the ocean....

I am starting to think of what has happened as "diabolical", with someone creating a sick mystery worth of Moriarty.

Sick people get their kicks in different ways. This really could be "grand style".

+ - NYT Op-Ed: Stop Glorifying Hackers->

Submitted by Geste
Geste (527302) writes "Diane McWhorter, an author, take to the March 8th NYT Op-Ed pages with a plea to Stop Glorifying Hackers. Among other things she rails against providers' tendencies to "blame the victim" with advice on improved password discipline. But what lesson are we to learn from this lecture? From someone who emails lists of passwords to herself?"
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Comment: The US pokes itself in the eye with a stick (Score 4, Insightful) 315

by Geste (#46062861) Attached to: Russia Plans To Extend Edward Snowden's Asylum

First, I'll stipulate that Snowden is a hero to me. Half my age. Twenty times the guts.

What really bothers me, though, is how the Administration bungled this. Amateur hour! The moment we arrogantly, petulantly forced Evo Morales airplane down in Austria, we pretty much guaranteed that Snowden would need to hole up and that Putin would take the opportunity to stick us in the eye. This is beyond amazing. We've put ourselves in the position where a vicious thug gets to posture as the nice guy and leave us with very little to do. We are depending on a thug to protect the fate and future of a man who initiated one of the most important discussions in our nation's political history. All because we couldn't think straight and realize that Ecuador or Venezuela or *anywhere" would be a batter outcome than what we got.

It's one thing to get poked in the eye with a stick, but quite another thing to run into the stick full tilt. Amateur hour.

"If there isn't a population problem, why is the government putting cancer in the cigarettes?" -- the elder Steptoe, c. 1970