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+ - Should The MPL 2 be GPL-Compatible?->

Submitted by Gerv
Gerv (15179) writes "The Mozilla Public License is currently being updated from version 1.1 to version 2. MPL 1.1 is not compatible with (any version of) the GPL without multiple licensing. I am trying to find out what projects currently using the MPL 1.1 think about whether MPL 2 should be automatically GPL-compatible or not, so hackers can use their code in GPLed projects.

If your project uses the MPL or a derivative, read my blog post, have a chat about it on your mailing list and let me know. I'm also making a list of projects using the MPL and a list of GPLed projects using MPLed libraries — do add your project if you fall into one of those categories!

(Note: this survey is just a survey — it's not official or binding on the MPL 2 drafting team.)"

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+ - OpenStreetMap Sends UK Volunteer Mapper to Antigua->

Submitted by
Gerv writes "When Google launched their Map Maker community mapping tool last year, they included loads of Caribbean islands. This led Ed Parsons (chief Google Maps guy) to say that he was sad there wasn't any fieldwork involved. Well, now OpenStreetMap have gone one better — following a successful Pledgebank pledge, they have got together the money to send one randomly-chosen guy to Antigua for a week to work on the OpenStreetMap map!"
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+ - Worldwide Firefox 3 Release Parties->

Submitted by
Gerv writes "The Mozilla project's Party Tool is now up and running, arrange Firefox 3 release/Mozilla 10th Anniversary parties all around the world at some point this month. The map shows parties in your area; if there isn't one, start one. :-) There are 255 at the moment; for Firefox 2 there were 648 parties with 5754 registered partygoers. So some way to go to beat that..."
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