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Comment Re:Don't overthink it (Score 2) 174

Agree - keep all the gigabytes you like, nobody will ever browse them (and they'll be unbrowsable by the Standards 50 years hence). Now and then, or after family etc occasions, curate an 'album' of say 50 printed pages. Plenty of services to bind them nicely, much cheaper than hardware. In 100 years, that's all anyone will remember of you. Just possibly by then an AI system will have your virtual ghost communicating with questioners, but don't bank on it - they might not ask.

Comment Re:Okaaay. (Score 3, Interesting) 203

Exactly what I did, after a lifetime of ever-unfinished international legal diplomacy. Except - I gave a copy of the DVD to the boss's secretary, and a copy to another secretary. Bosses would never bother to look, but good secretaries would compete to find answers.

Comment Happy Christmas, Grandpa (Score 1) 80

When I die there will be a huge pile of assorted data that is specific to me - ancestry, DNA, interests, writing style, books bought, etc etc. Next-generation associative databases should be able to trawl that in such a way that my grandchildren can still ask me questions - even if only as a 'party game'. Main concern is that someone will patent the all-too-'obvious' processes, so that you need an annual paid license to secure immortality.

Comment Anthropology (Score 1) 356

Any anthropologists around? IANaA, but my theory is that in cultures where testosterone-driven men (like us?) are not allowed to socialise nicely with girls of their own standard, and are shamed into avoiding masturbation or same-sex fun, there will be outbursts of plain primitive sexual aggression. India is hardly worst, if you consider what happens routinely in some Islamic countries.

Comment Swiftean slide (Score 1) 167

East of the Atlantic, where people know what a Yahoo is (or was), the brand could never have been taken seriously. For those of us who don't already know, Swift described a yahoo as being filthy with unpleasant habits. At least they didn't name it for the absent millionaire boyfriend of Liz Hurley, a certain Bing.

Comment Re:If the Grand Ayatollah's against it.... (Score 1) 542

The Ayatollah's right. You can't sustain irrationality, autocracy and extremism against a tide of information and entertainment shared worldwide and without regard to gender. That's probably what he wants to do, so his policy is wise. But it won't last, even if things have to get (very) much worse before they get better.

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