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Classic Games (Games)

+ - Enthusiast Releases Hundreds of Sega Prototypes

Submitted by GerbilSoft
GerbilSoft (761537) writes "drx, the guy who became famous for dumping several high-profile prototypes, has beat his own record. Today, he has released a set of over 1,000 Sega prototypes, making it the biggest prototype release in history.

Usually, few prototypes see the light of the day, due to scarcity, unwillingness of owners to release them, and prices, which can sometimes reach 5-figures. This deprives the majority of gamers of the ability to see games' features that had to be cut from the games due to the lack of time or resources. To see just how generous the release is, multiply 1,000 by $100, which is the average price of prototypes on eBay. Crazy."

+ - Samsung Linux Drivers Have Major Security Hole

Submitted by GerbilSoft
GerbilSoft (761537) writes "It seems as though Samsung's proprietary Linux printer drivers have a major security hole. From the Ubuntu Forums:

Just to inform you about a recent post on the french Ubuntu forum about Samsung drivers (sorry, in french). It appears that Samsung unified drivers change rights on some parts of the system: After installing the drivers, applications may launch using root rights, without asking any password.

What is more, you may be able to kill your system, by deleting system components, generally modifiable only by using sudo.
Among the programs that it sets as setuid-root are OpenOffice, xsane, and xscanimage."

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