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Comment: Re:Of course. (Score 4, Insightful) 1174

by Gerafix (#39805641) Attached to: TSA Defends Pat Down of 4-Year-Old Girl
Sorry but this is bullshit. If terrorists started bombing large queues in airports you don't think people would become rather... terrorized at the aspect of standing in large queues? I guarantee you that people stand in large queues much more often and in many more places than they do just at airports. When you're afraid of just standing in a long line anywhere that's a much stronger impact than "Oh... if I simply don't take airplanes I'm safe."

Comment: Re:Not looking forward to this (Score 5, Funny) 126

by Gerafix (#39768609) Attached to: Ph.D Webcomic Gets Adapted Into Feature Film
Wait, wait, wait a second! So you're saying that the actors are just acting like actors, they're not real actors? How can you tell an actor is real and is not just acting like an actor, anyway? What if someone is so good at acting that you can't tell they are an actor, likewise what if someone is so bad at acting you think they are just acting like they're not a real actor when in fact they are an actor after all.

Comment: Re:How about a good 'ole fashioned REAL system? (Score 0) 437

by Gerafix (#34890232) Attached to: US Scraps Virtual Fence Along Mexican Border
Because it would be retarded, even by American standards. Any military force that would represent a threat at all would make a fence seem like using a tissue to stop a bullet. Likewise any force that would find a fence difficult to surpass would be much more efficiently taken care of by sending a squadron or whatever.

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