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Comment: Re:Odd, it works perfectly fine for me. (Score 1) 1110

by GeorgeRidout (#42358317) Attached to: 30 Days Is Too Long: Animated Rant About Windows 8
I'm not a massive fan of Metro or its apps but once I grouped the tiles in a meaningful way it works well enough to replace the start menu. The desktop is much faster and lighter than 7 and theres a few extra features. I didn't pay for windows 8 (work MSDN) but I'm not hating it. Just took a little getting used to.

Comment: I'm Seeing A Lot of Misinformation Swirling (Score 3, Informative) 437

by GeorgeRidout (#40232355) Attached to: Red Hat Clarifies Doubts Over UEFI Secure Boot Solution
Unless I'm very much mistaken (please feel free to correct me) I'm seeing a lot of incorrect information around this. As I understand it: A) You can turn it off by going into the BIOS. Then you can boot anything you like. B) Each boot-loader for each individual OS requires signing by the manufacturer. As I understand it, Redhat were asked if they would be the custodians of 'one true' Linux key and they didn't want to be responsible for it on behalf of other distro makers. C) Redhat approached PC manufacters who were very receptive to their key being included with all hardware, however Redhat felt there would be an impression that they were levaraging their size as unfair competition. D) MS offered to sign distro's and OS's with their own key as long as the maker was registered with them for $99 which is surely below cost. Ideologically it is not ideal I agree but it could be worse no? Ideally some garanteed impartial third party would sign all OS's from one key. But who? Thanks for reading

Comment: Re:Who's technically literate at PC-Pro? (Score 1) 702

by GeorgeRidout (#33587668) Attached to: Windows 7 vs. Ubuntu 10.04
I have a subscription to PC Pro even in today's age of limitless free tech news. As a general rule the magazine is very technical and insightful although I agree that particular line is a dreadful piece of journalism. I think they are trying to compare them from the point of view of a home user.

Interpol Unscrambles Doctored Photo In Manhunt 370

Posted by kdawson
from the blur-schmlur dept.
jackpot777 writes in with an AP story out of Paris reporting that Interpol has distributed photos of a man suspected of sexually exploiting children. The images were recovered from pictures taken off the Internet in which the man's face had been blurred using something like Photoshop's Filter > Distort > Twirl tool. German police were able to recover recognizable images of the man, whose identity and nationality are not known. Interpol would not discuss the techniques used to recover the images. jackpot777 writes: "It does show one interesting facet of internet privacy that has also been noted with topics ranging from reading blurred check numbers in images to Google's plan to blur out license plate and face data for Street View. And that is: blurring is not the same as completely obscuring. As computers become more adept at extrapolating data of different types, your identity isn't safe unless you completely cover all those identifying features."

+ - Sony launches White 40GB PS3 and Dualshock 3

Submitted by
i4u writes "Sony announced today in Japan 40GB Sony PS3 consoles in black and in white. The price in Japan is 39,980 Yen (~$340). Sony will start shipping the 40GB Sony PS3 on November 11th.
To match the new console color the new rumble Dualshock 3 controller will also be available in white. The Dualshock 3 controller will only be available in Japan this Holiday season. Sony said to ship the rumble controller in the U.S. in Spring 2008."

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