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Comment: like apples and oranges (Score 2, Interesting) 177

by Gen. Malaise (#31344754) Attached to: Mariposa Botnet Beheaded
"The Mariposa botnet, which has been dismantled, was easily one of the world's biggest. It spread to more than 190 countries, according to researchers. It also appears to be far more sophisticated than the botnet that was used to hack into Google Inc. and other companies in the attack that led Google to threaten to pull out of China." ----- Wait, what? This was written by the AP's "technology writer". I guess he doesn't read /.? The Google attack was not a botnet.

Comment: Re:Are we talking Pr0n or Tax Receipts here? (Score 1) 564

by Gen. Malaise (#28593617) Attached to: RAID Trust Issues — Windows Or a Cheap Controller?

If you're just want a convenient backup of your music collection, porn collection, musical pr0n collection, or your pr0n musical collection then RAID is not a horrible thing.

No No No. Say it with me slowly. RAID is not a backup. Ever. Now say it a few more times to let it burn in. Also leaving something with the lawyer is about as safe as the RAID 0 array you employ. (Apologies to NYCL)

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