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Dear sir,

You are quite wrong. There is a mountain of evidence that so called "no-fly" lists have prevent unspeakable acts of terrorism and violence.

It is however important to note that to divulge the details of said evidence will expose state secret and thus constitute a threat to national security.

To explain; in order to protect you, the national citizen we have to keep this secret from you as telling you how we do things can put you at risk. Given that you can now clearly see how you yourself put your own well-being at risk your personal freedoms should in fact be revoked for your protection.

A secret court that we cannot tell you about already ruled in our favor. All your rights are belong to us.


Your democratically elected and chosen government.

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by GeekWithAKnife (#47754717) Attached to: Predictive Modeling To Increase Responsivity of Streamed Games

Assuming you can do just about anything in a game, yeah nobody can predict that.

On the other hand, in a game, with an "open world" design that actually has a corridor structure, yes they can predict a lot of movement, choices etc.

The system may backfire if you intentionally do things unrelated to game advancement but that's a different story.

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by GeekWithAKnife (#47693851) Attached to: Ebola Quarantine Center In Liberia Looted

I am not arguing for intelligent design or alternate realities or my take on them. Ebola turning into a deadly mass plague is a real possibility,

I understand there are few people you care about and it seems that unless this disease is likely to kill you then you're likely to ignore it killing some people "over there".

Base on the above I would like to thank you for your application to the Darwin awards.

While the chances are rather low; I wanted to inform you, as you are evidently a betting man, that the dice are rolling to determine if you're a winner, good luck.

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by GeekWithAKnife (#47693757) Attached to: Ebola Quarantine Center In Liberia Looted

Honestly, just substitute "bus" for any other mode of transportation. Go out on a limb and consider the greater possibilities.

There will always be something/someone that this will not affect, great. Maybe you living in a nuclear bunker with a sophisticated air and water filtration system, good for you.

What about the people at risk?

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by GeekWithAKnife (#47693659) Attached to: Ebola Quarantine Center In Liberia Looted

People cough, they sneeze, they perspire and touch things. If they carry a deadly virus then this is a deadly problem.

Did you ever use the toilet at work? - ever had issues of a bad stomach doing the rounds? any idea how many people don't wash their hands after taking a piss? -people you shook hands with. I'd not bet my life on this scenario being impossible.

The fact that this is LESS likely to happen in a "1st world country" does not help right now. I'm not trying to terrify you into wearing a face mask; I am telling you this can get out of hand if we do not do more to help get this under control.
Look at the hate some morons choose to spew at this very moment, racists, bigots and foolhardy posts. These so called "1st world" people might just ignore what they stupidly think is an African problem.

While it's a shame that many people simply do not care about the suffering of others; if you ignore this it may just end up killing people you do care about. Does that sink in or are they not the people you typically see when you go to work?

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by GeekWithAKnife (#47693473) Attached to: Ebola Quarantine Center In Liberia Looted

Unfortunately this is the sort of event that can make this virus' infections rates soar beyond control.

Because of a small group of idiots the majority will suffer needlessly.

I see some say "fuck 'em" and some have this attitude of not our problem - for lack of understanding that their problem can become our problem. If that's not a case for a reason to put more resources into education I don't know what is.

It's everyone's problem when some person in Liberia, is now scared for his life and flees without knowing he is carrying the virus. In 48 hours he might be sitting next to you on a bus! -what are you going to say when people start bleeding their internal organs out of all orifices?

You want to give out Darwin awards? start by considering you may get one yourself with such an attitude.

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by GeekWithAKnife (#47677105) Attached to: Web Trolls Winning As Incivility Increases

Inflammatory comments draw more responses. It's easier to illicit an emotional reaction in a reader via such comments. Once you react emotionally you are more likely to engage with a troll.

Unfortunately unless you truly know the motivation of the other person is to piss you off you can to be sure they are trolling you. Sometimes just having a different opinion on a hot topic like climate change will label you a troll no matter what your aired views are.

On the internet a person could potentially have exposure to many thousands of times more people than they could ever hope to know and so trolls get the attention they so crave/desire.

As people we are hardwired to notice things that do not fit patterns. Social patterns, behaviour etc. In fact when we are displeased or angry we tell more people about it than when we are happy.

Don't blame so called "trolls", they will always be there.

In many ways this is an exercise in social maturity; the collective intelligence not to feed the trolls.

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One of these pro footballers can earn in a week more than the average university professor earns in a year.

It's even worse when you hear what some of these professionals have to say. Let's not even scrutinize the behaviors often portrayed by a few of them...

Countless hours of work, decades of teaching, contributing to the community and educating the next generation often falls short of even an amateur footballers' salary.

Kicking/throwing a ball for a living can net you stupid amounts of money, is it a wonder why children today want to be athletes and celebrities etc?

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I agree that systems of such sensitive nature need to be isolated but the problem is always how do you do this?
You could take away so much functionality that you are impeding productivity.

People bring their own devices, phones are powerful enough to use for many more tasks these days, productivity will not go up. That's a myth.

If the system in question was on a separate infrastructure, sophisticated and determined attackers will simply infiltrate the new system. Sure, it's an added layer of complexity and thus a bit more secure.

The real problem is not prevention, it's detection. I can walk into a bank today and leave with a few thousands of dollars. The real questions is, how do I do that undetected? without being caught later?

Online attacks are unfortunately very easy to mask, the attackers themselves are easily hidden and very hard to catch. IF they knew there's a good chance they are caught later, despite being able to EASILY pull off their intended crime then they'd be an effective deterrent.

Detection, deterrent. Not more doors & locks.

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by GeekWithAKnife (#47556353) Attached to: How Gygax Lost Control of TSR and D&D

Naturally Gary was heavily engrossed with play testing and had a hardcore group of gamers. Unfortunately over time the group developed tension and animosity. Specifically, the relationship between Gary and the game referee became very difficult...

The Demented Mofo that sat all day in his mom's basement and thought up new ways to kill Gygax's character. This is because Gary had really good rolls throughout his game-play that foiled the DM's plans and made his encounters look too easy.
Even when it came to treasure Gary's rolls were amazing and he got so many great magical items that he was practically invincible. He could escape easily or overcome any obstacle and was critically close to dual class level 20 with his arsenal of wands, rings, magic swords and powerful spell scrolls.
He was practically unstoppable and was prone to maniacal laughter when he was obviously spoiling the adventure the DM spent a lot of money on purchasing.

Just after work that day they all got together. The group were downing fizzy drinks and were already making plans to order in pizza. The DM hurridly rolled encounters behind the mystic DM screen and said things like "Oh that's bad" & "you guys are screwed" as he giggled and suggested the dice roll was somehow 3 on the D6, 5 on the D20 and 73 on the D100 (none of which was actually seen as the screen hid the results) which meant 17 angry red dragons with 9 magically dominated beholders of at least 18HD each came to take Gary's character to Tiamat on the 1st plane of hell to do battle until death.

Later that day it was announced that Gary's character was fatally wounded after failing a saving throw vs death with a -23 modifier (there were a lot of dragon breath weapons) and shortly after being incinerated, electrocuted, frozen and disintegrated he passed away.
Naturally Gary broke into tears and protested against the unfair odds and accused the DM of setting him up. The DM pulled out the Dungeon Master's Guide and quoted irrelevant bits of text and then laughed maniacally as he slammed the book down, ripped Gary's character sheet to shreds and threw it around like cheap confetti.
It all went downhill from there as Gary sank into depression, alcoholism and debauchery.

Can we observe 1 minute of rolling saving throws on the D20 for Gary? -TA

"Well hello there Charlie Brown, you blockhead." -- Lucy Van Pelt