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Comment Inferior solution (Score 1) 92

Sure they must be it anywhere near what their paper figures use to be?

Once upon a time someone would buy a paper, read it and leave it on the train and someone else would have a glimpse of what the fuss is about...maybe they'd pay too if they wanted.

Before this slashdot article I had forgotten the NYT existed...

Comment Re:Big secret: you don't need Facebook (Score 1) 232

I'm not trying to convince anyone to stop using it. It's a a fashion it will pass. It's a foregone conclusion...but what I am saying is that it's no use to moan about Facebook's policies or what have you. Use it (and thus consent) or not.

Like you indicated and experienced; real friends will not forgot you if you're not on Facebook. The rest are not a concern of mine.

Comment Re:Big secret: you don't need Facebook (Score 1) 232

I think a good starting place is to find what it is that you use Facebook for that is so irreplaceable...then find an alternative.

Use folder sharing on google drive...heck make your own cloud drive and share it on a password basis. Setup your own RSS feed or better yet learn to code an alternative that is satisfactory to you. Share your code, someone might add a feature, improve it or rewrite it and before you know if you might have something decent.

In-fact why hope? this has most likely already happened...when was the last time you looked for an alternative? -everything is a google search away.

Comment Big secret: you don't need Facebook (Score 2) 232

Why are these groups constantly pandering to Facebook to change its rulership of willing victims?

Facebook is replaceable, Facebook is unnecessary and Facebook is not really social it is commercial.

This "social network" only helps large groups alienate people on a wider and constant scale. School bullying is only enhanced, stalking empowered and invasive misuse of information that can affect you long term by your employer, the government etc.

Using you real name is not protecting you. Making someone else use his real name does not protect you from them by being "accountable" that's hogwash.

Instead of trying to fix and make MySpace better what did we do? we moved one! -now many more people are realizing what Facebook is and now it's time to move on.

So many people have hundreds of Facebook friends and they do not even know who their neighbour is. Social my ass.

Comment Well that settles it then (Score 1) 138

MANY MORE people will start creating batmobiles and replicas of other DC comics things.

Thanks you DC comics for taking part in the same lowlife copyright troll activities so many of us loath. It will help my decision the next time I see a DC comics movie listed...

In my absence of your upcoming film premier please enjoy this fine tune by Duck Sauce ->

Comment Oh shock and horror! (Score 1) 262

Some people do not know the actual brand of their toaster. they call it "toaster" rather than the "Skynet 9000 turbo bread bronzer".

It's a fucking toaster. The fact they confused it with the most widely known brand of toaster just happens. Like how "Centrino" was a CPU in some people's minds.

Science is what happens when preconception meets verification.