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Comment Oh, very interesting (Score 2) 173

So some students with nothing to lose and no real life consequences decided to cheat in a study?

Maybe the first batch were clever enough to win that particular game and as they have already won (nothing) got bored and chose an alternative while those that lost still pursued a valid way to win?

It may be worth noting that people eventually graduate or leave college (or are expelled) and grow up eg. mature. Maybe less mature individuals are more likely to more??

I too conduct a test. In the first phase I gave slashdot readers a grade study to dissect. Those who dissected the study in the first phase were more likely to make toilet paper out of it in the second stage. Headline: this study shows that slashdot readers are more likely to steal and vandalise because they cannot afford toilet paper.

My conclusion? this just proves that low grade studies are first read and in the second stage transformed to being useful in the form of toilet paper. Maybe that means I'm a winner?!

Comment Not so great idea? (Score 2) 601

So because the road seems weird to what a driver usually expects they'll slow down...but humans being smart they'll soon speed back up.

So in theory the change causes people to become more cautious? because the real danger is speed? (let's ignore the autobahn because it defies the "speed kills" thought camp. Yes accidents at higher speeds are more deadly, but accidents rates are the mass killers, inexperience, drunken driving etc - not speeding)

Of course what a genius idea it is to change roads randomly to see if people are more cautious for testing. Why not change them all the time? make contra-flow lanes, make them glow in the dark and put scary signs. Everything will be so much safer right? -err at least initially when drivers will be worried about this odd section of road.

If speed is such a concern why not limit the speed of vehicles to the national speed limit? -plenty of heavy goods vehicles are speed limited why not everything else?

Traffic police want to fine us. Make money off speeding drivers. They know it's not speed that directly causes accidents but merely a factor (sometimes not even that).

What did speed cameras achieve? more fines and drivers that know where the cameras are that speed between them. Toll roads that have drivers speed all the way to the rest stop and have coffee for 30 minutes.

Accident rates are lowered by better drivers. Survivability is increased with better technology and judgement of better drivers.

Yes, better roads and signs are a factor but what is more important is consistency. If you use the same system everywhere you know what to expect everywhere but I digress.

In my opinion the driving test only forces you to learn how to pass it. You only really learn to drive on the road, with time and experience. Most drivers drive nothing like they did on their theory test day. (for better and worse)

It would be nice if governments focus on *offering* (not imposing) refresher and advanced driving courses every so many years. That they focus on prevention by enhancing driver skills and setting legal limits based on scientific, testable conclusions that are long-lasting. That safety agencies use new electronic measures to limit acceleration and top speed in areas of increased risk. (read school ahead!). To legislate certain reasonable limits for vehicle power to weight ratios for commuting.

Lastly, that governing bodies come up with a no BS plan to combat congestion and other driver frustrations. Encourage different start times, flexible working hours, put schemes and initiative because everyone wins when traffic flows.

All of these can be solved with an autonomous shuttle. A self-driving vehicle. It does not get tired, it does not get angry, it is always driving in accordance with legal requirements, it keeps its distance, it accelerates responsibility and has technology to mitigate collision damage. Best of all the data can be used to make every driver less car as safe as an experienced cautious driver. -scores of people die in traffic accidents every day. They don't have to.

Personally I'd rather be reading slashdot on the way to work than watching the bumper of the car in-front of me. I hope you will agree that the time for driver less cars is now and possibly long overdo.

(I started off writing with a point in-mind but it became a stream of consciousness type thing. Thanks for reading.)

Comment Adblock Minus (Score 3, Interesting) 356

Once upon a time ads annoyed me, I chose Adblock PLus because it got rid of the annoying ads.

Adblock Plus stopped doing a great job at blocking annoying ads and has then been uninstalled and everyone moved on...

Adblock Plus now wants to make it's inferior product worse to make a buck.

*looks at Ublock Origin icon and laughs*

Comment Re:Cores Schmores (Score 3, Interesting) 136

Quite wrong about AMD CPUs getting progressively worse.

Intel has outpaced AMD their process technology is more sdvanced allowing them to do magical things like significantly increase performance AND reduce power at the same time...

This also has something to do with Intel's past blocking of AMD products when the K7 Thunderbird was kicking ass. Year later cash strapped AMD agreed to settle the matter to the tune of $2 billion. I'm sure if they had a bit more time and money they could have gotten more.

Now, unsurprisingly Intel's advantage is only this much and not more, most likely because Intel needs AMD to exist. It's a great way to compare and handy not to be declared a monopoly.

So AMD has been improving, albeit at a slower pace than Intel. They can still compete but need to change the approach to fight where they can shine and profit rather than everywhere Intel goes.

Comment Absolute rubbish (Score 1) 321

I have seen first hand what damage D&D can wreck on unsuspecting kids.

All-of-a-sudden they get confused. They hear you talk of a game and yet there is no screen to see the game. Then they talk about some RPG games for a computer or console and don't understand how you can do something better with pen, paper and dice.

You begin by describing an alien world that exists only in the mind with a user interface that looks very different to facebook. At this point most compeltely give up...but some are susceptible to imagination and abstract thought and begin to imagine.

Before you know it they start blaspheming and talking about "gods" and pretending to be characters with divine-like powers that do away with rulers or anyone they do not like. Stealing, brutal executions, piracy, killing make-believe flying lizards for this thing they keep chanting like crazed monks "loot".

Piece by piece these kids become attached to their characters, and their character's flying horses or wands of wonder (which only makes sense if you're on crack; possibly a gateway drug) and the inevitable happens. That DM guy explain how something that makes no sense makes sense and your character dies, or you have the easiest battle except all your rolls are utter shit and that fucker DM keeps rolling 18, 19 and 20 and well your character dies because of that DM. (It's always him, he sets the penalties, sets the encounters, the monster actions, even the dice choice to randomly select who gets attacked and then the dice choice to randomly select how many attacks and even the damage, all that asshat's fault) and well...then your character is dead.
When little Timmy's character dies you know this game is evil. He was already socially rejected, isolated, alone, possibly with acne and braces...but when that character dies Timmy seriously loses his shit in the worst way.

Crying, anger, death threats, promises to succumb to the dark side and what not. It's ugly.

All I can say Timmy is that when you chet your DM on the dice roles one day he finds out. One day your level 16 expert theif slips during climbing and rolls downhill being unable to break the fall. He falls, hitting extremely sharp rocks on the way down following the natural curve in the mountain side he falls down a creek (yes on that unexplored side of the mountain and no it's not a creek that;s on the map cause it's too fucking small) and because of momentum he reaches the waterfall...AND FALLS...falling down and hitting some more rockas on the cascading waterfall he struggles to breathe as the current takes him...and washing him down another 8 fucking waterfalls. Yes, with very sharp rocks. Then the very thing that caused your expert climber thief to fall becomes apparent when he finally grabs on to some bush as he gasps for air being mortally wounded and bleeding but just in the real of the living. A loud, low rumble of the impending earthquake that sees half the mountain side come crashing down on you. CRASHING DOWN ON YOU TIMMY! FOLLOWED BY LIGHTNING BOLTS AND METEORS THAT HIT TAHT SMAE SPOT WHERE YOU ARE BECAUSE ALL YOUR MAGICAL ITEMS HAVE CREATED A POSITIVE CHARGE SO STRONG THAT THE AIR CANNOT ISOLATE YOU FROM THE NEGATIVE CHARGE INTHE ATMOISPHERE AND WHE NTHAT SHIT GETS ELECTRIFIED IT CAUSES A HORRENDOUS WAND OF WONDER MAGNETIC ATTRACTION TO NEAR FAERUN ASTEROIDS. YOU'RE DEAD. A SPLATTER CRISP OF A CINDER DEAD. BEYOND RESURRECTION AS THERE IS NOTHING TO RESSURECT. THE SMASHING AND ELECTROCUTION OF ALL YOUR MAGICAL GREAT CREATES A RIFT THAT SUCKS THAT PORTION AND WHATEVER REMAINS THERE ARE INTO THE NEGATIVE ELEMNTAL PLANE. THAT SORTA DEAD DEAD.

Sure that might be hard to imagine but just look what happen to Hitler when his character died;

So is D&D dangerous? -you decide. Just a word of advice, don't do the thing your DM hates the most and then keep it a secret and then amke it an inside joke in the group cause that DM might get very angry for having crafted numerous adventures for many hours for the sole enjoyment of his players until someone started getting ridiculously lucky too many times and then the truth got out.

...and Tim, if you're reading this; your characters family (and that fucking horse) have all been taken into slavery to pay off debts. Hard labour.

Comment This looks juicy (Score 1) 620

Oh so he just used a tool (shotgun) to disable (obliterate) another tool. Sounds pretty America.

A tool, while could be also a weapon is not in its sole purpose a weapon. If he missed or caused other harm but I digress...a wise person (judge) found that it was reasonable.

What I'm very curious about is the precedent. So a drone above the property is fair game for a shotgun, how far above? how close? what if you only thought it was a drone but actually it was some other RC toy? -what if you mount the gun on a drone to shoot another drone?

As we are headed towards autonomous cars and most likely aircraft soon - what if the drone was the size of an aircraft?

Comment Now let's talk about (Score 0, Troll) 273

What does not concern the US.

A nation fed paranoia with various secret service departments that have a long history of immorality and dodgy practices and now they worry.

Perhaps I should they always worry, ney fear impending doom.

Not to worry, America are the good guys, right? because god bless America and uhm democracy and capitalism.

Oh wait a second, is this yet another media source to play on fears?! -"Concerns the US" having interviewed all major leaders they are very concerned.

This hammer on my desk has the capacity to be forcefully swung into a person's skull but no one is concerned....maybe it's time to assume "innocent until proven guilty" of others? you know because US officials are worried mistrust causes paranoia. -meh

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