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Comment: Surprised? I'm not (Score 1, Insightful) 556

Since Rupert Murdock and his News Corp own the Wall Street Journal now,journalist integrity has been thrown out the window,just like at other News Corp businesses -case in point Fox(FAUX)news.Now the WSJ is just another right wing nut job mouthpiece.

Comment: Cooking (Score 1) 285

by Geek Hillbilly (#46589993) Attached to: I prefer my peppers ...
I make 10 different styles of chili.2 main ones are Tex.Mex(no Beans) and Hillbilly(Lots of Beans-we like to fart).Start off with mild,hot Thermonuclear,Supernova and Gamma Ray Burst The last one has every variety of pepper known including plenty of the Ghost pepper.It is much hotter than the so called Hell FIre chili I heard about watching the travel channel.The last time I made the last one (Both Tex-Mex and Hillbilly style) the EKU ROTC was challenged to see if anyone could handle a small bowl of the Gamma Ray Burst chili.No one could. I like my chili as hot as possible.If there ever comes a hotter pepper than the ghost pepper,then I will make the ultimate hot chili-The Big Bang guaranteed to rip your stomach into quarks.

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