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Comment Re:Hey look a Wikipedia article (Score 1) 325

Ok, here you are. I once edited the following article:

It mentions some Bulgarian cities with either very old names or with obvious typos:
Ruschuk - stopped being called this way over a century ago.
Philippopolis - this is the name from Antiquity! It stopped being called this way by the people who live in it at least 10 centuries ago.
Gor Orvakhovitsa - two obvious typos.
Stara Zagoran - one obvious typo.

The source is a badly scanned article from 1958, written by a non-Bulgarian, in English.

Me, being a Bulgarian (and my IP address proves that) decided to fix these. References? Wikipedia itself. The wrong names already point to the Wikipedia articles with the correct names.
Got reverted 10 hours later. The names are wrong to this very day.

Comment Re:Germany should pay war reparations for WWII (Score 1) 743

> How about checking out the bare survival conditions of a lot of Greek citizens?

Well, fuck you.

Average net wage in (FYI: the two countries are neighbours and members of the EU; one is not in the Eurozone):
Greece: 1004 euro
Bulgaria: 356 euro

(the discrepancy in pensions is even bigger)

Have you noticed the 2.82x louder whining coming from Bulgaria? Have you noticed its national debt? No?

Once again: fuck you.

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