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A FreeBSD "Spork" With Touches of NeXT and OS X: NeXTBSD 9

There are a lot of open source operating systems out there; being open source, they lend themselves to forks, clones or near clones, and friendly offshoots. There are even services to let you customize, download, and (if you choose) bulk-install your own OS based on common components. Phoronix notes a new project called NeXTBSD that might turn more heads than most new open source OSes, in part because of the developers behind it, and in part because of the positive thoughts many people have toward the aesthetics of NeXTSTEP and Mac OS X. (And while it might be a fork of FreeBSD, the developers would rather call it a spork, instead.) NeXTBSD was announced last week by Jordan Hubbard and Kip Macy at the Bay Area FreeBSD Users Group (BAFUG). NeXTBSD / FreeBSD X is based on the FreeBSD-CURRENT kernel while adding in Mach IPC, Libdispatch, notifyd, asld, launchd, and other components derived from Apple's open-source code for OS X. The basic launchd/notifyd/asld/libdispatch stack atop their "fork" of FreeBSD is working along with other basic components of their new design. You can watch a recording of the announcement as well as a longer introduction linked from Phoronix's story.

Comment Re:Brought about by the internet? (Score 1) 463

Well, before you start foaming, let's try to find out what these laws entail and how these laws came into existence, shall we?

Germany actually has replaced its "original" Anti-anti-semite law with a more encompassing law against Volksverhetzung. Which is basically an anti-hate crime law. Sounds familiar? Maybe? Just in case it doesn't, you might want to read this.

Austria, on the other hand, didn't bother to invalidate and modernize its Verbotsgesetz. There you still have the original one in effect. It may be a little known fact that after WW2 it was not just Germany alone that was considered the criminal. Austria was in it too. Kinda like the junior partner. And just like Germany it was separated into 4 areas, split up between the four winning Allies, the USA, Soviet Union, England, France.

Another little known fact is that Austria, just like Germany, could not really issue any meaningful laws without the express consent of those "victorious powers". More often than not, laws came into existence on behalf of the four powers.

Austria was occupied from 1945 to 1955. That law came into existence in 1947. Now take a wild guess whose idea it was.

Comment Re: Brought about by the internet? (Score 1) 463

So wars are just some kind of entertainment for you? Because that sure has to be the reason, if you retreat (oh, sorry, "advance in a different direction") without actually getting anything out of it, it sure is a hobby, but not a viable source of income.

Comment Re:BSD is looking better all the time (Score 1) 537

And yet some of the most successful systems are not built that way.

Built what way? I think you misunderstood what I said, so I'll say it again more clearly:
The Unix way is a way to build good systems. You can skip "stringing together commands" and still follow the Unix way.

Comment Re: Germany wants a lot... (Score 1) 463

And people certainly do like banned things; it makes them feel that they're learning some secret information that the powers that be have ulterior motives for concealing.

That's so true.....think how many people got excited about the "establishment" suppressing the truth after the Lancet retracted that vaccine study paper....

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