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by Gaygirlie (#47701725) Attached to: Apple Begins Storing Chinese User Data On Servers In China

How? ON what basis? Apple is not based in China, and there certainly isn't any international law that would compel Apple to do so. You argue:

If they wish to do business in China they have to comply with the Chinese law. It's that simple. I can't for example launch a company here, then start breaking the laws in the US while still being able to do business there. I have no idea why that is so damn difficult for you to understand.

So you really think China would willy-nilly force Apple out of the country, and in the process (because they would have no choice) shut down some of their own largest companies, which make Apple products?

The factories do a lot of parts for a lot of companies, not just Apple. They would not be shut down if they lost Apple, they'd still have plenty of other customers.

You really don't get it. Governments can't just do any old shit they want, and damn the economy. I mean, we know Obama thinks he can, and look at the mess he's made.

The Chinese economy isn't dependant on Apple.

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by Gaygirlie (#47687389) Attached to: Apple Begins Storing Chinese User Data On Servers In China

You still aren't getting it. The whole point here is that unlike Chinese citizens, Apple does not have to ask for permission to store its encryption keys offshore. It can store them anywhere it damned well pleases. And if the Chinese government doesn't like that, well, they can just close down those companies that work for Apple. Which... coincidence? I think not... are some of the largest, most successful businesses in China.

Oh, please, don't be stupid. I never said Apple needs to ask for permission to store keys anywhere, I said the government can come and tell Apple to give access to the data. As for the companies: why would the Chinese shut down other companies when they can shut down Apple themselves? Apple can't conduct business on the Chinese soil unless the Chinese government lets them, so they have no other choice than to do anything the government tells them to. If Apple were to decline the government could stop Apple from selling any devices at all in China, ban all import of Apple-devices, ban all export of parts and devices to Apple, throw any Apple-employees in China in jail for contempt of court and basically ruin Apple as a company since they still totally rely on Chinese import of parts for their devices. Do you really believe that Apple would be willing to ruin themselves like that worldwide, just to spite the government?

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by Gaygirlie (#47683941) Attached to: Apple Begins Storing Chinese User Data On Servers In China

"End users" in China don't want the government to control their information. This is the 21st Century. They're not fucking stupid.

And? The government doesn't need their fucking permission. Do you think the NSA goes around and asks people for permission to mine their data? Why do you think Chinese government would need to do that? As long as Apple wants to conduct business on Chinese soil they gotta play by whatever rules the Chinese lay on them, including giving access to data, and what the end-users want is going to be totally irrelevant.

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by Gaygirlie (#47683819) Attached to: Apple Begins Storing Chinese User Data On Servers In China

However, Apple should be given huge kudos if their claim that they store it encrypted, and that the encryption keys are offshore, is correct. If so, it's a brilliant move. Eat that, China!

No, that's just marketing. They can just order Apple to decrypt the data since Apple has the keys. Their location doesn't matter since the data is in the country already.

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by Gaygirlie (#47669111) Attached to: Gartner: Internet of Things Has Reached Hype Peak

Well, I guess it could be a nice checklist for the PR-people and marketing departments on what buzzwords people are most likely to have heard and which ones to use in advertisements and stuff? I may be totally off the base, but that's at least something I could see the lazier people and departments riding on.

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by Gaygirlie (#47654737) Attached to: Comcast Drops Spurious Fees When Customer Reveals Recording

I don't think Android lets you record phone calls properly. I know there are a few apps that turn on speaker phone and then record all audio from the microphone, but the audio quality sucks. As far as I know, Android never gives access to the audio stream to userland space at all. It's one thing I dislike about it, I've wanted a good call recorder myself on Android, too. My old Nokia N900, running Maemo, does let you record both incoming and outgoing sound and gives you proper recording.

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Do mice get Alzheimer's disease in the wild? This is blatantly fraudulent 'research'.

Cars don't appear in the wild either, yet research has enabled them anyways. That is to say, I do not think you even understand what the word "fraudulent" means.

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by Gaygirlie (#47490521) Attached to: NASA: Lunar Pits and Caves Could House Astronauts

Yep. It'd be in shadow all the time which means it would be perpetually cold. 26 to 35 Kelvin cold.

Space doesn't work like that. Without air to transfer the heat away you're basically living in an environment with really thick insulation at all times and you actually need to find ways of transferring excess heat away, not generating more of it. If you jump out of a space station or space ship without any suit it's not the cold that kills you, it's the pressure. It would actually take a long, long time for you to even reach the point of hypothermia in space, let alone anything worse.

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and I can't swallow apple peels (my throat is fairly sure they're poisonous; they just won't go down)

Sounds familiar. Trying to eat tomato literally makes me spew nearly immediately, I can't stand potato peels, lettuce is both crunchy and soft and tangy and sticks to my mouth and also generates a similar reaction as tomato and so on. It's quite bothersome, I would genuinely like to be able to eat normal food.

Anyway, what if you run the food thru a juicer and then strain it?

That's pretty much the same thing as everyone else has offered. I guess I don't have much choice, but just eating goo doesn't sound terribly appealing. Besides, I have no idea what sorts of stuff goes well with others.

Also, a marked predilection toward sweets should always be investigated for hypothyroidism (which can cause juvenile reactions to other stimuli, too).

Oh, I don't really care that much for sweets. People generally assume that fat people eat sweets and stuff all the time, but I actually buy such stuff rather rarely. I don't really care for cakes, cookies, ice creams or stuff and just a single bag of chocolates can take a week for me to consume. It's the things I drink -- I drink too much soda -- and the fact that I eat lots and lots of just plain fatty food.

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As for the rest of your comment, I'm really not following and beginning to suspect you must be a troll. You want processed food with homogeneous texture, but processing food in such a way to make it have a homogeneous texture "doesn't sound like much of anything worth eating."

I'm not trolling, I'm dead serious. I was specifically saying that goop isn't exciting or enjoyable in the long term. While I do like e.g. mashed potato I do add generally add chicken or chicken balls to go with it and some sauce to give it flavor and I still wouldn't want to eat it often. As for processed food; I do not know if "processed" is the most descriptive term, but I don't really know how to explain it much better. I like pizza, for example, but only with cheese and meat on it -- nothing crunchy, nothing tangy, nothing that's a lot different from the rest in terms of hardness. If the edges of the pizza are crunchy I cut them out and just eat the inner pizza because the crunchy edges feel nasty. I like chicken because most often it's got consistent structure and while I do like the taste of pig I tend to avoid it because it's got these tangy parts here and there, or the sudden splotch of fat. Bread? Not really, it's too dry.

I do also have problems with taste, but less so. I do assume I could train myself to get used to new tastes if I just tried and if only the food came in a form that I found edible. I enjoy garlic, for example, quite immensely, but only if it's in the form of paste or powdery seasoning.

The point is the problem is NOT unsolvable. Even if you only liked to eat some weird textured food that is generally only available in processed stuff, chances are you might be able to make it yourself in a more healthy way by using your own ingredients (under your control) and using only one or two chemical additives to get the special texture effects you desire (something modern chefs are experimenting with).

Oh, I don't assume it's unsolvable. I just don't know where and how to start and what's actually healthy. I mean, just look at all the replies I've gotten here: one person says this is healthy, the next says that is, the third one says both of the previous ones are bad for you and it's those instead that are the healthy foods and so on. Also, I have never ever been interested in cooking and it doesn't come to me naturally. It's easy for people to say "just learn to cook!" when it's one of those things you totally suck at -- not everyone can be good at everything. I posses quite literally zero creativity. I saw a food and nutrition therapist and asked her for help, too, but all she offered was "eat more veggies" and kept repeating that like a parrot -- not a single god damn recipe that I could actually try. Total waste of time.

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What I meant was, you can train yourself to like healthy foods, to the point of craving them. Me, just eating one small burger from McDonald's makes me sick now.

That could be, or it could not be. I don't know. I would need to solve the food texture - issue first and I don't know how. Most what people offer me is "stuff it all in the blender and make it all the same, messy goop." -- doesn't sound like much of anything worth eating.

As for exercising, it make you feel good. It really does. It's a real buzz after an mere half hour of cycling or swimming.

Now you're trying to assert your own feelings and tastes as facts. I do not get any sort of "buzz" after excercise, I do not feel good about it, it just makes me cranky. I have tried in the past, I was once in quite good shape. I just couldn't keep it up because it was a major hassle, unpleasant and being cranky and tired was the opposite of what I wanted to feel like. All of you people who actually enjoy excercise always do the same thing where you assert that it's totally impossible not to like excercising and that everyone, EVERYONE, will feel the same as you about it.

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Because you have by your description got a food phobia.

You're jumping to conclusions. Oversensitivity of mouth and throat is one of the symptoms that some people with Asperger's and it's possible that that's the reason for my issues.

And loading up on vitamin pills is not good either.

Vitamin pills? Why do you assume I'd be using such crap?

The stuff you are eating now is tasteless featureless slop. Not opinion.. Fact.

Yes, because you know what I eat, right? Go on, make a guess. I want to see how close you get.

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