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Comment Re:Extension cable Return - did not reach my toile (Score 1) 105

Personally, I don't put much weight on the return rates at all; a humongous amount of people don't really understand what they're buying, then when they receive the package they realize it's not what they actually intended and then return it -- none of that says anything about the product itself. Warranty repairs, on the other hand, tell a whole lot more about the products themselves.

Comment Before you get your knickers in a bunch (Score 4, Informative) 360

Before you get your knickers in a bunch: this is most likely just a bug, not intentional. Microsoft pulled 1511 temporarily because it thinks it's doing a fresh install of Windows 10 or upgrade from a previous Windows - version instead of just being an update to an already-installed Windows 10 and ends up resetting some settings because of that, and Windows 10, when doing an upgrade from 7/8/8.1, does remove applications it thinks may be incompatible and/or interfere with the upgrade.

Comment Re:The cause of the post-antibiotic future (Score 2) 137

A large scale problem is the over-used of antibiotics in agriculture. Livestock are given antibiotics in their feed as a precaution, and this is still going on on a large scale in most Western countries.

Such use has been illegal in Finland for a long time and as such Finland is, at least in this matter, one of the Good Guys(TM). Unfortunately, it's just a matter of time before the resistant strains spread here, too; we are not helping this problem develop and spread, but as long a single country continues to feed antibiotics to their livestock as a daily routine a resistant strain will sooner or later emerge and spread.

Comment Re:"limited financial capacity" (Score 2) 73

You seem to have misunderstood the whole argument: it's not about needing a huge horde of lawyers to win a case because they can magically come up with the most logical arguments, rather, it's about the one with the larger team and more resources often being able to draw the fight on for so long that you'll incur some severe drop in your financials and even possibly going bankcrupt. The one with limited resources often has no choice but to just accept the other one's demands as they never would have the money to be able to fight the thing to conclusion. Also, court cases rarely come down to the party with the most logical argument winning and instead they often come down to which party can find the most favourable loopholes or past judgements, and for those a larger team is definitely an advantage.

Comment Re:Damnit (Score 1) 311

If Intel jacks up the prices System vendors will just move to ARM.

That's hogwash. Almost *none* of all the available Windows-software is available for ARM, including games -- no chance in hell of people moving to ARM and letting go of all of their software, especially so for gamers and people with specialized software. Basically the only people capable of moving between x86 and ARM are those who only use F/OSS-software.

Comment Re:Damnit (Score 4, Informative) 311

AMD has always been behind Intel in the performance area for most of its life.

Well, there was the Athlon - era where they were sweeping the floors with Intel; the classic Athlons and Athlon XPs were phenomenal CPUs at the time and highly overclockable. It was glorious, but yeah, I think that was pretty much the only time they beat Intel.

Lets hope AMD gets their shit together. As I've said before. The fat lady hasn't sung yet on AMD but she is warming up in the bullpit. Lets hope that as she waddles up on stage AMD pulls a rabbit out of the hat and she falls off the stage into a tuba.

I really, *REALLY* hope they can manage to do it, but.. I just haven't heard any promising news in that regards anywhere. There's quite literally nothing to indicate that AMD has in any way or form stopped digging even further down the hole they are already in. I do dread the day when Intel becomes the sole x86 - vendor and can practically demand whatever they want, do whatever they want and laugh all the way to the bank.

Comment Re:Damnit (Score 4, Insightful) 311

The sooner AMD goes down the toilet, the sooner someone competent takes over, the sooner Intel and Nvidia get competitive again.
At the moment, consumers and society as a whole are suffering from this beating of a dead horse. We need its death accelerated to the whole industry back on its toes again.

Why do you think AMD going bust would magically mean someone new stepping up to the plate? There are effing ginormous obstacles for a start-up to come and compete in the x86-scene, so much so that it's nearly impossible, and if Intel got a monopoly on the market even for a brief moment the situation would become even worse!

No, the better option is that AMD gets their shit together, never giving Intel full monopoly on the x86-market even for a bit.

Comment Re:"It has to be perfect before it'll work" (Score 3, Insightful) 258

Frakly this is BS... I drive a large portion of my day for work (not a trucker, IT guy going to clients.) I run into "diversions or chaning in lane markings" and have to stop and think about what to do at times too! Why should an AI have to understand the intentions of a road worker/civil engineer better than we do before it can be accepted as intelligent?

I'm not seeing anyone in TFA saying it'd have to be better at it than us, just that it'd have to be able to do it at all would be a good start. As things stand autonomous cars are not anywhere near of being capable of doing that on their own.

I will have no clue where I am and will have to basically start driving in one direction (which these cars can do) until I figure out where I am.

No, they can't. That's the whole point here: as long as they rely on GPS and very detailed mappings for navigation they won't be able to do that -- they need to know where they are to be able to start driving at all. The author wasn't saying the car should be able to magically instantly know where it is even when no mappings or GPS was available, just that the car should still be able to try and figure it out -- quite possibly doing the exact thing you suggested and trying to find a roadsign or two. The issue here is that these cars won't know even how to get off the god damn parking lot without GPS and mappings, let alone going out and figuring their own surroundings on their own without some very extensive AI.

Comment Re:Bunch of Lies (Score 1) 163

The wording of the law where people are claiming it would be illegal to modify your own PC, specifically words "dolosamente", which roughly could be translated to "with malicious intent". So yes, the purpose of said law is to criminalize any modifications or alterations to an information system with malicious intent, not wiping your own mobile.

Unless "malicous intent" is very carefully defined in the law then it could mean whatever the government wants it to mean; for example, you installing an adblocker could be construed as "malicious intent" since you'd be deliberately negatively affecting advertising companies' profits. You're very naive if you believe it wouldn't be used for such purposes.

Comment Re:Annoying update process (Score 1) 320

These should all come from a single source and be handled much more like they are handled in Linux distributions or mobile app stores.

I was just thinking to myself earlier today that Microsoft fucked up with their Windows Store. It would be a lot, lot more popular if you could install regular desktop - apps with it, too, and not just Metro - stuff and if it worked more like Linux repositories do -- including handling updating software. I, for one, would like a single tool to use for updating all the installed software instead of a billion separate tools.

Comment Re:You cannot succeed (Score 4, Insightful) 57

That's bullshit. Routers and other kinds of Internet-connected appliances are an extremely popular way of growing out a botnet, and guess what? They don't run Windows. Wordpress is another extremely popular target, and guess what? You can run Wordpress under a whole bunch of different OSes. There are literally tens of thousands of examples out there where Microsoft doesn't play any part except as perhaps the OS on which the vulnerable software runs on, but the same applies to *BSD, Linux and so on -- on general-purpose computers it doesn't matter what the OS is if the vulnerabilities lie in the software that was installed on top of the OS. On appliances, sure, but you can't blame MS for the shit the appliance-manufacturers pull.

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