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Comment Re:Obligatory (Score 2) 668

I think this is a two edged sword. There are times when the venue for airing both sides really does lend more credibility to a topic than it deserves. Major news stations include the young earth creationist minister next to the PhD evolutionary biologist and ask them the same serious questions as if they both had the same likelihood of offering a factual answer.

There is a problem when the venue is so concerned with keeping the controversy alive (and keeping viewers' attention) that they don't tout the 20 years of study and research that one person has done vs. the bible thumping (or paid loyalties) of the other.

Comment Kickbacks? (Score 1) 181

I suspect, with no proof whatsoever, that it isn't completely transparent. They are possibly getting kickbacks of some sort from their whitelisted partners which makes it economically better for them. Obviously the submitter is correct from a purely technical perspective, but money changes the game. T-Mobile customers end up encouraged to use those services which are unlimited so there is value there to Netflix etc. I can believe they would pony up some cash.

Comment Re:At the Pinnacle of the GOP (Score 1) 735

>> Here's why people like Trump: he's honest.

He's enough of a showman to convince some people that he's honest. Every time I see him all I get is the impression that he has carefully crafted his rhetoric to appeal to the baser nature of an apparently large minority of this country. Every time he mentions the bible I cringe because it sounds so calculated. Every time he insults or lies about some easy to target group it sounds so carefully planned to whip up a frenzy. I can't understand how anyone thinks he's being "real" or "honest" except when he's bragging about being a guy who started out rich and got richer. It would be funny if it weren't so scary that people are falling for it.

Comment Re:H1-B program die die die (Score 1) 284

Is the job located in a good area and your pay scale comparable to the cost of living? I've gotten a zillion job listings that are totally nuts... move to San Francisco for a 30% pay raise and a 400% cost of living increase - Yay! Err. No. Good people expect good things. I have no idea the position or pay your company is offering, but don't judge the whole market by your circumstances either.

Comment Re:H1-B program die die die (Score 1) 284

I imagine they would pay what it costs to get work done. They might even have to stop paying their CEOs $20M plus. Allowing companies to create indentured servants is just another way to funnel money from the bottom 99% to the top 1%. If pay scales get crazy, more people will study STEM and normal market processes of supply and demand will bring wages into an equilibrium. Short circuiting the market by bringing in cheap labor under false pretenses is what our gov't representatives are supposed to be protecting us from. Of course they've been bought out on both sides of the aisle and due to vote laziness (and craziness) have no reason to actually pay attention when rubber-stamping the laws they're given by their corporate overlords.

Comment H1-B program die die die (Score 3, Interesting) 284

If there really were a shortage of tech workers, which I don't believe for a moment, the H1-B program is still about indentured servants. They should speed up/open up proper permanent residencies for these people so they come in with all the same rights and expectations of the Americans they are currently displacing. Holding them hostage to one company, training them to work well with Americans and then sending them home to lead off-shored teams is so bad for American workers that it's ridiculous.

Comment Re:Let's start by repealing the 17th Amendment... (Score 1) 233

We have term limits. They go by the fancy name of elections. Sadly, for it to work you have to have an informed and active electorate. I don't support hard term limits for two reasons:

1) They barely care about the people they supposedly represent now. If they know they can only get a term or two, I think they'll care even less. The end result will be an endless parade of the same schmucks we have now who really have no reason to do anything other than what benefits them personally. These people are mostly turned out by a political grinder anyway. The supply of jackasses is pretty much unlimited, so making sure that in each election half the people there don't even have to pretend to be working for their constituents isn't helpful.

2) On the off chance that someone decent and caring does manage to get elected, I don't want them forced out by some blanket law and replaced by one of the aforementioned endless supply of jackasses just because people are too lazy to vote.

It's true what I read a while back that in most elections the real winner is "none of the above" since voter turnout is crap and we are essentially saying we don't like any of them enough to get off our asses and put them in office. We should set a quorum and each election has to be repeated until someone gets an actual majority of the total number of eligible voters in their district/state/country. If on a second try, you still don't get a quorum, all candidates must be replaced by new ones who get to try to motivate people.

At this point, having no-body in office would at least keep them from doing more harm than good.

Comment Re:Leave then (Score 1) 886

The old homophobic argument that somehow being homosexual is similar to being a pedophile. If you can't see the difference between consensual adult activity and taking advantage of a child then the deficiency is yours.

Not that it matters, but being homosexual is also considered to be 'what you are' by folks who study such things scientifically. And even if it was purely a choice, in as much as it's a choice that hurts no one and isn't illegal, public businesses should not discriminate based on it.

Now if a business owner wishes to declare their business closed to the public and open only to select customers based on the owner prejudices then I'm all for it. Make those conditions known up front and let it play out.

Comment Re:Not unambiguously bad (Score 5, Insightful) 318

There was an episode of ST:TOS on this point. Two planets had warring factions and they had managed to reduce it to basically a computer program that simulated attacks and decided who was killed by them. Those people were then supposed to show up to a center to be exterminated. The problem of course was that since there weren't all the hardships of war... famine, disease, destruction etc... it had gone on for ages. Kirk's solution of course was to destroy the computer so they'd either have to fight the old fashioned messy way or actually settle their differences.

Like many of those episodes I think it really did touch on the realities of the human mind. If war becomes too detached, too clean and simple then we will put much less effort into diplomacy. I'm not a pacifist, but I do think war should be a last option. And it should be messy and painful so that we'll try to find ways to end it.

Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 398

I think it says that the social policies were more about puritanism than science. When we make policy based on fear and ignorance instead of any actual evidence of harm then we're bound to have to change our minds as it becomes more and more obvious the policies are stupid. The sad thing is how invested we are in the war on drugs which has clearly made things worse rather than better. Making something forbidden often just makes it more desirable.

Comment Re:Time for men's liberation (Score 1) 369

All I'm saying is that women who are ambitious and career oriented will often forgo having children where men who are that way will look for a wife who isn't.

I'm sure there are many people who bust the stereotypes wide open, but generally speaking it will be assumed that the woman will put her kids first by actually taking off work to do whatever they need where men traditionally are considered to be "taking care of the kids" by working hard to bring home more money. Neither way is particularly fair or universal.

And I'm sure being left behind is no more fun for a man than a woman, but it's hardly a one sided issue. Plenty of women have been left with the kids when the husband seeks greener pastures.

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