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Comment: Re:Leave then (Score 1) 886

by Gavrielkay (#49338799) Attached to: Gen Con Threatens To Leave Indianapolis Over Religious Freedom Bill
The old homophobic argument that somehow being homosexual is similar to being a pedophile. If you can't see the difference between consensual adult activity and taking advantage of a child then the deficiency is yours.

Not that it matters, but being homosexual is also considered to be 'what you are' by folks who study such things scientifically. And even if it was purely a choice, in as much as it's a choice that hurts no one and isn't illegal, public businesses should not discriminate based on it.

Now if a business owner wishes to declare their business closed to the public and open only to select customers based on the owner prejudices then I'm all for it. Make those conditions known up front and let it play out.

Comment: Re:Not unambiguously bad (Score 5, Insightful) 318

There was an episode of ST:TOS on this point. Two planets had warring factions and they had managed to reduce it to basically a computer program that simulated attacks and decided who was killed by them. Those people were then supposed to show up to a center to be exterminated. The problem of course was that since there weren't all the hardships of war... famine, disease, destruction etc... it had gone on for ages. Kirk's solution of course was to destroy the computer so they'd either have to fight the old fashioned messy way or actually settle their differences.

Like many of those episodes I think it really did touch on the realities of the human mind. If war becomes too detached, too clean and simple then we will put much less effort into diplomacy. I'm not a pacifist, but I do think war should be a last option. And it should be messy and painful so that we'll try to find ways to end it.

Comment: Re:WTF (Score 1) 398

I think it says that the social policies were more about puritanism than science. When we make policy based on fear and ignorance instead of any actual evidence of harm then we're bound to have to change our minds as it becomes more and more obvious the policies are stupid. The sad thing is how invested we are in the war on drugs which has clearly made things worse rather than better. Making something forbidden often just makes it more desirable.

Comment: Re:Time for men's liberation (Score 1) 369

by Gavrielkay (#49071573) Attached to: Two New Male Birth Control Chemicals In Advanced Stages
All I'm saying is that women who are ambitious and career oriented will often forgo having children where men who are that way will look for a wife who isn't.

I'm sure there are many people who bust the stereotypes wide open, but generally speaking it will be assumed that the woman will put her kids first by actually taking off work to do whatever they need where men traditionally are considered to be "taking care of the kids" by working hard to bring home more money. Neither way is particularly fair or universal.

And I'm sure being left behind is no more fun for a man than a woman, but it's hardly a one sided issue. Plenty of women have been left with the kids when the husband seeks greener pastures.

Comment: Re:Time for men's liberation (Score 1) 369

by Gavrielkay (#49069415) Attached to: Two New Male Birth Control Chemicals In Advanced Stages
Apparently, only one out of every seven women never has children, so that's pretty good odds for you.

Things are changing, but for now, women bear the brunt of child rearing expectations. That means we are more likely to be expected to make career and life sacrifices in order to have a family. Managers will expect women with children to take off more time for things like doctor's appointments and will (perhaps unwittingly) take that into consideration when doling out promotions etc. Many women are more than happy to make these sacrifices in order to raise children, but a growing number are not so eager.

There are plenty of women who feel the same way you do about starting a family but I guess it doesn't matter since you've "quite literally given up on women." I'd have to say that sentiment wouldn't go very far towards your valuation as a potential father. Raising kids is hard work, sacrifice, expensive and life-long. If you can't even hack the process of finding the person who wants to try to do it with you, what does that say?

Plus, if you think the only difference between sex with another person and with a pie is the potential for children, then you're doing something wrong.

Comment: Re:better than rushing steaming piles of shit. (Score 1) 180

He's doing a slow cash grab. The quality of the books went steadily downhill after the first few and then he split the storylines so that he wasn't even advancing the main plot for the major characters for an entire novel. The story lost so much momentum that I quit buying the books. So, no, not a quick cash grab, just a slow plot to split the story into so many convoluted and pointless books that it's not worth reading any more.

Comment: Re:CA requires commercial licenses for pickup truc (Score 3) 216

IMO, the *real* reason for commercial licenses was the concept that commercial drivers are driving much larger vehicles that require special training/skills to operate safely on the roadways.

I'm pretty sure the real reason is to make more money from licensing people who are in turn making a profit from that license. The gov't could just issue a straight vehicle license and leave it up to the owner of a vehicle to get whatever training is required to operate it safely, but they don't because there's more money to be had from fees on commercial enterprises.

If Uber or Lyft drivers are getting paid to drive passengers around then they should have to follow the same rules as other commercial drivers. Maybe those rules should be changed. Maybe regulations on cab companies are unduly restrictive to limit competition and that should be fixed. But, I don't think a "cab" company that just happens to allow its passengers to find rides using the internet should get a pass on the rules that cab companies with proper dispatchers and fleets have to follow.

If the rules are useless or harmful, change the rules. Don't grant exemptions just because the internet is involved.

Comment: Re:Imagine all the people (Score 1) 514

by Gavrielkay (#48881499) Attached to: Senator Who Calls STEM Shortage a Hoax Appointed To Head Immigration
H1B isn't about being treated equally and assessed solely on qualifications though. If tech companies and the government really wanted that, they would expedite proper green cards to tech workers and have them compete on equal terms with Americans. If there were truly a shortage then they'd be paying higher salaries; instead wages are down. But they're still whining about a shortage. It's pretty transparent.

Comment: Re:Why is lack of male nurses not an issue? (Score 2) 479

by Gavrielkay (#48835103) Attached to: Fighting Tech's Diversity Issues Without Burning Down the System
My guess is that men who show an interest in medicine are pushed to become doctors rather than nurses. Personally, I think more male nurses is great, and more female doctors is great. But I don't think there are fewer male nurses because men are discouraged from the medical field entirely. It is the reverse of women being told that if they insist on wanting to do work in an office they should be a secretary rather than a manager/programmer/network specialist etc. I could also imagine that men who show an interest in education are pushed to become professors rather than say elementary school teachers.

It isn't so much that men are discouraged from fields but made to feel bad if they don't pursue the apex of the chosen field rather than something along the path. Certainly in my own education, I remember the ratio of male teachers increasing as I went through school. Almost no male el-ed teachers, more middle school/high school (esp. in the sciences) and then in college it was predominantly male professors.

Comment: Re:Right Problem, Wrong "Solution" (Score 1) 479

by Gavrielkay (#48834781) Attached to: Fighting Tech's Diversity Issues Without Burning Down the System
I agree with your sentiment. However, I'd fix that particular problem by very noisily firing anyone that I heard say that or act as if they felt that. Yeah yeah, harder than it sounds and all that, but I don't think quotas fix the problem. They mask the issue and give ammunition to idiots who can then tell themselves the woman is only there due to the quota. I'd prefer to make sure that anyone in a hiring position who was caught showing a sexist (agist, racist etc) bias was either fired or removed from the decision making process on new hires. There should be no room for that shit these days.

As a woman in the industry, I don't want anyone looking at me and wondering if I only got my job because someone had to check off a percentage.

Comment: Re:What diversity issue? (Score 1) 479

by Gavrielkay (#48834619) Attached to: Fighting Tech's Diversity Issues Without Burning Down the System
There are many levels where women can be discouraged long before they make it to the interview seat. I was lucky that my parents always told me to do what I liked doing and never tried to steer me into traditional paths, but it does still happen. Teachers and professors may do the same, directly or subtly nudging female students away from STEM studies. Once through school, there really are still plenty of hiring managers that shy away from hiring women - thankfully it's not a high percentage, but I encountered a few.

It isn't a problem just because the ratio isn't 50/50. But it is fair to ask if we are making sure women of all ages know they can and should pursue interests in the STEM fields if they wish to. I feel the same way about encouraging men to follow their hearts into non-traditional fields for them as well. I see no reason why men should ever be discouraged from being teachers or nurses.

Comment: Re:More US workers == offshoring?? (Score 1) 484

by Gavrielkay (#48817111) Attached to: IEEE: New H-1B Bill Will "Help Destroy" US Tech Workforce
The workers may want a green card, but frequently, the businesses that employ them have no intention of sponsoring them. There are businesses that specialize in having Indian workers come here, spend a few years working on an H1B and then go back home to India where they can be employed as "offshored" workers. They have learned our practices and bettered their communication skills and therefore provide cheap but prepared labor in their home country.

If companies really just wanted more tech workers, and not cheaper labor, they'd push for fast tracking them on proper green cards so they could stay indefinitely. The H1B is a means to cycle people through as indentured servants.

I'm sure there are exceptions. I'm sure there are well paid, well qualified H1B workers in this country. But think about it, do you really think companies and our gov't would have concocted the program if what they really wanted was a bunch of permanent tech workers to fix a shortage? Permanent residency would have allowed that already, no new program with a time limit and direct tie to employment was necessary.

Comment: Re:Poor policy, as usual ... (Score 1) 73

I disagree that we send representatives specifically to act out our will. I think more we are supposed to elect people who will make decisions that are good for the whole - at whatever level they are elected to - by devoting their time to learning what is best. No regular citizen with a job and family can be expected to keep track of more than minor issues in their locality. The kinds of decisions that should be made at the federal level for example are more than most people can wrap their heads around. You're supposed to vote for someone you trust to do what you would do if you had all the information available and the time to study it.

What we actually do is vote for whoever tells the most pleasing lies, has the most ad money, follows some arbitrary political party etc. Voter turnout is crap, so all election issues are boiled down to just the hot buttons that can motivate the crazies to go vote. And we end up with a gov't run by people who have no reason to care about good solutions because they'll get re-elected by the same TV consuming wing-nuts who put them in office in the first place.

Comment: Re:Besides the blantant bloodshed... (Score 1) 490

by Gavrielkay (#48776803) Attached to: In Paris, Terrorists Kill 2 More, Take At Least 7 Hostages
Well, it is news. And as a nerd, I am also curious what other nerds think of the matter. The one thing I don't get from other news outlets is a bunch of comments from my fellow nerdy types on what they think of matters in the world. I'm curious how it benefits Slashdot or your fellow nerds to complain about a story showing up here. Surely you'd be better off just not commenting and letting a story die. If you really hate seeing these stories, a complete lack of response would serve better to deter more of them.

But personally, I like to see these here because the commenting is higher quality (the bar isn't very high) than other outlets. Nerds aren't only interested in computers.

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