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Comment Re:NZ? (Score 1) 70

Actually, when I hold the coin in the northern hemisphere it simply slides down and falls off from around the equator. All we need to do for northern launches is allow the rocket to slide along the ocean first and cushion it against the forces involved, which shouldn't be too hard since even a coin manages the trip without damage.

Comment Re:How much will it cost. (Score 1) 396

If an electric car were cheaper than a gas car, I and a lot of other people wouldn't care if I could never charge at home and had to drive to the nearest charging station and leave it there for hours. I know there's one at the library, I could just read a book while I wait.

Comment Re:And that means... (Score 1) 258

The only one of those things Bernie Sanders could possibly do any better is not starting more wars in the middle east. Everything else you mentioned is controlled by congress, and Obama tried to change each of those things but found congress would not let him. Presidents are not dictators.

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