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Comment: Re:another kind of selection bias (Score 1) 69

by Gavagai80 (#49331811) Attached to: Jupiter Destroyed 'Super-Earths' In Our Early Solar System

We're not genuinely looking for other civilizations, because we don't have the capacity to look for that yet. We can listen for what would have to be absurdly strong radio signals, but that's not really looking. We can't even check an exo-Earth's atmosphere for oxygen yet, let alone signs of civilization.

Comment: Re:Your government at work (Score 1) 332

Frequently they're extremely gullible. And many of them are rebel teens who want to lash out. And many of them are just evil -- bound to be a few thousand of those per billion people. It would be interesting to see the age demographics -- how many 50 year olds move to Islamic State, compared to teenagers?

Comment: Re:Your government at work (Score 3, Insightful) 332

Most of the USA does not agree with the American religious right, which is what you are referencing. Most of ISIS does not disagree with ISIS.

Actually most of ISIS disagrees with ISIS much more strongly, since most of them are coerced into joining at gunpoint.

Comment: Re:Plug-ins were scapegoats but now we can't go ba (Score 1) 237

In the old days my browser would crash from java or flash at least once a week, but I can't even remember the last time Chrome or Firefox crashed now. Chrome stays open with dozens of tabs 24/7, the only reason I ever restart it is to get security updates, probably been a year since a crash. If you're getting regular crashes in everything but IE, there's something wrong.

Comment: Re:The real question in my mind... (Score 1) 341

As it happens, my total cost of car ownership has been significantly lower than the $100 monthly buss pass price for the last 5 years. But that's not the point. Many of my trips (and most people's trips) aren't possible without a car, so I have to own the car. As long as I own the car, public transit is prohibitively expensive. If public transit were affordable, people would leave their car at home sometimes.

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