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Comment Re:hyperloop without the hyper or loop (Score 2) 216

The only way that diesel costs half as much as gasoline on a cost/trip basis is if you treat the whacky CA fuels market as the boundaries of your universe, with $2.60/gal reg and $2.40/gal ULSD.

Regular gas is actually $1.95 in California (source: filled up today). Of course, it could easily be $5 again in a year with the right combination of events. Electricity prices are considerably more stable.

Comment Re:I'm confused (Score 1) 419

That's a great approach, in a perfect make-believe world where add-ons are all reliably maintained. In the real world, if you have 10 essential features split up as 10 different add-ons maintained by 10 different people/organizations, you have 10x the chance of one of them breaking in a future update. Being a feature of the core program entails more reliable maintenance. Of course even that can fail sometimes, as in the case of this article where they were unable to find anyone to maintain the feature... but it's still more reliable than add-ons.

Comment Re: Good Video Outlining Technical Challenges (Score 1) 405

The poorer Will likely have to choose between using electric or eating or medical care which might reduce population too.

If you're poor (source: am poor), it's easy to keep your electricity bill around $25 a month. Show me a medical bill within an order of magnitude of that.

It's the wealthy who really have to worry about electricity prices, because they can afford large houses and energy-guzzling appliances. Tiered rates play a role too of course.

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