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Comment Re:Please put the word "space" in quotes (Score 1) 114

The Falcon 1 reached orbit with 1/9 the engines of the Falcon 9, and isn't useful as a first stage because the weight changes so much when you have more stages/cargo/engines. So New Shepherd being considerably less powerful than Falcon 1 could never be a first stage. Maybe it could be a second stage.

Comment Re:Roll your own (Score 1) 464

Most people want to live where their family and friends are, where they've lived their whole life and know their way around and feel comfortable and secure and don't have to start from scratch. Almost nothing will move them. People who like to move around, while increasingly common, are still the exception rather than the rule.

Comment Re:Another example (Score 5, Insightful) 728

Local terrorism in Iraq/Syria and the region is very effective, as terrorism feeds extremism. It can destabilize the government and help create the kind of power vacuum that inevitably leads to the most brutal group (presumably the terrorists) being the only ones capable of maintaining discipline and restoring order. In a situation like Iraq or Syria, moderates have the majority behind them but their fractured nature makes them inadequate once a civil war has turned to many-sided brutality -- moderates just aren't good enough at brutality to win at that game, and their soldiers hear the brutal stories and run away from their posts in fear.

Without 9/11 there would probably be no Islamic State, so clearly they can accomplish a lot with remote terrorism as well. It can draw a country into helping destabilize a region where the terrorists can take advantage of the chaos. It's also always useful to make your enemy panic and devote their resources to trying to defend against the indefensible. And if IS can make enough panicked westerners blame and shun Muslims, the shunned outcasts become much easier to recruit.

Comment Re:I suppose (Score 1) 488

New borders along ethnic lines would make a lot of sense, but probably lead to a lot of unpleasant ethnic cleansing in mixed towns along the borders which nobody really has the stomach for (see the disintegration of yugoslavia). Though at this point probably nothing can be more brutal than the status quo.

Comment Re:Google lacks focus, leadership and commitment (Score 1) 43

Besides the most popular search engine, the most popular phone and tablet operating system, the most popular web browser, the most popular online office suite, the most popular maps service, and the most popular email service, and a few dozen other products that serve a niche well but don't dominate their market, what has google ever succeeded at?

Comment Re:Last quarter mile navigation (Score 1) 258

The real killer for adoption is going to be the couple minutes you have to spend punching in a destination before you get going. We are so used to just getting in and going where we want that such delays will be very frustrating for short trips.

People already spend a couple minutes punching in a destination on their phone / gps to get directions. Add a "send to my car" button on the phone, problem solved. Frequent destinations can be saved as favorites and assigned a number or letter to start in one keypress.

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