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Comment: Re: Eliminate all tax withholding (Score 1) 291

Possibly if this individual has a bunch of kids they get enough credits, otherwise no. If you include social security taxes, then individuals making as little as a few thousand a year pay taxes -- if you exclude that, then you have to make about $12,000 before you start paying federal income tax. California state income tax kicks in around $18,000 if I recall. And sales taxes affect everybody.

Comment: Re:How about import duties? (Score 1) 291

If you stress yourself into a bunch of medical problems working 60 hour weeks, you end up costing more money. Perhaps it's good to encourage people to work smarter not harder. In general, when they're the same number of hours, higher paying jobs are actually less stressful than entry level jobs -- so people have non-financial incentive to move up.

Comment: Re:females operate on emotion, not logic (Score 2) 441

While I agree that domestic violence is a bigger problem for women and am not supported the grandparent poster, I think the higher arrest rates are likely to be a function of men only reporting the more severe incidents to the police due to the humiliation/emasculation factor. If men wait to only call the police when they have visible bruises/cuts, that makes it a lot more likely that the police visit will result in an arrest than when there's no readily obvious physical evidence. This is likely a factor in why 62% of female perpetrators were only reported once as well.

Comment: Re:Economy (Score 1) 247

by Gavagai80 (#49756341) Attached to: California Votes To Ban Microbeads

You've probably been in a prolonged coma. because the budget deficit problem was solved many years ago. Even when it was a problem, it was a problem because only because a combination of laws and court rulings requiring certain amounts of money to be spent on things while simultaneously forbidding (or making impractical by need for 2/3 public vote etc) most ways to collect revenue to pay for it.

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