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Comment Compared to the International Space Station (Score 1) 76

What can they hope to learn from this that they haven't/can't learn from the ISS? Scott Kelly is currently spending a year in space on the ISS, and many astronauts spend months together up there. So what's being tested in the ground experiment? Internet deprivation and delayed contact with control?

Comment Re:Cost (Score 4, Insightful) 175

There's still going to be homeless people with dogs in SF, so you've still got to clean it up. The DNA fines may make the job more manageable though.

Also, what about people who own horses? I see horse manure on the streets not infrequently, and it's a lot worse than dog.

Comment Re: Meet the new guy (Score 1) 393

If an ID is going to be required to vote, the ID needs to be free and easy. Otherwise it's a poll tax -- many homeless beggars are citizens who deserve equal representation but they're unlikely to spend $10 to be able to vote. Making the non-driver ID free and easy is a good idea, of course, so why not focus on that before we talk about requiring it to vote?

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