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Comment: Re:I created a simple PHP script to solve that (Score 1) 235 235

The reason people like getting an email with their password when they register is that they can search and find that email again later. Why would they want to see their password one time right after registering? Why not just not show it and not email it if you're not going to provide the convenience of a saved record?

Comment: Re:Build colonies on Earth (Score 2) 237 237

Better to have all your eggs in one basket than to throw your eggs on the floor.

If survival of the human race in case of catastrophe on earth were the goal, building underground bunkers or underwater would be the sensible course of action. You could much more easily survive deep under the earth even in the event of huge asteroid impact that kills the entire surface population, compared to surviving on Mars or Venus.

Comment: Re:This is not news... (Score 2) 328 328

Let's say you've moved into an apartment because it was close to your work. Every time they come over for quarterly inspections or to fix an issue you've reported, they mess up your toilet so it'll overflow next time you use it - unless you remember to specifically opt-out by asking them not to do that.

Comment: Re:The problem is that landfills are too cheap (Score 4, Insightful) 371 371

I'm a few blocks from the county dump. Across the street from the dump there's a large undeveloped foresty area.... which is covered in trash and furniture and such that people have dumped there because they don't want to pay the county dump to take their stuff. So I'd say the cost of landfills for consumers is far too high -- it needs to be free, like it is with e-waste, if we want to avoid people dumping everywhere (and not have a police state).

A more reasonable solution would be to encourage people to get all their trash and recyclables to a central point by making it free, and then pay whatever we have to as a community via taxes to process it for recycling or disposal. We'd get a much cleaner world that way than we get by pretending we can make everybody responsible.

Comment: Re:Reasons why I don't like Musk's hyper loop (Score 1) 124 124

Claustrophobia has nothing to do with seat size. Imagine a failure mode where the power goes off, the screens die and all movement stops. And the only way to get out is someone on the outside with a power saw.

Imagine a present where every major building has a transportation device that crams a bunch of people into a tiny space, and has a failure mode where the power goes off, the lights go out and all movement stops. And everybody inside is trapped between floors with no personal space until rescued. Oh the claustrophobia! They're called elevators. I'm not a fan of them, but they seem to have caught on pretty well the last century or so.

UNIX enhancements aren't.