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Submission + - Who's right about climate change?

Gauchito writes: I've been following news about global warming/climate change for several months now, ever since I noticed the increased amount of record weather events and noticing some local peculiar weather myself. I've been an avid reader of and On the latter site, the most recent news article refers to this incredibly disturbing report about the current climate situation and how even our most ambitious current plans fall far short of what's required to prevent a catastrophe.

I would like to know the slashdot community's opinion on the urgency of the situation. I was personally hopeful that the rising awareness would be enough for us to handle the problem appropriately, but with so many opinions about it floating around the web, it's hard to determine who's more in the right and who's simply being an alarmist. This is, after all, the site of "stuff that matters", and what matters more than this these days?
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Submission + - Coping with climate change

Gauchito writes: Although the worst effects haven't been felt yet, the new IPCC report clearly states that we can all expect a severe climatic catastrophe soon. The amazing inability of people to agree on the problem and on action is depressing. All this leads me to believe that catastrophic climate change is unavoidable, and will probably happen quicker than scientists currently believe (they seem to be finding more positive feedbacks than mitigating ones). With all that in mind, how are you preparing for the changes to come? How are you preparing your kids? What does the fraction of mankind that stands a chance of surviving the change have to do to continue in an unrecognizable planet?

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