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Comment: Re:Humor? Entertainment? (Score 1) 1654

by Gattman01 (#26470433) Attached to: Woman Claims Ubuntu Kept Her From Online Classes

According to the story she somehow accidentally ordered the laptop with Ubuntu. I am not sure how she managed that because I have to *search* Dell's site to find their Linux offerings, but I digress and that is irrelevant anyway.

1) Go to
2) Choose "Laptops" under the "For Home" menu
3) Choose "Less than $700" under "Price" on the left hand side.
4) Click on the first result, "Inspiron Mini 9n"
5) Order the cheapest laptop
6) Ignore the second line of the specs, "Ubuntu Linux version 8.04.1"

If someone just wanted the cheapest laptop, they could easily order it on accident.

But I agree with you that she's at fault for not trying to use it.


+ - Nuclear Power: Too Hot to Handle?

Submitted by miketheanimal
miketheanimal (914328) writes "The Oxford Research Group have published a report arguing that Nuclear Power is incapable of providing anything like enough generating capacity to have any useful effect on greenhouse emissions. In their report /briefing_papers/toohottothandle.php they argue that there is no way that the nuclear industry can build anywhere near the number of reactors needed; that even if they could then the global supply of suitable Uranium is limited to around 25 years, at which point it would be necessary to build Plutonium producing breeder reactors; and that most of the expected 50% increase in electricity needed over the next half-century is in the developing world (ie., in countries you might not want to have nuclear reactors).

What do SlashDoters think? Realism in the face of a nuclear whitewash? Green propaganda from the environmentalists? Global warming is a load of rubbish so it doesn't matter a jot?"

"Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company." -- Mark Twain