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Data Storage

Journal Gat0r30y's Journal: Deluxe Notebook Drives... 160G Has Never Been Sexier!

Tom's Hardware is running a comparison here [Tom's Hardware] of three Notebook HDD's. Fujitsu's MHW2 BH Series, Seagate's Momentus 7200.2 and Toshiba's MK1637GSX. All 160G's but available at other capacities as well. Seagate comes out the clear winner, mostly due to the advantage of 7200 RPM (vs. 5400 for Fujitsu and Toshiba) and it's ability to utilize SATA/300 to it's full potential, beating the competition into submission on every benchmark except energy consumption. FTA...

In addition, the 7200.2 comes with Seagate's new free fall sensor called G-Force Protection, it offers a wider operating temperature range, and comes with a comforting five year manufacturer's warranty. The 7200.2 also is one of the most expensive notebook hard drives, at $240. In contrast, we found the Fujitsu drive for as little as $140, and Toshiba's 160 GB product is available for only $120. Seagate wins, but it makes its product hardly affordable, which I guess makes the decision a bit more difficult.

Is it wrong to think HDD's are Sexy? They sure are a great place to store all that pr0n [CNN Money].

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Deluxe Notebook Drives... 160G Has Never Been Sexier!

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