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Comment: Re:Think About It This Way (Score 1) 656

by Gastropod_ca (#43878681) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Important Is Advanced Math In a CS Degree?

In my very first university math class, a student asked if a computer science student will use this math in real life.

The professor said something like "probably not"... but then went on to explain that one of the greatest things about math is that is teaches you how to solve problems. Problem solving is a great job skill to have.

Comment: Re:Why TekSavvy? (Score 5, Informative) 172

I've been a TekSavvy customer for a few months now (they only recently came to our area). I appreciate them for introducing a little bit of competition in Canada. I also appreciate that they fight for your digital rights. The reason I switched to TekSavvy was because I watched their CEO participate in discussions on TV Ontario's "The Agenda" and CBC about digital rights and competition. When I switched from Rogers(our cable monopoly internet provider), Rogers offered me a rate that was 1/2 of what I was paying and double the bandwidth. It was even lower than TekSavvy's rates but I switched anyways. You would never get such a deal if TekSavvy didn't exist. The switch was difficult because Rogers cut the cable line rather than transfer it to TekSavvy... but I'm finally off of the mega giant known as Roger's. I'm glad TekSavvy is publicizing these legal threats, it reminds me why I switched.

Comment: Re:Nova (Score 2, Insightful) 488

by Gastropod_ca (#17296046) Attached to: Your favorite science TV show
I love that I learn things from Nova.

Almost every episode of Nova, I go through the same cycle.
- The episode starts and it appears to be on a topic that looks really boring
- I watch it anyways because I am too lazy to change the channel.
- Before I know it, the subject becomes more more interesting than I thought it possibly could have.
- By the end my brain is saying "OMG!"

Some examples,
- They did an episode on close calls for Nuclear War. I thought, "This will be boring, we all know about the Cuban missle crisis." Then I learn there has been many other close calls, including a poorly launched rocket for a satelite that caused the Russians to get out the big red button, because it had a path heading directly for Moscow.
- They did a series on String Theory, which I had never even heard of until that point. An abstract physics concept like that you would think is boring, but they explain it in an interesting way so that even a dumby dumb like me gets the idea.
- They did a show on "The Dimming Effect". I thought, "This will be boring, it's just another green house gas story". Then I learn, that the amount of polution in our hair has dimmed the sunlight and in effect reduced temperatures. So it was sort of balancing the global warming somewhat. Now, the air polution is getting cleaned up a bit, and people are worried that cleaner air will cause the global warming to get really bad. So my brain goes "OMG!"

I hope there are lots of high school kids out there that watch this show. I think it will create more smart cookies, which Nova can interview in 20 years about their theories and inventions.

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