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Comment Re:Macs are still pretty... (Score 1) 241

I feel your pain. It's getting harder and harder for me to justify the purchase of a new desktop Mac. I've had Macs since 1987 (my SE/30 is in the corner gathering yellow) and have enjoyed the ride. While I understand the need for Apple's laptops (especially the Air) to be cramma-packed with glued in components that are nigh impossible to repair/replace, I cannot abide the same in a desktop unit. Users should be easily able to, at a minimum, replace their hard drives (ssd or traditional). If that means they are a bit thicker to allow for the access panel, so be it. If I need to bring my computer in for repair I want to be in charge of my data. While our company has spent roughly $50k on Apple products over the past 15 years my next Mac just might be a Hackintosh for a greener, more open solution.


Comment My $80 App-Store Accident (Score 1) 408

I updated my system software and browsed the store earlier this morning. I found and purchased a couple games (Flight Control HD is great with a tablet!) and a really useful utility (Find Any File -- it can search within a file name, unlike OSX's find). As I was looking over some of the other selections, I inadvertently clicked on on of the sidebars, where Apple Remote Desktop ($79.99) was listed. There is no warning if you click on the Buy button -- the application was downloaded, installed, and charged to my account faster than I could say, "Noooooooooooooooo!"

I have an email into Apple Support, I am hoping they will refund the transaction (I haven't even opened the application once), but who knows... I mentioned in my email that you ought to get a popup or screen indicating that something pricey was about to happen.

Be careful where you click.


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