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Comment: Re:Easy one. (Score 1) 374

Why would you go for that when the Toshiba SCS-T160 [amazon.com] is far cheaper and can be installed in a US home [instructables.com] for $30 in parts (excluding the electrical outlet)?

I rarely use the water spray, but the heated seat and no-slam lid are very nice.

Wait, a heated seat? You're supposed to sit on them?

Then how do you wash out your socks and undies?

Comment: Re:Happy Times (Score 4, Funny) 98

by PopeRatzo (#49833115) Attached to: Fallout 4 Announced

Why dont you just go listen to Ella Fitzgerald and/or the Ink Spots instead of waiting for them to compile those songs onto "their" soundtrack o.0

I do listen to Ella Fitzgerald and the Ink Spots. However, there is a special charm to listening to them armed with a mini-gun in a poisonous, radioactive wasteland with a dog as my companion while fighting giant spiders.

Though, I suppose I could always just move to West Texas. Same difference.

Comment: Happy Times (Score 1) 98

by PopeRatzo (#49832659) Attached to: Fallout 4 Announced

I just hope Bethesda takes as much care with the music in Fallout 4.


Wish on the moon
And look for the gold in a rainbow
And you’ll find a happy time

You’ll hear a tune
That lives in the heart of a bluebird
And you’ll find a happy time

Though things may look very dark
Your dream is not in vein
For when do you find the rainbow?
Only after rain

So wish on the moon
And someday it may be tomorrow
You will suddenly hear chimes
And you’ll have your happy, happy time

So wish on the moon
And someday it may be tomorrow
You will suddenly hear chimes
And you’ll have your happy, happy time.

Comment: Re:structuring to hide crimes or using your money (Score 4, Interesting) 334

by Rei (#49832139) Attached to: Why Is It a Crime For Dennis Hastert To Evade Government Scrutiny?

Did you read what I wrote? The fact that he tried to hide what he did with his money is not a crime. Your pointing this out means nothing as I made the exact same comment. But it is a simple fact that making suspicious financial transactions triggers investigations, as they should. The police can and should investigate when it looks like people are trying to launder money. And then he made false statements to the police during the investigation, which is a crime. You never have the right to lie to the police, even if you feel you've done nothing wrong.

It's his bed that he's made and he has to lie in it.

The stupid thing is all he had to do was plead the fifth. Which any lawyer would have advised him to do. But he was so concerned with trying to sweep this thing under the rug that he didn't want to do anything that might make it look like he had something to hide and decided that lying to the police was the best option.

Comment: Re:My lawn (Score 1) 374

Be careful with water. Don't get me wrong, I plan to incorporate water features into my house. But humidity has profoundly negative effects on many aspects of housing, from the walls to your furniture to your books and so forth, and a water feature with inadequate circulation is a good recipe for high humidity. In a bad case (as a plant nut I've had this happen), in a cold winter it can make its way through the ceiling and the insulation and freeze out on the roof, and then when it warms up melt back into your house.

Water can be nice, but don't skimp on the ventilation! :)

Comment: Re:Retractable Outlets (Score 1) 374

I saw a somewhat related concept that was sort of cool for the kitchen where there were large drawers with outlets. The concept was that instead of having to choose between too many appliances on the countertops, or having to get out and plug in your appliances on the countertop everytime you want to use them, you could just leave your appliances plugged in and pull them out just by opening the drawer, all ready to use.

Comment: Re:Future proofing (Score 2) 374


I'm in the early stages of building an underground steampunk cave home, and "futureproofing" is one of my design principles. I'm going with a very open floor plan, on the concept that it's easier for people to add in walls than to take out walls that were never designed to be removed (and may consequently be providing structural support). I'm not including any drywall; the exterior walls, a pozzolonic concrete, will be pressure-washed to remove the cement from the surface, exposing the aggregate. All piping / conduits will not only be visible, but shown off as part of the style (as is typical for steampunk). If someone wants to change something that they can't just feed into an existing conduit, they won't have to rip out the drywall, change what they want to change, reinstall the drywall, and then repaint. Plus, there can be no "critters" living in the crawlspace when there is no crawlspace.

Even if I never want to change the house, I want it to significantly outlive me, and whatever future owners are around may want to change things. Plus, it's kind of fun when you keep future owners in mind. For example, I plan to paint a really creepy, gigantic (meters across) blood-red sigil underneath the flooring - an inverse of the ægishjálmur (protection against all evil), pointing inwards as if to trap evil in, with some runic writing along the lines of "All May Enter, None May Leave" (hopefully my Old Icelandic is passable :) ). I hope that whoever owns the house after me and decides to redo the flooring gets a kick out of that one. ;)

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