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Wireless Networking

French Woman Gets €800/month For Electromagnetic-Field 'Disability' 456

An anonymous reader writes: If you were dismayed to hear Tuesday's news that a school is being sued over Wi-Fi sickness, you might be even more disappointed in a recent verdict by the French judicial system. A court based in Toulouse has awarded a disability claim of €800 (~$898) per month for three years over a 39-year-old woman's "hypersensitivity to electromagnetic waves." Robin Des Toits, an organization that campaigns for "sufferers" of this malady, was pleased: "We can no longer say that it is a psychiatric illness." (Actually, we can and will.) The woman has been living in a remote part of France's south-west mountains with no electricity around. She claims to be affected by common gadgets like cellphones.

Comment Re: Idiocy. (Score 1) 394

Not all employees are assembly line workers. Often there are ad-hoc / one off tasks that nobody has foreseen because nobody understands the need like a user. ( maybe nobody even knows of the need but that one user who needs to do something. )

Overly restrictive policies make it impossible to do things better.

Remember computers are for users, not their admin staff. Locking users out of their machines turns them into paperweights.

Comment Re:Actually the Niskanen Center is Libertarian. (Score 1) 414

We're basically another meatbag like lions and hyenas or apes or whatever noodling around. And humans have been to the moon.

Being outwardly violent does not always inflict the maximum violence, and usually the most underhanded thing to do is socially acceptable.

Communism is for families. and anarchy is always the state of affairs no matter what the regime.

Comment Re:BULL (Score 1) 414

. I make [stuff] because others exploited the opportunities of [stuff[

You fill your niche, but the niches filled by others denies your offspring the chance to someday fill them.

If opportunity is your bag, you want to be Adam or Eve.

And while almost nothing has been fully explored, the Earth is one of those things that has been.

Comment Re:Actually the Niskanen Center is Libertarian. (Score 1) 414

I have been and always will be a small l libertarian, but I am fed up with Rothbardian capital L Libertarians. Non aggression principle/Non-initiation of force is the axiom their whole ideology is built on, and it's wrong. Life is lions and hyenas on the Discovery channel.

You can tear apart these people in a debate like so much paper if you don't buy into NAP.

It's fun.

Property IS theft AND there's nothing wrong with theft.

It blows their minds.

If I have not seen so far it is because I stood in giant's footsteps.