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+ - Samoa and Tokelau skip Friday, 30th Dec as Date Li->

Submitted by
GarethSwan writes "The tiny Pacific islands of Samoa and Tokelau have skipped over Friday, 30th December 2011 as they realign the International Date Line to the east in a bid to improve trade ties with neighbouring countries such as Australia and New Zealand, The islands have decided to make the change as conducting business across the IDL was becoming increasingly difficult, especially for the tourist industry. They will now be the first to ring in the New Year instead of the last."
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Comment: Admins not adopting IPv6 (Score 1) 102

by GarethSwan (#27423907) Attached to: IPv6 Over Social Networks
I don't care how much "publicity" they throw at IPv6, if the actual network admins don't adopt it, it will not go anywhere fast.

I know, for my company at least, we don't want it because it not as intuitive as IPv4. AND the users already know how to use the "192.168. ... " terminology. To try to teach a user IPv6 is the same as trying to get them to take their heads out of their arses !!!

Comment: Switching from one computer to another. (Score 1) 432

by GarethSwan (#27393037) Attached to: I typically stick with the same desktop environment
I have 2 totally different computers on my desk and I switch between them constantly using a KVM switch.
I have an Ubuntu desktop that I use for my "administrative" tasks - rdp, ssh, telnet, ftp, bittorrent, etc. And I have a MacBook Pro that I use for the rest of the stuff I have to do - IM, VMWare Fusion, etc. I browse from both & from my Windows VM depending what site I want to hit.

OSes & desktops are just tools to get the job done. You need to decide which one is best for you.

All the simple programs have been written.