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Comment: Re:Highlander III did it already... (Score 1) 421

by GameboyRMH (#49113533) Attached to: What If We Lost the Sky?

You're absolutely correct (except perhaps about the Eemian period not being catastrophic - 13+ft of sea level rise would be nothing to scoff at today!), but none of these facts should rule out making changes to keep the climate in a state that works for our civilization.

We'll probably never have a "good stable state," we'll have to keep making intentional climate alterations constantly in the future - as the population increases, a "good" state will be more and more narrowly defined as well. We can't let the planet's temperature vary anymore, not due to man-made causes today or any natural ones in the future. We have to keep watching the thermostat from now on or it's going to get ugly.

Keep in mind that we're really really good at warming the climate, so we won't fall into another ice age easily.

Comment: Re:Highlander III did it already... (Score 1) 421

by GameboyRMH (#49111529) Attached to: What If We Lost the Sky?

Nothing that mankind has control over is more likely to cause mass death than continuing to contribute to climate change, except for maybe starting a nuclear MAD scenario, so any death enthusiasts using green energy to get their jollies are going to be sorely disappointed.

Their best bet might be waiting for someone to fall from a solar or wind installation, and they could be waiting a long time...they'd be better off waiting by the Golden Gate bridge.

Comment: Re:FINALLY (Score 1) 36

by GameboyRMH (#49079757) Attached to: Storing Data In Synthetic Fossils

I've found that the best way to back up a video is to upload it to Youtube and use the CC license option. A million other accounts will quickly re-host the video with paid advertising on them.

Long into the future, when alien archaeologists are trying to piece together knowledge on the civilization that used to exist on this planet and haven't even figured out any of our languages yet, my little GoPro sports videos will persist.

Comment: Re:Ask Japan... (Score 4, Informative) 309

by GameboyRMH (#49019455) Attached to: The IPCC's Shifting Position On Nuclear Energy

1 with a modern reactor?

So far we've had a partial meltdown that hurt nobody, an "accident" so cartoonishly stupid that it should more accurately be called insider sabotage, and an outdated reactor that was hit with multiple extreme natural disasters simultaneously.

These emotional knee-jerk reactions from Japan, Germany and others are counterproductive and could hurt financially if any kind of global carbon-trading scheme is put in place. Besides, I prefer my nuclear waste nice and contained rather than flowing continuously from the smokestack of a coal power plant.

Comment: Protections you say? (Score 1) 100

by GameboyRMH (#49018865) Attached to: Report: Automakers Fail To Fully Protect Against Hacking

He also asked what protections have been provided to ensure that information computers gather and often transmit wirelessly isn't used in a harmful or invasive manner."

Same as in the tech industry - somewhere between "absolutely none" and "we intentionally use it in a harmful or invasive manner, that's our business model...and the NSA demands access too."

Oh, so there you are!