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Comment Re:So (Score 2) 156

I work in marketing, and have paid for "advertorials" many times. The most effective ads are ones not marked as advertisements. I don't see any problem with this, it's way more common than you think.

Now you see, that's because you're an abominable monster. Humans have this mental construct called a "sense of honesty" which makes them feel offense at this kind of activity.

Comment Re:Economy == Black Magic (Score 2) 153

Actually the broken clock is the correct analogy here. Austrian economics predicts a crash not quite constantly, but under a certain set of conditions which very commonly exists - including a lead-up to the '08 recession, and right now. Their predictions that economies are sure to melt down "any minute now" are rarely correct.

Comment Re:Economy == Black Magic (Score 1) 153

And a broken clock is right twice a day.

Economics really is just political debate using numbers, and much of the trouble in the world comes from people using economists' opinions for anything beyond entertainment value. People are going to look back on today's economists the way we look back at alchemists.

Comment Re:Well, that's embarrassing (Score 1) 616

Karma? Well, sure... We call it human nature and awareness. It's obviously not going to follow me into a new life, I don't see how a star can be subjected to karma anyhow.

Karma that has effects within a person's lifetime is "pop-culture Karma" as seen on "my name is Earl," and it could theoretically be scientifically disproven. Personally I'm sure it would be.

The religious definitions of Karma, as far as I'm aware, only have effects in the "next life" and are therefore untestable just like the invisible pink unicorn.

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