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Comment: Re:I'm shocked! (Score 2) 273

Actually I'm surprised at this. This is one of those few things that were worse than I expected, along with the NSA sabotaging NIST standards, treating all Linux users, cipherpunks and privacy advocates as extremists, and targeting human rights organizations.

80% of all calls in the US!? This is madness. This is computer-powered McCarthyism on crack.

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I thought it was common knowledge, ask any admin of a network with 100ft+ lines running between buildings. The gear connected to them often fries when solar flares hit. Sometimes it happens so reliably that they have a procedure to disconnect the lines when a solar flare is coming.

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by GameboyRMH (#47417893) Attached to: Blueprints For Taming the Climate Crisis

With computers it's better yet to use a phone or tablet instead of opening a laptop.

A big one is to turn your cable box off when you're not using it. Ever notice how bloody hot most of them get? It's because they're horrendous power guzzlers. People who aren't nerdy enough to program universal remotes properly just turn off the TV itself when walking away, leaving the cable box to run like a little electric space heater.

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