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Comment: Re:Tesla Scam (Score 0) 351

That makes a lot of sense. I've always wondered why Tesla likes to spend so much money on technologies that are Tesla-specific and have only fleeting usefulness...if they can turn them into government credits, they suddenly make sense.

I wouldn't be surprised if the battery swap stations do indeed work, but I'm sure the demand for them is tiny now and will be nonexistent in a few years.

Comment: Right conclusion, wrong reason (Score 1) 306

Kids don't need to be taught to code - not because they're too young to learn (I was coding since I was maybe 10 years old?) but because there's already a glut of coders in the workforce. The shortage was a now well-understood hoax made by a few US tech companies who employ coders.

Comment: Re:This is why adultery is wrong (Score 2) 173

Agreed. A while ago there was a big stink kicked up locally because a government official's mistress was about to fly in but his wife found out and was going to catch her, so he called the customs officials and had the mistress held at the airport and then deported to keep his affair under wraps (or at least keep the wife and mistress from meeting). The mistress had no idea why she was being held at the time. Officially it just looks like she was held and deported for no good reason at best - or profiling at worst.

Of course in a small community, it's not in the news even though everybody knows it, on paper it's "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil."

Comment: Hope you like coding everything in assembly (Score 1) 175

I can't imagine this OS has anything resembling libraries or runtimes on of those cheapass modems you can telnet into will seem luxurious in comparison. How much need will there be for an OS like this in the future when you can already run a full desktop OS on a $25 single-board computer?

Comment: Re:Been Done (Score 1) 77

by GameboyRMH (#49745941) Attached to: New Chrome Extension Uses Sound To Share URLs Between Devices

There's no way to initially cross an airgap with sound, you'd have to first infect the computer with the software needed to communicate with sound via some other means, and then you could use sound to establish a connection to a computer that's believed to be airgapped.

If technology like this is included with an OS by default, and it doesn't require user action to allow data to be received and approved before taking any action with it (I'm looking at you, phones with NFC), that could change.

Comment: Re:Don't worry (Score 1) 609

by GameboyRMH (#49728427) Attached to: The Demographic Future of America's Political Parties

You assume that not being officially poor means you're doing OK - it doesn't. In fact, a single person can make as little as $11k per year, and a couple as little as $15k without being categorized as poor in the US:

That's not the kind of money that could make people think the Republicans might better serve their interests. And for the purpose of this argument (at least), it doesn't matter if poor Americans aren't starving like poor Chinese or Brazilians - they're not making good money:

You're obviously doing quite well for yourself though, if you think this is a planning and budgeting problem.

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