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Submission + - NaCl Apps hit the Chrome Web Store (

GameGod0 writes: "Need something to show off Chrome 14's new Native Client support? Oscillicious Audio Labs have just released the first Native Client app in the Chrome Web Store, which runs a synthesizer (written in C++) in your browser. The NaCl platform provides higher performance and lower latencies than Adobe Flash, making it an appealing platform for audio software developers."

Submission + - Ford Releases SDK For Sync Apps (

thecarchik writes: Ford has announced the release of a software develoment kit (SDK) for the Sync system. Along with the SDK came news that Ford is also developing an application programming interface (API), which will facilitate and standardize the interaction between Sync and the various apps built for it. According to, the API will ultimately allow developers to:
1. Create a voice UI for your application using the in-vehicle speech recognition system.
2. Write information to the radio head display or in-vehicle touchscreen
3. Speak text using text-to-speech engine.
4. Use the in-vehicle menu system to provide commands or options for your mobile application
5. Get button presses from the radio and steering wheel controls.
6. Receive vehicle data (speed, GPS location, fuel economy, etc.)

Comment Re:CDNs are cheap, NAT makes it hard (Score 1) 591

CDNs are cheap?

I run an open source project that requires 1 TB of bandwidth monthly just to serve our downloads.

Can you show me a CDN that costs less than $100/mo for this kind of bandwidth? With our current rate of donations, we couldn't even cover that.

On a related note, we had our downloads server go down a few months ago, and I temporarily put up a torrent in place. Serving our downloads by BitTorrent was so easy and effective, I would gladly use it as our primary or only distribution method if A) there wasn't a perceived stigma against it being illegitimate in some way and B) it was bonehead easy to use and built into browsers, like someone mentioned earlier in the comments here.

Comment Assertion Failed: "Popular Music" (Score 3, Insightful) 228

Jamendo and Magnatune are great for finding popular music?

Seeing as I'm pressed to find any Top 40 tracks on either website, I would say that they're good for finding obscure music.

(And so we're staying on topic here: I can find tons of classical music on Magnatune. String Quartets aren't out-of-mainstream enough for Magnatune or what?)

Comment Lame Research? (Score 4, Informative) 207

It may be peaking soon though. 6nm is getting close to physical maximums for most techniques due to the casimir effect.

Not quite sure what the Casimir Effect has to do with magnetic dots, but I should mention that 6 nm is below the Superparamagnetic limit (which is typically tens of nanometers). That means you're magnetic nanodot probably isn't magnetic.

... Which brings me to my second point: This article says nothing about what this researcher actually did. It sounds like he just fabricated an array of nanodots, which is nothing particularly groundbreaking.

Does anyone have a link to the original abstract for the conference presentation? The dots must have been multilayer "stacks", otherwise there's a good chance they won't be ferromagnetic (there's a "superparamagnetic limit" that stops ferromagnetic particles from being ferromagnetic when they get around this size.)

Lastly, the article says they'll look at housing and using "laser technology" to read back from these nanodots. They mention that as a sidenote, but it's really the most important problem if you want to make something useful. The problem with most nanomagnetic memory techniques is that reading/writing is either impractical or not yet possible.

Comment You can already disable Flash on Android 1.5.... (Score 5, Informative) 282

I'm thrilled that I'm able to use whatever software I want on Android. The problem is, I don't actually want Flash - I just wanted the ability to decide for myself.

So, that's great that you will be supporting it, but please let me turn it off or uninstall it from my phone.


I'm not sure why this keeps coming up, since nobody that ever replies clearly has ever owned an Android phone. My HTC Hero, which supports Flash 7 out-of-the-box, has an option in its browser to disable plugins.

You have the option to disable Flash on your Android phone right now, and it's FUD to keep suggesting that you won't be able to disable it again in the future.


Racist Facial Recognition Software Screenshot-sm 49

An anonymous reader writes "A black man found that his HP facial-tracking recognition software wouldn't work. Then he discovered it worked fine for a white co-worker. From the article: 'HP's Tony Welch thanked Desi and Wanda, the video's creators, and promised that he and the team at HP were looking into why the camera was behaving the way it was. "The technology we use is built on standard algorithms that measure the difference in intensity of contrast between the eyes and the upper cheek and nose," he said. "We believe that the camera might have difficulty 'seeing' contrast in conditions where there is insufficient foreground lighting."'"

Comment Exactly (Score 1) 888

The only way to control your name on the internet is to use assert control over it by using it actively. Make yourself known on the internet in a way you want to be known, so that this oddball reference to you gets buried into obscurity.

MythTV 0.22 Released 329

uyguremre writes "After a little over a year and a half in the making, the developers of MythTV announced that MythTV 0.22 is now available. There have been a lot of large changes since 0.21, including a port from Qt v3 to Qt v4 and a major UI rewrite to convert to MythTV's new MythUI user interface libary. As always, this release adds support for some new hardware, in this case VDPAU video acceleration, DVB-S2, and the Hauppauge HD-PVR. The MythUI toolkit allows themes much greater control over the user interface and today we're announcing a competition to design new themes for MythTV. With the new release comes a theming competition too. For a more complete list of changes and new features, read the Release Notes on the wiki."

Comment Re:Easy (Score 1) 1091

I think it's time to retire that old worn out joke, since according to this New Scientest article, we get laid more often than normal guys.

Is smart sexy? Our knee-jerk reaction - reinforced by cultural stereotypes of Star Trek-convention attending geeks and a seeming obsession with ditzy, pretty starlets - would argue otherwise. Nerds are, well, nerds.

Increasing scientific evidence shows that brains count for a lot in mate choice. And now - for the first time - researchers have directly linked a male's cognitive performance to his luck with the ladies.

"Males that are better problem-solvers are mating with more females," says Jason Keagy, a behavioural ecologist at the University of Maryland in College Park, who studies not the mating rituals of the political elite in nearby Washington DC, but those of a bird native to the forests of eastern Australia.

I submitted this to slashdot last week, but unfortunately it was rejected. The article has a pretty funny picture of a skinny nerd with glasses (Not unlike what I used to look like before I ditched the specs and grew a goatee) and two hotties.

"I never let my schooling get in the way of my education." -- Mark Twain