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Comment Re:People have to be careful (Score 2) 138

Milk is profitable still. So are eggs. Trust me, everything that matters will remain fairly profitable. Governments will guarantee it.

Not only do I disagree, governments are specifically involved to manipulate the markets for milk and eggs and make small-players unable to compete. Not only does profit not need to matter anymore, neither does money, nor governments. Economics, government regulation, and even profits aren't changing their tunes fast enough to keep up with technology today. It will outpace and outstrip them all for usefulness. 5 Years is my estimate.

Comment Re:Yawn... (Score 1) 226

You've heard of the US? Then you understand that you don't need to break any of their laws for them to try to use justice against you. They'll make something up and the media will run with it, and all the people there will agree with the grandstanding politicians and you will disappear into a hole where no one can find you, because it's underground and the tiny entrance is guarded by soldiers in plain clothes who don't know what is below.

Comment Re:What is Windows doing differently? (Score 1) 182

I notice it. But I copy and recopy old data to multiple devices and different forms of media (ie optical) there's lots of losses and errors all over the place. After a few copies and years of storage things happen. I've even noticed two different TV series having blocks of data mixed between them. Odd color-shifted scenes from the wrong series interspersed into another that was copied with it. It's not a silly claim; what's silly is you trying to refute it with no evidence.

Comment Re:So dont use cheap consumer ssd's (Score 1) 182

I suspect that what we see here is a problem that is very common in the consumer hardware industry: manufacturers don't bother testing under any OS other than Windows, which means bugs that do not manifest under Windows go undetected. It's a problem most often seen in ACPI interfaces, where Windows has a very loose interpretation of the standards. So long as it runs fine on Windows, it's considered good enough to ship.

Sounds like the old internet exploder market share standards hijacking. Typical microsoft. If computer users were like navies of countries, and corporations like M$ were private ships, we'd all refer to it as the Titanic of Infotech. Or the Lusitania. Sunk.

Comment Re:Start simple: Apprenticeship, certification, et (Score 1) 1032

I went this route after taking 1 year of loans. It took 10 years of defaulting and seized tax refunds to pay it off. Getting paid to study beats being a starving student and paying to study any day, any subject. Get cert, use it as a safety net, do anything you want: business ventures, self-employed projects, more school.... anything you want. Run out of money? Back to work with your cert or trade qualification. Simple. Easy. Why don't they teach this concept in school? Because then colleges and universities would go bankrupt.

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