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Comment: Re:open source == costs more? (Score 2) 203

by Galatamon (#45892919) Attached to: How To Create Your Own Cryptocurrency
Bitcoin and its imitators are open source. The web app that the article is about allows one to generate their own altcoin for 0.01 BTC, with the release of the source code for your custom altcoin costing extra. I'm not sure if the licensing of Bitcoin allows you to distribute a derivative without source, but even if it did no one would take it seriously. Even Dogecoin provides source.

Comment: Re:fried fish (Score 1) 214

by Galatamon (#45096857) Attached to: TEPCO Workers Remove Wrong Pipe Get Splashed With Radioactive Water

My favorite was Katrina. the pumps failed. They used submersible pumps. With the driving electronics co-located and non-submersible. The pumps were not damaged, but inoperable because of the location of the control circuits. What idiot designed a submersible pump install that wouldn't work submerged?

I believe that honor goes to A. Baldwin Wood.

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