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Comment: Apple Stores and Stock on Hand (Score 4, Informative) 253

by Galaga88 (#47816381) Attached to: Why Phone Stores Should Stockpile Replacements

I'm pretty sure Apple stores have replacement stock on hand. Anytime I've had to get my phone replaced under AppleCare+, I've been able to make my appointment, walk in, and walk out with a (presumably refurbed) new phone from a box in the back. Heck, if the replacement didn't work in the store, they had even more replacements ready to go.

This is probably the result of Apple being able to afford to keep that kind of inventory on hand in their stores. Plus, Apple doesn't exactly have a lot of models of phones. A carrier like T-Mobile or Verizon would have to keep a frankly excessive number of phones on hand for any immediate warranty replacements. (How many Samsung phones are on the market at any given time?)

On the gripping hand, it's not like smartphones are exactly *large* and would take up a lot of space in the backroom so...

I think it'd be a nice customer service perk (and part of the reason I stick with Apple) but not something that needs to be legislated. Do carriers not keep cheap loaners in stock that you can borrow (with a credit card deposit) until your actual replacement shows up?

Comment: Things Apple Apparently Enforces at Random (Score 5, Insightful) 132

by Galaga88 (#47806249) Attached to: Apple Reveals the Most Common Reasons That It Rejects Apps

There's not enough fingers in the world to count all the awful apps that violate most of Apple's so-called "standards."

My favorite are the apps that have a string of words from other popular apps' names in them, just to muck up the search results. And they make sure to periodically change the icon to look like another app as well.

Comment: Not Getting Paid (Score 1) 121

by Galaga88 (#47573563) Attached to: Crytek USA Collapses, Sells Game IP To Other Developers

Is it a common thing for employees to stick around when they're not getting paid? I've read a lot of stories of software development houses where the paychecks dried up, but people stayed on holding out hope for a paycheck.

How often do companies recover from a situation where they're unable to pay salaries for a period of time?

Comment: Red Bull as a gateway drug? (Score 5, Insightful) 511

by Galaga88 (#47548911) Attached to: Suddenly Visible: Illicit Drugs As Part of Silicon Valley Culture

I've known a lot of people with very poor time management and life skills, who lived in constant panic and crunch time as a result. Rather than managing the introspection required to address their personal failings that were leading to this, they'd just down as much Red Bull as they could under the misguided belief that it'd give them the energy to deal with all of their crap.

So is it any surprise that they then turn to meth or other real drug to try and improve on the boost energy drinks may or may not have been giving them? (I have no idea if they work, they just made me short term wired and irritable.)

Red Bull's not a gateway drug - but it's often co-morbid with personality types that are going to find their way into meth. Obviously the vast majority of people aren't using it as some kind of "gateway" to meth, or else we could call coffee a gateway drug too.

Comment: Re:Massive Negativity (Score 1) 218

by Galaga88 (#46622537) Attached to: Smartphone Kill-Switch Could Save Consumers $2.6 Billion

I have a kill-switch, right now, and I have control over it. If my iPhone goes missing, I can lock or remotely wipe it, and they can't do anything to get it running again without my iCloud credentials. They can scrounge it for parts, but at least that's less appealing than a working iPhone, and it'll keep them from getting to any personal info I have on it.

I don't see why we should assume a kill-switch from other vendors would work substantially differently.

Comment: Re:Massive Negativity (Score 1) 218

by Galaga88 (#46622305) Attached to: Smartphone Kill-Switch Could Save Consumers $2.6 Billion

Let's just stop all technological advancement until we overthrow the US government. It sounds like that's the only way you'll let anybody invent anything novel or useful.

The government could use Siri to monitor everything I say, so let's disable that even though I use it every day. My girlfriend and I use "Find my Friends" to see when we might be coming home, but the government could use it to spy on us, so let's get rid of that. Let's stop using Gmail because the government can snoop on us through there. Let's also get rid of our webcams because the government can spy on us through them. I like the convenience of using fingerprint sensors on phones to secure them, but the government could abuse *that* too, so let's not use it.

Are the actions of the NSA and government in spying on us with no oversight right? Absolutely not, and people should be hung for treason. But it's a separate problem from giving consumers a kill-switch on their phone in case it gets stolen.

Comment: Massive Negativity (Score 2) 218

by Galaga88 (#46621763) Attached to: Smartphone Kill-Switch Could Save Consumers $2.6 Billion

You know, if humanity in general was as negative and paranoid towards every bit of technological change as the commenters on here trying to find every reason this won't work... We'd have never come out of the damned trees.

My iPhone 5 has a killswitch through the form of iOS 7 and my iCloud account. I like this. If you're so damned determined to believe that this feature will only be used by the government to oppress you, why do you own a smartphone to begin with?

Comment: Space Seems Surprisingly Safe (Score 3, Insightful) 144

by Galaga88 (#46367437) Attached to: How An Astronaut Nearly Drowned During a Space Walk

Given the fact that astronauts and cosmonauts have only died trying to launch from, and land on, the Earth, space itself seems surprisingly safe.

It's probably because all the excitement and explosions occur at the taking off and landing, and most of our actual time in space is spent traveling in big circles.

Comment: Re:Why? (Score 1) 255

by Galaga88 (#46304245) Attached to: Ubuntu 14.04 Brings Back Menus In Application Windows

Another part of the reason for iOS 7 being flat and text based is it makes it easier to graphically scale applications.

If Apple does release larger iPhones, they may do a jump in resolution at the same time. Since they've never had a huge number of different resolutions, iOS 7's flatter theme and improved text reflowing will make it easier for apps to appear the same that higher resolutions.

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