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Comment Re:Misleading and Hyperbolic Title/Comparison (Score 4, Funny) 130

You're right .. they should have specified it in pico Libraries of Congress. At least that's a unit of measurement that most people here would understand.

So says you. I'm working on a patch for ext4 right now to display file sizes in kilotweets, megatweets, and teratweets.

Comment Misleading and Hyperbolic Title/Comparison (Score 5, Interesting) 130

Fact[0]: The code for this exploit could fit within a tweet (which is to say: 140 characters.)

Fact[1]: Despite referring to tweets and Twitter, this exploit can't occur via Twitter. The attacker already has to have local access.

A lot of security exploits could fit within a tweet, but I've never seen that comparison before. It misleads people into thinking that you can pwn a Mac via Twitter.

Comment Re:Windows 10 -- no thanks! (Score 1) 203

Are they legacy products or is there a chance the developers will update them to work?

This brings up an interesting question - what is the mechanism for people who are eligible for the free Windows 10 upgrade but want to hold off on the install (potentially past the free upgrade period?)

Comment Re:I actually think the metric system is worse (Score 1) 830

I actually feel the opposite way - I'd like to see all other measurements move to metric (for ease of conversion between them) but temperature stay as is.

I just like having a scale where as cold as it gets outside is around 0 degrees, and as hot as it gets outside is around 100 degrees.

Comment Fears of abuse are overblown (Score 3, Insightful) 126

Let's be honest here, if somebody's going to go through the effort of buying the game, playing through it in under two hours, then requesting a refund, couldn't they have much more easily just torrented it? That cuts out the entire pay for it, request for refund, wait for refund step. If hey can complete your game in under two hours, it's probably an indie title with little or no DRM so finding a pirate copy isn't even hard.

Comment Re:Aren't these already compromised cards? (Score 2) 269

On the one hand it's the bank's fault for not speaking up and pressing a vital security issue. On the other hand it's Apple's fault for being an 800 pound gorilla which uses its market clout to force concessions from its partners. Stuff like this is why you always want at least two strong competitors in a given market - so if one makes unreasonable demands of a business partner, the partner is not afraid to tell them to go jump in a lake.

I like the looks of Apple Pay, and think it's a great move forward but even as an Apple fan, it seems bizarre for Apple to move forward on their own payment standard rather than the industry creating one. I mean, I know they did it so that they could skim profits off the top, and that they got away with it because they're worth 700 gazillion dollars and could probably make demands of the ocean, but I really wish this had come about via an industry standard.

Of course then, it'd probably suck.

Comment Re:Bank problem (Score 1) 269

Both of the banks and the on CC card I have on ApplePay required I read an email, click a link and login to my account and explicitly authorize the use of the card before it was usable.

You mean there are companies NOT doing this?

I could swear I read this exact article some time ago, before the NYT published it so maybe the "toughened standards" banks talk about were already enacted quite a while back and we're just now hearing about the problem?

Comment Aren't these already compromised cards? (Score 5, Interesting) 269

The story doesn't really indicate how this could be much of Apple's problem - it sounds like the cards that are getting used are already stolen?

I guess what's happening is criminals are getting stolen CC info, and are then able to use it in a physical environment via Apple Pay where it previously would have required printing a forged card?

The article mentions that it's easier to get away with fraud in person because the lack of shipping delay leaves less time to catch it, which shows why they'd be so eager to jump to a method like this.

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