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Comment Context On the Issue (Score 5, Informative) 404

This error occurs if the repair involves the TouchID sensor. Sense this stores data required for the fingerprint authentication, the device will refuse to function for security reasons if it thinks it's been tampered with, which seems to be a reasonable precaution for a device component that can authenticate you across the device and also external services including financial transactions.

A better option would be to instead disable TouchID if tampering is suspected, but this isn't a case of Apple just arbitrarily making iPhones not work if you get a third-party repair like the story suggests.

Submission + - ISIS Offers 24/7 Tech Support For Jihad

Galaga88 writes: NBC News reports that ISIS has staff who offer around-the-clock technical support to its members in areas including encryption technology. With a core group of individuals possessing upper-level degrees in IT, their helpdesk may even be better qualified than that of most tech companies.

Comment Is AMD Better Now? (Score 2) 110

It's been a long time (relatively speaking) since I've played the graphics card game. I remember that AMD's cards were technically solid, but often plagued with driver issues. Even now I'm reading about performance issues with Fallout 4 (which is probably Bethesda's fault because it's an unpatched Bethesda game.)

Has the situation improved? Am I holding onto old biases?

(Alas, for the heady days of my Voodoo2.)

Comment Details (Score 4, Funny) 102

You see, when you have ARM32 vs ARM64 you have to remember that 64 is at least twice as much as 32. So you're going to need to use larger instructions in your program or you're going to have a lot of empty space. Because your functions can go twice as far, you're going to need more data highways to get there without all the congestion. It's like moving from a crowded boulevard to an expressway.

When it comes to mobile apps, which is where you're going to be programming the ARM, these wider highways occupy valuable space on your mobile board, but it's worth it to reduce congestion by at least a half. Also, because you have larger bits, you can get more numbers in your apps without having to stress the fixed point unit. This means fonts take up less space and as such you can use more serifed typefaces.

This answer brought to you by That Guy Who Clearly Bullshitted Through His Interview and Got Promoted To Manager Last Week.

Comment Re:The enabling technology, itself, is ridiculous. (Score 4, Insightful) 94

Because I would have seen a prompt asking me to accept or decline a file. And I think it's safe to say that given the place I work and community in which I live, I have a better chance of having been killed in a traffic accident than somebody coming within AirDrop range and targeting me with an unpublished iOS vulnerability.

Plus I just updated to iOS 9 which in all likelihood would have wiped out any nefarious stuff that had been installed by this mystery attacker-ninja.

Comment Re:The enabling technology, itself, is ridiculous. (Score 4, Informative) 94

I think AirDrop defaults to contacts only, so that should mitigate most of the severity of this - thankfully.

I've actually enabled AirDrop receiving requests from anybody on my iPhone (which I'm about to change) and have never gotten anything via it, unsolicited or otherwise. In fact, I'm the only person I've ever seen use AirDrop, and I had to tell the other person how to turn it on in each case.

Comment Misleading and Hyperbolic Title/Comparison (Score 5, Interesting) 130

Fact[0]: The code for this exploit could fit within a tweet (which is to say: 140 characters.)

Fact[1]: Despite referring to tweets and Twitter, this exploit can't occur via Twitter. The attacker already has to have local access.

A lot of security exploits could fit within a tweet, but I've never seen that comparison before. It misleads people into thinking that you can pwn a Mac via Twitter.

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