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Comment: Re:Main Problem (Score 2) 91

There was one report on a radio station that there are like 10 doctors in a whole country

That would NPR's report as well which stated 50 doctors total in Liberia after some of left during the beginning of the infection.

Of course considering the mess Liberia has been in for 20+ years this outbreak is relatively minor and only receiving attention due to sensationalism.

Comment: Re:Attn: Haselton (Score 1) 871

by Galactic Dominator (#45098611) Attached to: Bennett Haselton's Response To That "Don't Talk to Cops" Video

But, briefly: Of course the law might be unjust, but how are you going to create a rule that protects people who violated unjust laws, without also protecting people who violated the good ones?

That is an entirely different question than the legitimacy of the 5th amendment. It's also a question that is much more worthy of philosophical debate. The fifth amendment(self-incrimination) debate can conceivably be easily resolved by most people by asking "what happens if we remove it?".

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