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PlayStation (Games)

+ - UK gamers charged more for inferior PS3

Submitted by
Jagdeep Poonian
Jagdeep Poonian writes "It appears as though Sony is laying the smack down on it's European launch: "British gamers wanting to get their hands on the new Playstation 3 will have to pay £100 more than their American counterparts for an inferior machine. Sony today announced that the European version of its games console will only play a "limited number" of old Playstation 2 titles when it goes to sale next month.The American model, in contrast, has much better "backwards compatibility" and plays almost all the old Playstation games.The revelation has infuriated British computer games enthusiasts who say they are repeatedly treated like second class citizens by Sony." URL: ws/2007/02/23/nplaystation123.xml Go Sony, Go? I don't think this will vibe well with the gamers of Europe. Hmm."
PlayStation (Games)

+ - Euro P23 will have limited Backwards Compatibility

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Anyone who lives outside of Japan or North America is going to be very upset at the latest news from Sony. Sony announced today they will not include the Emotion Processor chip that allows NTSC (Japan & US) PS3 users to enjoy backwards compatibility. Instead, a software emulator will be used, and will result in much few PS2 choices. A four month delay, higher prices than the US & Japan, and bad backwards compatibility...what's next?"

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