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Comment "Unfinished" areas (Score 1) 557 557

One thing I like about my house is that it has a large unfinished basement. Not only does it give me a lot of room to do messy projects, but it's very easy to run ethernet to anywhere it's needed on the first floor. I do wish I could get some kind of wired network onto the second floor, though.

In my opinion, avoid installing lots of "tech" in your walls. My house is loaded with so much obsolete wire: An old intercom system, coaxial, old electric heating wires, an old split-lead from before there was cable TV. Conduits are good, and unfinished space where you can access the ends.

Comment Re:Low Maintenance (Score 1) 557 557

"for example; much easier to have time to spend with people or on new productive projects rather than doing the same old maintenance; less to remember or coordinate between multiple maintenance people"

"If your municipality lets you, install a septic instead of connecting to city sewer. No sewer fee. (Just get it pumped every few years)."

My parents and I live in the same town. They have septic, I have sewer. The sewer fee is very cheap; much more preferable to dealing with a septic tank. A septic tank is also a liability if you need to get it replaced.

Comment Push notifications need to be stricter (Score 1) 199 199

I think asking a user permission for push notifications isn't strict enough. IMO, I'd require approval by a 3rd party, much like how mobile apps need to go through an app store. As an alternative, I'd implement a rating system.

If we allow any web site to ask to allow push notifications, every time we visit a new web site, it's going to ask us if it can do push notifications. Without some kind of rating system or centralized approval system, push notifications will just be another venue for spam.

Comment Re:You have to be careful (Score 1) 173 173

From what I understand, most of CA's water use is agricultural. Most of the US's produce comes from CA.

The cities themselves don't use nearly as much water.

Most likely, a lot of the farms need to move, but the cultural centers in LA and San Francisco can remain.

Comment Re:Hits Home (Score 1) 210 210

Are you sure they just didn't have some kind of resume harvesting service?

Specifically, are you sure they didn't have a resume harvesting service that pings them whenever someone with desirable skills floats through?

Most likely, you have the skills that your employer is looking for.

Comment Minimize distractions (Score 4, Insightful) 261 261

Try to minimize distractions. Make sure you don't interrupt your employees constantly for trivial matters.

You might not have a lot of control over your layout, but also try to avoid placing people in situations where other people will distract them. For example, keep the coffee pot in a physically separate room, so chit-chat doesn't interfere with people trying to concentrate.

Sometimes you might need to enforce quiet hours.

Comment Re:I'm pretty sure it's irrelevant (Score 1) 213 213

Actually, the speakers are shockingly better than my two other nexus phones! When I use headphones, I used wired headphones.

It's kinda surprising, but Sony really made a better phone than the iPhone. I guess they've come a long way since the iPod ate their lunch.

Comment Re:I'm pretty sure it's irrelevant (Score 1) 213 213

I just bought a Sony Xperia Z3 phone. The sound amp chips on that phone are very high quality.

Honestly, the concept of a "Sony" audiophile SD card is tempting, for two reasons:

  • There's a lot of finicky SD cards out there, and buying the phone with a "Sony" SD card lowers perceived risk of getting a finicky SD card.
  • The high-frequency interference issues that many other posters discuss.

I did get a 128GB card for my phone. If there was a Sony Audiophile card available, and it was only 20-30% more expensive than a normal card, I'd probably get it more for the peace of mind aspect than trying to make my phone's music please my dog's ears.

Comment Know how to run a business (Score 1) 101 101

The key to building a good engineering team is knowing how to run a business. Decent pay is important, but that's a function of knowing what you need to build, what kind of capital you need to build it, and how to run the team that's going to build it.

There's a lot of interesting people with interesting ideas out there; but they are such horrible businesspeople that it doesn't matter how much I love what they want me to work on. If they can't figure out how run a f**king business; it's all going to fall apart, no matter how hard I work.

I love my job; but the main reason why my job still exists is that my company's founder knew a thing or two about running a business, and made sure that I ended up with a reasonable wage.

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