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Comment: Re:life in the U.S. (Score 2) 13

by drinkypoo (#48903577) Attached to: Verizon, Cable Lobby Oppose Spec-Bump For Broadband Definition

I am not sure that this group of people has any business telling me what I need or don't need.

That's not what is happening. This is a group of people listening to the people and deciding what they need or don't need. People are asking for internet access that looks like it came from the first world, and the FCC is responding to that. 4Mbps is inadequate for many common purposes today. If you want our internet to remain third world, by all means, stand against the FCC in attempting to revise their definition of broadband.

The phone system was deliberately built out to cover us all because there are substantial benefits to such connection. Now, the internet must be built out to cover us all for similar reasons.

Comment: Re:biological imperative (Score 1) 257

I grow tired of people treating adults as if their lives are worth less than the lives of children,

But they are. The vast majority of adults are part of the problem, while children are potentially part of the solution — at least until their parents, who are hopefully adults, participate in their brainwashing and help turn them into good little taxpayers who will be silent and therefore lend their support to all the ills done in their name.

Comment: Re:Who are you? I'm bat- er, ANON! (Score 1) 257

Before we go out on the street and call for a witch hunt, the common definition of "pedophilia" needs to be reformed, so that it again means actual child abuse,

You don't even know what pedophilia means. It doesn't mean child abuse, because "philia" doesn't mean abuse.

Trading sexually explicit pictures of minors by definition depends on minors being harmed. Trading non-sexually-explicit pictures of minors for sexual gratification is creepy as fuck, but it's not harming minors. Pedophilia isn't harming minors, child abuse is. Not all pedophiles abuse children, or even trade in media which actually involves children being subjected to child abuse.

Pedophilia has been equated with child abuse only for bad reasons, and here you are helping it along. Cut that ignorant shit out.

Comment: Re: Charged /= Guilty (Score 1) 257

There's nothing left for Anonymous to do, except to remind the world that this guy did something bad, and by so doing, perpetuate the shame and embarrassment his friends and family are subjected to. It won't affect the perpetrator himself, because he'll be in prison for the entire life of this "operation".

So, mission accomplished? Because how did this guy get this way? It couldn't have have been his family, you know, his upbringing?

Comment: Re:$30/mo is a terrible price (Score 2) 19

by drinkypoo (#48903459) Attached to: For New Yorkers, Cablevision Introduces a Wi-Fi-Centric VoiP Network

If you could run asterisk on your handheld, then you could reasonably just connect it to a SIP trunk and get the same functionality for $8/mo. Anyone know anyone working on an asterisk port to Android? I heard that the Serval Project has done it. But what I think is needed is just an asterisk APK with asterisk and a simple config GUI that gives enough functionality to just get basic trunking working. Voicemail would be stored on the phone itself in this case, which would also be very cool.

Maybe I should explore the NDK finally

Comment: Re:How does this get modded troll? (Score 1) 181

No, everyone else just sees through your bullshite.

Troll does not mean "comment with which I disagree", but a lot of the moderators around here seem to think that's precisely what it means. Including pathetic cowards too afraid to even face someone in a comment over the internets with a psuedonym. Gotta be the most pathetic people not on 4chan

Comment: Re:Insurance (Score 1) 181

I really don't know what your fucking issue is

That's because you're a massive fucking idiot.

I did nothing, except state that your argument is idiotic

That is an insult, you stupid fuck. That means you deserve everthing you get back from me, you hypocrite. I was perfectly polite until you said "Ok, I can't handle that level of idiocy today". Then you became fair game. Now you are whining and crying because I am treating you the way you treated me. If you don't want to go through life confused about why people are treating you like shit, don't go around insulting people.

Enjoy your wasted excuse of a life.

I'll enjoy acting from integrity while you can do no better than hypocrisy.

Comment: Re: nVidia w/ binary driver works (Score 1) 96

by drinkypoo (#48901225) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: GPU of Choice For OpenCL On Linux?

Well, nothing lasts forever. I, too, hope that someday we will have nVidia cards with open drivers. My understanding is that their geforce line is too patent-encumbered for that to ever happen to them (they pretty much went full-Microsoft during the original Xbox era) but that they more or less own their mobile (as in handheld) GPUs outright, and if they ever become the basis for a desktop product, we might see an open version of those drivers. Nouveau is pretty much unusable for a lot of users, and useless for even more.

Problem is, only a subset of ATI cards are well-supported by the FOSS driver, and the official drivers are poop. When more of the cards are supported and it takes less time for the cards to be supported, maybe I will consider ATI cards again. But every time I do, I regret it deeply...

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