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Comment Re:Fembots (Score 1) 114

And it is a pain in the ass to have to check every pocket first [...]

Headphones. For my kids it's headphones. Dunno how many times they''ve washed their cheap Skullcandy sets. Miraculously, they still work after a wash or two. But they definitely lose some over time as they buy new ones every 6 months or so.

Heck, I thought I'd lost my nice Plantronics Bluetooth earphones when I left them in my pants and someone didn't hear me to get them out before starting the laundry...

Comment Re:Already propagating (Score 1) 663

Feel free to scan above for my other thoughts, but here's one aimed at your suggestion: I can't drink water with meals. It adds no flavor, and if I follow a mouthful of food with a water sip, it just "feels" wet, rather than flavored. I have no specific objection to water otherwise.

Comment Re:Already propagating (Score 1) 663

For a good long while, I tried to keep the ratio of Diet Coke : water, while at work, at 3:2. So 3 cans plus about 24 oz. of water while at work. At home, I wasn't as diligent with water to offset the 2 remaining cans.

So long as they keep the filters in our office water unit clean, I don't mind drinking water. And our fridge at home has nice cold water I partake of, but more sparingly.

Recently, due partly to stresses, I've slacked on the water but have been minding my intake lately.

Comment Re:Already propagating (Score 1) 663

Ah, but I was a little vague. About 6 years ago, I was 235. After the Diet Coke switch was on for several months, I was down to about 188. Went from a snug size 38/40 to a comfy 36. For about 3 years I hovered between 185 and 190 consistently.

Then, about 2 years ago, I ran into some personal and professional issues which have led to an increase in stress-eating and a slight decrease in activity. Hence the 15-ish pounds of gain. And I must have typoed or my math coprocessor went flaky because I'm still 35, not 25, pounds under my pre-DC days.

Comment Re:Already propagating (Score 5, Interesting) 663

400?! Amateur. When I switched, I averaged 5 Cokes per day for about 700 calories. The switch to diet 6-odd years ago made an immediate difference with no other marked change in diet. Even 6 years on I'm still about 25 pounds under my pre-diet-Code days.

Comment Re: Opportunity (Score 2) 272

Um, why bother with the downloading at all? If you stay away, isn't that having the same effect? Actually, sine a number of content owners are now using piracy rates as an indicator of viewership (HBO and AMC, to name two) wouldn't you be giving the studios the impression they're doing something right?

As much as I'd love these brain-dead studios to waste money on more stupid, making Pixels 2 means some other marginal-but-original project may not get made...

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