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Comment Re:NO Forbes links, please (Score 1) 54

I run Chrome with Matrix (that's meant to be a mu at the beginning) and when I hit the link, got the same blank screen. Checking Matrix, all I see at first are some pending Forbes subdomains. Enabling those gave me the "Quote of the day" interstitial and a working link to the article. And a dozen or more ad-farm domains which are blocked.

Having used NoScript on Firefox, I resisted Chrome until I got this new laptop and really wanted the "full Google." Matrix is great but it seems way fussier in its blocking, But I've also seen how some ad sites will effectively block first-party rendering unless they're enabled or completely eliminated...

Comment Re:Poll? (Score 1) 103

I still have my mom's first ever VCR, a Beta unit from waaay back with a wired remote and ~$900 price tag. No clue if it works, but I have a few tapes for it.

My wife's stepmom is forever trying to give us VHS apes from the thrift market, for our daughter to watch. My daughter has Netflix and a Kindle - there is no way she'd put up with linear program viewing now...

Comment Re:Neo Engrish (Score 1) 19

Woooooooow. You are one civil grammar Nazi. I'm probably not going to get anywhere with this, but you do know that other languages treat collections differently? Or the GP may have misapplied plurality to the wrong word in the phrase?

In England, for example, a company's name is often treated like a collection, not a single entity: "IBM have announced upgrades to Watson." So learning English may not be a complete answer.

Regardless, please have a nice day!

Comment Re:This is it! (Score 2) 578

A few months ago, my main Windows laptop died and my wife uses the other one for work. I had an old Dell e6400 I got in pieces that I managed to cobble together, and I threw Mint 17 on it. I used it off an on as a basic net / email appliance, but as of a couple weeks ago, I set it up for development with Eclipse, Postgres and Squirrel. I also dove in and got my keybinds done the way I wanted and made a few tweaks here and there.

I also got my hands dirty getting Wine up and running to play Final Fantasy XI. After much driver work, log diving and a failed RTFM on my part, I succeeded!

After putting my hands on a couple of Win10 machines lately, I am *so* glad to have this one Microsoft-free.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 2, Insightful) 104

The retweet was a bad move? Am I missing something here? You should only see RTs from people you follow* and unless you're following people with "diarrhea of the mouth," why wouldn't you want to see their tweets? Then again, aside from several like-minded feminists and political/cultural types, I mostly follow news outlets and journalists. Most RTs I get are usually interesting or easily skipped.

*This doesn't count promoted tweets. Once, I got a few tweets for a doctor across the country from me. I tweeted him about the georaphical unlikeliness of my ever visiting him, and he said he'd check the analytics.

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