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Comment Re:So why the secrecy (Score 1) 171

But that's the point, at least to me. I expect my cell carrier to know how to reach me, because I pay them to. Ditto for my credit card company. "Everyone knows" you're sharing your purchase identifiers every time you swipe.

But at no point do I expect my phone calls or credit transactions to be swept up in broad LEO activities unless I'm on a warrant or watch list.

Comment Re:Oh give me a break (Score 1) 349

Honestly dumb question: I understand the point you're making, but isn't a "pure" YouTube version of the 1928 film considered format-shifting?

Yes, I understand that the version placed on YouTube may not have been the exact original 1928 version, but wouldn't it have to be sufficiently transformed to be considered a derivative work and thus on a fresh copyright clock?

Comment Re:NO Forbes links, please (Score 1) 54

I run Chrome with Matrix (that's meant to be a mu at the beginning) and when I hit the link, got the same blank screen. Checking Matrix, all I see at first are some pending Forbes subdomains. Enabling those gave me the "Quote of the day" interstitial and a working link to the article. And a dozen or more ad-farm domains which are blocked.

Having used NoScript on Firefox, I resisted Chrome until I got this new laptop and really wanted the "full Google." Matrix is great but it seems way fussier in its blocking, But I've also seen how some ad sites will effectively block first-party rendering unless they're enabled or completely eliminated...

Comment Re:Poll? (Score 1) 103

I still have my mom's first ever VCR, a Beta unit from waaay back with a wired remote and ~$900 price tag. No clue if it works, but I have a few tapes for it.

My wife's stepmom is forever trying to give us VHS apes from the thrift market, for our daughter to watch. My daughter has Netflix and a Kindle - there is no way she'd put up with linear program viewing now...

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