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by GTRacer (#48204261) Attached to: Isaac Asimov: How Do People Get New Ideas?
He was "essay-izing" the plot of his novella, Sucker Bait, written 5 years earlier. Its entire premise is based on a corps of "Mnemonics" who are trained from birth to seek correlations in data. They do this with the full knowledge that these unexpected connections are what drives progress.

I read the essay yesterday and the first thought I had was, "sounds like that one book of his." God I miss his storytelling...

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Please see my reply to Karmashock above, as I don't feel like duplicating the post. But essentially my kids leave the house, we know the outside will influence them, it's all about showing them there are alternative behaviours.

Also, if being able to express one's feelings and having compassion for others and a desire for fairness makes them feminine in your eyes, well, I guess that can't be helped.

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I didn't mean to imply control - just that we set a more open example so they know they have a choice. And of course the outside world has its own ideas and will try to influence them. But as it turns out, the two schools my boys go to are pretty neutral. My older son's school is filled with kids (male and female) that are more like us than not. And I'm glad for it.

Something else we give our kids: My wife and I are loving and affectionate to each other in public and private, have been these 20 years. They may know people whose parents are less emotional, or are hostile towards each other. Again, it's all about showing them alternatives so they know there are options.

And I'm not really sure where you were going with the homosexual comment - are you suggesting if I had a gay kid that would be a problem?

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The ass-holes are not attacking women because the ass-holes are misogynists

Putting aside 4chan and Gamergate for a moment, do you honestly believe this is true, at least for the gaming and IT communities? Do black men face the same level of harassment from other gamers when they play online or in tournaments? Same for a black IT staffer - does he get the same crap from peers and/or the users he's supporting?

Do you honestly not believe there is a higher than average level of misogyny in either of these groups? I consider myself thankful that I've not endured much harassment online at all, but I know my girl friends have been hit more often than my guy friends. Anecdotal? Yes, sure. But still... It matches so many others' anecdotes. Time for a controlled study?

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You toughen up or you're a weakling. The boys will literally call you "a girl" if you complain.

I thank God that my two boys live in a house where we've NEVER told them to toughen up or compared weakness to being a girl.

You realize that's a token indicator of a lot of what's wrong here? That men are seemingly most insulted by being called feminine slurs, and women by calling them feminine slurs. So we have people that intentionally or not reinforce the idea that being female is a problem.

That little tidbit, plus another one that's been passing around social media are so telling to me: (summarized) "When you send a girl out of class / home from school for 'inappropriate' dress you're telling her a dress code or preventing male distraction is more important than her education, and that the boys' distraction-free education is more important than theirs."

My boys are in high school now, but I also have a young daughter. I'm trying to ensure she lives in a world where equality (gender, sexual, marriage, etc.) is a goal if not reality. I want all of my family to live in that world.

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Actually, my wife and I do just that - we go to the cinema at least 25 times a year. Sometimes with the kids, sometimes without. It is most definitely a "shared experience" thing. No, we do not often buy sodas or snacks.

The rest of the time we watch movies is via streaming service or Redbox (automated physical DVD rental kiosks).

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Look, I enjoy a good football game. It's something my parents and I have done from time to time, usually as the playoffs get closer. I also live in an NFL city, home to a lousy team which had to resort to trickery to get their stadium seating numbers to a point where they could sell / give away / foist tickets on people enough to lift the blackouts, plural.

Help me out here - those of you who live where /good/ teams are, don't you normally avoid blackouts because your team is worth watching? Wouldn't it be the stinkers that have to be propped up by rules like this?

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Yes, I get it, space is like Heaven for atheists. You have the same mind-set as any religious person.

Look, I get you have your rant-dial cranked all the way to 11, and maybe you haven't had a nutritious breakfast yet. So I'll ignore the strange hostility against humanity's general tendency to want to explore.

I'm curious why you think space colonisation is the domain of the atheist. I'm Catholic and I've dreamed of space since I was little. I have no means now but I would *absolutely* go into space as a tourist (or professionally!) if I could. I have no idea why space itself or the desire to explore it precludes faith in God.

*puts asbestos suit on in preparation for anti-ID flames*

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[...] and two Android phones (albeit I keep wifi off on mine)...

May I ask why you keep WiFi off at home? I completely understand keeping it off away from home (Thank you Llama!) to keep ad-snoops from trying to tag me in stores, etc... But home?

Then again, my poorly-positioned and very outdated Linksys WRT-54G can't get a VOD-capable signal into my room from the den some days, so it's mobile data at home a lot for me ><