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Comment Re:Existing Law (Score 0) 312 312

This, again?

You and I may be set to disagree, and that's fine. 'Merica, and all that. Here's how a car and a gun differ. If I point my car towards you, on the sidewalk and rev my engine, I'm threatening you. If instead, I exit my car and draw a gun and point it towards you, I'm still threatening you.

The key difference that most people make here is the fact that a gun can threaten over a fair distance, with nearly-instantaneous effect. The car cannot. Also, once I fire a round, that bullet will go wherever physics and aim dictate and there's no changing my mind. If I "surge" my car towards you, or stomp on the gas full-tilt or whatever, up until the point I actually squish you underneath I can change direction or velocity relatively easily.

Also, let's not forget that the car has a commonly-accepted-by-society purpose. Transportation. People screw up, or make poor choices and yes, others are hurt or killed. But a gun has basically one purpose - to damage or destroy a target. The moment you point it at a person, they aren't expecting you to trick-shot the diamond off their ring, or light their cigarette. They expect to be threatened with lethal force for whatever reason the gunman offers.

Why is this such a hard rationale to accept?

Comment Re:Lots of accidents (Score 2) 549 549

It wasn't the case this time (the video is quite informative!) but I've been hit just for coming to complete stops at red lights. Too many other drivers assume you'll do the "California roll" when making a right on red that people who actually stop (regardless of traffic) fluster them. So sick of seeing people's bumpers get that close then screech to a halt right behind me.

Comment Re:Something wrong there (Score 3, Insightful) 549 549

I would agree with you except I've been rear-ended and almost hit (sometimes with tire lockup) simply because I choose to stop at red lights before turning right, even if the traffic is clear. I seriously want a dashcam so the next time I get hit in this situation I'll be able to demonstrate I was following the rules when I was hit, regardless of what the fellow behind me is ranting on about.

Look, I'm not a perfect driver but to assume others will break the rules as you do is just asking for trouble.

Comment Re:THANK YOU For Being an Inspiration! (Score 0, Flamebait) 727 727

Gamergate had nothing to do with misogyny...

[emphasis mine]

Maybe for the first picosecond of its existence. It may truly have wanted to shed light on unusually close ties between critic and dev. But my God man, how many hate-filled tweets of vitriol aimed at these women, tagged with #GamerGate have you seen?

Comment Re:THANK YOU For Being an Inspiration! (Score 1, Insightful) 727 727

Let me see if I have this right: You're positing she has a volunteer (or perhaps compensated) army of Twitter users with orders to publicly harass her online. And she wants Patreon money to hire a person or people to combat this army? Seems a hghly-inefficient way to make money...

Comment THANK YOU For Being an Inspiration! (Score 0, Flamebait) 727 727

If you haven't heard it enough yet, you and your fellow devs'/critics'/gamers' example of not letting these regrettably small-minded folk drive you away from your passions is truly inspiring. Now the question:

How has what you experienced / currently experience affected your dev and planning processes? Does it enter into your spitballing/design sketch/engineering phases at all? Are you making certain decisions to emphasize your position(s) or expose theirs?

Comment Re:Government knows best... (Score 1) 432 432

Because I'm bored... I think he would be fine if the market ConCast competed in was remotely fair. But with the usual municipality / utility contract exclusivity, they're often the only viable option in a given area. If the Utilities Commissions were forced to merely regulate the, you know, UTILITY of a service and the claims and promises behind a person's use of it, then we'd have two or three high-speed providers competing to offer good service at decent rates,

Though, as I hear it, such unrestricted competition would lead to boondocks areas being underserved because there's no tie-in incentive to serve them and far less potential return, for heavy infrastructure services at least.

Comment Re:Airplane Mode (Score 2) 129 129

I'm suffering from a sense of gluttony then. I have TMo's unlimited-unlimited option on my line (the rest are the 2.5GB / mo with throttling) and I routinely hit 30GB per month. 95% of that is Pandora, Twitch and YouTube streaming. I can't use WiFi at work (policies) and sadly, my WiFi at home doesn't reach my bedroom but I don't care - unlimited!

Comment Re:Android / DroidWall (Score 1) 129 129

I got XPrivacy working one time in 5.0. Had to reinstall the ROM and was never able to recreate whatever alchemical magic got it going. Gave up and went back to KitKat. Even with XPrivacy (God's gift to Android) I still want an outbound firewall / logger so I can ensure nothing is communicating if I don't want it to.

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