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Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 2, Insightful) 95

The retweet was a bad move? Am I missing something here? You should only see RTs from people you follow* and unless you're following people with "diarrhea of the mouth," why wouldn't you want to see their tweets? Then again, aside from several like-minded feminists and political/cultural types, I mostly follow news outlets and journalists. Most RTs I get are usually interesting or easily skipped.

*This doesn't count promoted tweets. Once, I got a few tweets for a doctor across the country from me. I tweeted him about the georaphical unlikeliness of my ever visiting him, and he said he'd check the analytics.

Comment Re:K.I.S.S. (Score 2) 112

At least? Yup. Point of failure #1 isn't even in the case, it's in the brain of the person thinking about buying this garish monstrosity.

Bear in m mind, I LOVE the belts and the seeming use of electromechanical elements. But the visual design is so... painful to look at with its dragon's worth of scales, ridges and pointy bits.

Comment Re:I don't see why this is a problem. (Score 1) 146

I have to run to a birthday party, so I can't mine links for you. But I think two separate studies on the data (including some of the administrative fields used behind the scenes) strongly indicated a majority of female profiles were either staff-created or used once then never checked again. One of the big tells was how many times a user checked their AM inbox and/or sent messages. If these values were one or zero, then, likely a dead profile, regardless of gender.

I think there were fewer than 20,000 marked-as-female profiles with identified usage behavior, versus the tens of thousands of males.

Comment Re:Work Phones (Score 1) 209

My company offered this too, and with their remote-wipe installed. I said no. I tried to install Cisco AnyConnect for VPN but, shocker, our company won't enable the mobile device license on the Cisco gateway.

Strange that a VPN gateway cares about the hardware running the client, but whatever. I just use the webmail access and I'm good. But dang... remote desktop in a pinch would be nice!

Comment Re:So it's not unlimited, then... (Score 1) 346

I had just such a grandfathered contract, and really didn't want to let go of it. But T-Mobile's family pricing TWO YEARS AGO ate Verizon's lunch and it's only gotten better for me, relatively. I am a high-usage customer (98% personal streaming to phone, 2% tethering when on family vacation) and I'm quite pleased with what I bought.

If I had any real criticism of T-Mo it's that, even in some densely-populated areas, their data and sometimes voice signal sucks eggs.

Comment Re:You keep using that word. I don't think it mean (Score 1) 346

The number of months when I exceed 30gb is probably greater than those under. Though I don't do much tethering, since my family all have T-Mo and the rest of them have the "unlimited, with first ~2 gigs at LTE speed" option. I have full unlimited and have yet to notice any throttling.

Even that one month on vacation where I *did* tether since the kids wanted to get online with their new Christmas present laptops at our no-local-internet cabin and both wanted to do full Windows updates. I think I hit 9 gigs of tether and I only have a 5 gig tether option.

Comment Re:Fembots (Score 1) 114

And it is a pain in the ass to have to check every pocket first [...]

Headphones. For my kids it's headphones. Dunno how many times they''ve washed their cheap Skullcandy sets. Miraculously, they still work after a wash or two. But they definitely lose some over time as they buy new ones every 6 months or so.

Heck, I thought I'd lost my nice Plantronics Bluetooth earphones when I left them in my pants and someone didn't hear me to get them out before starting the laundry...

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