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Comment: Re:Morse Code (Score 1) 144

T9 went that far back, right? You press each letter-group ONCE and the more you typed the more the phone narrowed the possible letter-combinations down to real words from the dictionary. So long as you could customize the wordlist, and had an option to switch T9 off and go pure sequential input, you were golden.

I have a smartphone now with Google's Swype knockoff and I love it. But sometimes I wonder how fast I could type with T9 on a large screen...

Comment: Re:intentional (Score 1) 416

by GTRacer (#49620025) Attached to: No, NASA Did Not Accidentally Invent Warp Drive
I am very disappointed in myself that I can't remember the title. but it should be an Isaac Asimov short. Husband toils for years to build a teleporter/time machine. Constantly fails, perseveres, eventually it works - sort of. He breaks down to his wife that all that effort and expense was wasted on a machine that takes them ONLY 30 years in the past and ONLY to that same relative location in town.

His wife, ever the more practical, realizes they can use it to shop in the past at substantial discount. No indication if they took a sports almanac back with them to wager on...

Comment: Re: Why? (Score 1) 74

Don't forget XPrivacy (requires root and the XPosed framework). This essentially replaces App Ops with the added functionality of providing fake info rather than straight blocking permissions. That is, if you block Contacts, apps can request a Contacts instance but it comes back with no records. Location can be spoofed at random or to a value of your choosing. Internet/Wifi access can be blocked but appear as "no signal" so the app will (hopefully) fail over to offline mode, while the rest of your phone continues online.

I've been using XPrivacy for about 2 years now and can't imagine an Android device without it. I also have a very minimal HOSTS file to block the worst pop-up offenders, but I've been thinking on and off about going the full iptables firewall route. I used to use ZoneAlarm on PC to see what programs were trying to connect *to*, as much as for blocking inbounds. I miss that on Android...

Comment: Re:HIPPA? (Score 1) 47

Well, true. HIPAA itself doesn't really dictate technology, other than to say PHI / PII must be deidentified or encrypted if not transferred point-to-point.

My intent with my reply to AC was to illustrate that records-sharing doesn't necessarily violate HIPAA so long as qualified providers are doing direct care or TPO.

That said, what should be feasible at any hospital with HL7 or similar standards-based interfaces for existing vendors and/or a relatively modern EMR is that they can export the data and leave it to the NFL's team docs and IS people to import it into a human-readable form on their side.

Comment: Re:HIPPA? (Score 1) 47

*HIPAA (heathcare information portability and accountability act) shouldn't apply so long as the caregivers working on the players are legitimate. Treatment, payment and operations exemptions are in HIPAA to allow just this sort of thing. So long as Doc A is actively caring for the patient, he has clearance to see Doc B's records. Likewise, when the bills are processed, those directly involved with itemizing/coding charges and then collecting from insurance or other payers can access the info as well. But in all cases, only insofar as needed to do what they need to do and in such a way they don't leak info to uncovered third parties.

Comment: Re: Those who ignore the past... (Score 1) 47

So... what happens if you need to see a doctor or visit a facility not part of a health system which already has your records? You consider it a good thing that you personally have to a) transfer the records, b) re-fill out histories, etc. and/or c) be subjected to tests/procedures you either already have on file or which would be done differently with available history?

I've worked in healthcare IT for two decades and the whole interop dream of HL7 / EDI standards is still something of an unrealized fantasy. And often for reasons cited above. But the care benefits of having easily accessed records should be evident and hopefully, achieved soon!

Comment: Re:Physics (Score 1) 108

by GTRacer (#49469765) Attached to: The International Space Station (Finally) Gets an Espresso Machine

Even in space, it shouldn't be too hard to build something to stand 1 atmosphere.

obFuturama: SCENE - The Planet Express Ship is being dragged towards the bottom of the ocean by a colossal-mouth bass.

Leela: Depth at 45 hundred feet, 48 hundred, 50 hundred! 5000 feet!
Farnsworth: Dear Lord! That's over 150 atmospheres of pressure!
Fry: How many atmospheres can the ship withstand?
Farnsworth: Well, it's a space ship, so I'd say anywhere between zero and one.

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