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Comment: Re:And still they won't hire (Score 1) 52

by GPLHost-Thomas (#46937037) Attached to: Job Postings For Python, NoSQL, Apache Hadoop Way Up This Year
If you think you can learn no-sql, python and the cloud in 2 weeks, you're deeply mistaking. It took me months to get up to speed with OpenStack, and I still learn every day after years doing its Debian packaging. Sure, as it's something new, companies should take into account that their future employee will have to learn and wont know all of this. However, it isn't a reason why not posting needed skills for the job.

Comment: Re:And yet... (Score 5, Informative) 144

Please define "as quickly as desired". Debian was fixed on the 3rd of March which is the date of the Debian Security Advisory, that's pretty quick to me. I wonder exactly why this article pops up now, when it's been a long time we've been all patched.

Comment: cloud and freeness (Score 3, Interesting) 480

by GPLHost-Thomas (#46347541) Attached to: Interview: Ask Richard Stallman What You Will
Hi, Richard!

In the debian-cloud list, we had a long discussion about wordings, which I also think is very important. It stroke me that you felt cloud was in essence non-free, and that you wanted everyone to stop using the word "cloud" which you (rightly) thought was too vague. But since there is also private IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), I do think we may have fully free cloud systems.

I never knew if I was able to convince you that a completely free IaaS software was very important to keep our freedom, and would like to know what is your current feeling about it.

Comment: Re:Whats wrong with init? (Score 1) 279

by GPLHost-Thomas (#46259403) Attached to: Ubuntu To Switch To systemd
OpenRC is in Debian:

And I will upload it to Sid soon.

And by the way, there has never been a declaration that Debian will support *only one* init system. Just that systemd will be the default for Jessie. Nothing more, nothing less. Anyone willing to help the Debian OpenRC team is welcome to do so (by developing OpenRC, testing it in Debian, writing runscripts, etc.).

Comment: Re:no (Score 4, Insightful) 262

by GPLHost-Thomas (#45781123) Attached to: Linux x32 ABI Not Catching Wind
Well, I do find it extremely useful. Especially in Debian & Ubuntu, we have multi-arch support. For some specific workload using interpreted languages, it just reduces the memory footprint by a half. For example, PHP and Perl. If you once ran Amavis and spamassassin, you certainly know what I mean: it takes double the amount of RAM on 64 bits. Since most of our servers are running PHP, Amavis and Spamassassin, this would be a huge benefits (from 800 MB to 400 MB as the minimum server footprint), while still being able to run the rest of the workloads using 64 bits: for example, Apache itself and MySQL, which aren't taking much RAM anyway compared to these anti-spam dogs.

Comment: Re:European Union flag (Score 2) 169

by GPLHost-Thomas (#45701395) Attached to: France Broadens Surveillance Powers; Wider Scope Than NSA

As an EU citizen you could try to change the institution.

Are you one of these scumbags paid by the European Parliament to troll on forums? Of course one can try though with the current system, it's doomed to failure.

BTW: France is part of the EU as much as Germany or the Netherlands, therefore it is only fair to summarize all these countries with the EU flag, just like US states are all summarized by the US flag. Yes we are not that one country as the US is, but it is very close.

This is not the united states of Europe. Nobody wants that in Europe (I mean, as in, the people doesn't want this, at least anymore). There's more and more sovereign movements raising, and they will get even stronger as time passes. So, it has never been, and never will be fair to replace the flags of individual countries (did you notice I didn't use the word state?) by the European flag.

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