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Comment: Re:Just Require an IQ Test (Score 1) 634

by GNious (#48886571) Attached to: Should Disney Require Its Employees To Be Vaccinated?

Considering recent studies show that cancer is more likely to be caused by genetics than smoking ..

Link please.

I saw a study about a set of cancers, where genetics were shown to have same or more influence than environment, but that study specifically excluded certain types of cancer, including lung cancers.

No, not saying you're full of bullshit, just saying that you should back your statement up.

Comment: Re:It's been going on for years (Score 1) 388

by GNious (#48805361) Attached to: UK Computing Teachers Concerned That Pupils Know More Than Them

I've "lost" my programming teacher during a verbal exam, and she gave me a lower grade on a written assignment since I came to a different (but valid!) solution than she did (there wasn't specified what type of solution was needed, only the problem), but where it got really bad, was when the following semester she presented stuff right out of my team's project-paper from the previous semester ... without even acknowledging it being an almost-direct rip-off.
Took it to the principal/head of the school, who wouldn't even look at the paper before declaring that of cause she wouldn't do that.

Closing on almost 2 decades later, I hear that she is still there, and still incompetent.

Comment: Re:OS:i do not think it means what you think it me (Score 1) 252

by GNious (#48735121) Attached to: The Missing Piece of the Smart Home Revolution: The Operating System

Yeah, abstraction-layer, that hides the "ugly bits" of each manufacturer's implementation is very much required - I opted to "roll my own", writing a Qt5-based library that detects various (networked) products through manufacturer-specific protocols, and then presents a standard interface for each type of device (e.g. "Smart Light" interface to "LIFX Light", "Hue Light", "Holi Light" etc...)

2 "small" issues is finding time to write support for each protocol, and getting support (products, specs) from each manufacturer

Comment: Re:Its a cost decision (Score 1) 840

This - so much this.

I have a mate, who seems to enjoy fixing things. As a result, the value in fixing stuff, for him, includes that enjoyment, and it is suddenly worth it.
For me, on the other hand, I find that I have little interest in the act of trying to take stuff apart, fixing it and reassembling it, and my time is "better" spent elsewhere.

This naturally means I'm more likely to throw things out than he is, and I'm part of this "lost generation".

Note: I've trained for both electricals and electronics in school, I have the base knowledge required for fixing many types of things (if not the hands for it).

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